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Sun Shang Xiang finally arrived at Shu's palace after hours of riding on that puny horse in the sun's direct light in the middle of summer.

She walked up to the threshold, he husband-to-be dwelled within. She had never seen this man before, her father had arranged her betrothal without listening to his daughter's opinion, so you could imagine her feeling of insecurity.

She finally set foot inside the threshold, and was in-awed. Royal red rugs and carpets lined the extended halls and corridors, ivory walls were decorated with wall-hangings, scrolls and brilliant paintings.

She slowly took small steps across the delicate crimson carpet. She paused. Where was she supposed to go?

Just then, she saw a man wearing green, royal garments and a broad smile. He was flanked by a tall man with a reddish face and a long beard, perhaps reaching his stomach to his right; to his left was a shorter man with a wild beard.

He stepped in front of her. His eyes were gleaming with joy, his smile was ear-to-ear.

He slowly took her right hand with his left, raised it to his rich, red lips, and pressed a kiss against it.

"Lady Sun, you are truly lovely. Might you know who I am?" he said with enthusiasm.

Sun Shang Xiang looked directly into his eyes, "Are you Liu Bei? The one I am here to marry?"

"Yes, I am." Liu Bei answered. "Please follow me."

She obeyed, and she was led into a room abundant with riches. "This, my dear, will be our room." He whispered after dismissing the two men from their presence.

Sun Shang Xiang was silent, she could not think of anything to say.

"I love you already. I hope you will learn to love me in return." Liu Bei whispered.

"I will... I'm just a little frightened after traveling the first time from home... please forgive me for my lack of speech." Sun Shang Xiang stammered.

Liu Bei's visage lit up. "I forgive anything, no matter the offense. Believe me, my love, you have not offended me in any way."

"Thank you..." Sun Shang Xiang stuttered.

"Why don't you stay here and get used to the place? I, unfortunately, have an essential meeting in which my presence is vital. I will be back before the evening meal, where our palace attendants have prepared an exquisite meal in honor of your coming. There is no way I would miss that. I am sorry that I have this meeting, if it was possible I would cancel, but I cannot. I will be back shortly." Liu Bei informed.

Sun Shang Xiang smiled, "That's fine."

Liu Bei pulled her towards him and embraced her, letting her go slowly and gently.

Then he walked out of the room.


Sun Shang Xiang walked over to the bed and let herself fall into it. It was so soft... she could lay there forever...

Then she began to think about Liu Bei. It was true that she had only known him for ten minutes, but she could already feel a strong bond forming with him inside her fragile heart. She sat up for a moment, getting a better look at the room. The walls in this room were ivory, like the others. The floor was wooden, with an incomparable shine and glisten. A wooden drawer was placed against the eastern wall, beside the white painted wooden door that led to a wondrous balcony.

She got up quickly to inspect the balcony. She opened the white painted wooden door and stepped onto the balcony. Looking over the short cement border, she was stunned with a fantastic view of the river below, with hills and brush surrounding it like an un-welcomed enemy.

A dove flew above her head; she watched it fly away from the horizon.

Then she walked back into her new room, and looked inside the wooden drawer.

"Just clothes." she sighed as she shoved the top drawer back into its home.

Then she looked at the pillows on the bed, "How welcoming the look!" she exclaimed as she plunked onto them, answering their call. She steadily closed her eyes and awaited the dreamy evening meal.


Liu Bei re-entered their room and woke up Sun Shang Xiang, who had fallen the victim of slumber.

"The evening meal is ready for tasting." he chirped. "Time to dig in!"

Sun Shang Xiang opened her blue eyes. Liu Bei helped her up and said, "Your eyes are beautiful."

Sun Shang Xiang blushed as she stood up. "Thank you. Now, let's go eat some delicious food."

Liu Bei laughed heartily, "Yes, let's."


The meal that night was indeed wonderful, but being full made Sun Shang Xiang sleepy.

"Liu Bei, may I go to bed?" she asked in a tired tone.

Liu Bei shook his head, "No, not now. Everyone in this palace takes a warm bath before bed, it eases the mind and soothes the soul. Why not go and bathe now?"

Sun Shang Xiang consented and found her way to the tub. When she got in, she lay there in the warm, soapy waters and almost dozed off, if a knock had not come from the bathroom door she would have.

"Who is it?" she called out.

"Liu Bei. Are you alright? You've been in there for about two hours now..." the voice called out in concern.

Sun Shang Xiang then realized the time and sprang out, dried herself and hopped into her gown and flung the door open.

"Sorry." she panted.

"That's fine. I was just concerned." Liu Bei replied.

"What time is it?" she asked.

Liu Bei answered, "Eight o'clock. Time for bed."

Sun Shang Xiang nodded and followed him into the bedroom. She lay on the right and he lay an the left of the bed. When she was half asleep, she grew very cold and began to shake violently. Liu Bei pulled her against him.

"Thank you." she whispered.

Liu Bei just pressed a kiss against her neck in response.

She fell asleep.