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The following story is rated "P" for predictability and pathetic- ness. Reader discretion is advised due to Mary-Sue-ish jokes, plot twists, and lines. The author will not be held responsible misuse of the story and advises that no one reads it!! -j/k of course

~ "UP, UP. Everybody up. Sell them papes! The presses are rollin'." Kloppman yelled. It was his way of waking the newsies up. Jack climbed out of bed, rubbing his eyes wearily.

"Hey, Spot! Ya betta get up! We've gotta longer walk than you do to our distribution center." Jack said, nudging Spot. Spot had to stay the night at the Manhattan house because he went to Medda's that night with them.

''Yeah, yeah, I'm up," Spot mumbled. Any other time, Spot would of hit anyone who woke him up that early, but he was too tired.

After they had gotten ready, they started walking to get their papes.

"Anyways, I forgot ta tell ya last night," Spot said. "Yesterday, dere was did broad, awe man she was a doll...anyways, I was like 'what do we got heah boys?' and she was, awe man was she mad. I tell ya she's got this fiery red hair, and eyes that could kill..."

"That's nice Spot, anyways, dis new guy I met yesterday, Kevin, he says he want's to be a newsie. So I says ta him, I says: 'shua, if ya got what it takes." Jack said.

He and Spot were laughing together when Kevin and Ashling turned the corner to the distribution area. He hadn't known where the Brooklyn one was, so he just came to the Manhattan one.

"Hey, Ashling, there's that guy I told you aboot, Cowboy," Kevin motioned to Jack for his sister to see. "Here, I introduce ya."

They walked over to Jack, who had already got his papes, and was sitting on the sidewalk reading. Kevin walked up and said,

"Hey, Jack,"

"Heya Kevin, who's this?" he said as Jacks eyes shifted to Ashling.

"This is my sister Ashling, Ashling-Jack Kelly," Kevin introduced.

"Pleased ta meet cha!" Jack said taking her hand and kissing it. "Let me introduce you two ta my friend, he is da leader of the Brooklyn newsies."

With that, Spot walked down the steps to Jack and the others.

"Hey doll face," Spot said when he caught a glimpse of Ashling.

"You," Ashling snarled. She hated being called doll face. Her eyes flamed. "So your the leader of the Brooklyn newsies are ye?"

"Do you two ken each other already?" Kevin asked.

"Spot," jack said warningly, "Spot, dis isn't dat goil you were talkin about, is it?"

"Aye, we've met before! I should say so!" rebuked Ashling. Kevin sensed trouble in her sister. Jack the same with Spot.

"We had a lil run into yesterday, right doll face?" Spot sweetly said. He flashed that smile of his again.

"Uh, oh" Kevin thought. "That's twice now he's called her doll face, it won't be long now..."

Too late though. Ashling pulled her fist back and hit Spot square in the nose.

"I told you I dinnea like bein called 'doll face'. Good day sir." and with that she walked around him, her brother, and Jack (who was laughing), went up to the center, laid down a coin and said calmly, "30 papers please."

Spot, after he focused on what had just happened, turned around and walked right up to Ashling and stared her right in the face.

"No one hits Spot Conlon and gets away with it. Not even a goil." He spat at her.

Kevin walked up and pushed his way between the two of them.

"Come now, she's only a lass, in cannea have hurt that badly," Kevin said cheekily. "But of course, she is Irish..."

Spot snorted and walked away. Just as he was about to start to sell, Ashling called out and said, "Oh by the way Spot, I was a wonderin if Kevin and I could sell in your district tomarrow."

Spot just walked away.

"You're lucky Spot didn't soak ya right then and there," Jack said to Ashling as they were walking away.

"The luck 'o the Irish!!" Kevin exclaimed.


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