I dedicating to Rosa because Rosa said Pablo has dumbness and I say Pablo is dumb because you are mean! You say I dumb but I am not dumb you are dumb. I say you are dumb because you can't talk English you talk too much Mexican and Rosa say I dedicated to her. "But Sydney you look with such sadness! Von scream.

Precipitous rose drops down upon Von's head and Von say only exclaim "Whom!"

"Oh I am saddened cause my mom is a bad guy." Sydney flounders with similar predestination but picks nickering windshields like a waterfall. "Oh I will shoot your mom!" Because she is bad." Von say.

But sydney Tell with truncatedness bubbling as volcanos do. "No! Von no. I do not want stuff shooted at my mom. God loves my mom and mine's too."

"Ok." Von truncated. Von has windblown locks shorn of fleeting murmurs of longitude. Sydney say to Von. "Hello Von." "But why hello Sydney."

Von enunciated. Von's teeth was a smile of joysome mirth that is presented and tepid. "Sydney is looking beautiful today." Von tell. "Oh Von you made me aluminous with mirth!"

Sydney has sooo beauty like a sweet essence of spring in Davenport in whom only the noble henchmen dare to journey forth to in a flow like waterfall. Sydney loved Von so much Sydney smelled heart in Von's eyes. "Von you should not shoot people it is mean and wrong and God punished you."

Von gets scared. "Oh no am I gonna go to hell!" Von is trembled like waterfall. "No. But you need prayer and say you love me!!!" Hee hee. Sydney cast Sydney's present in the silver mirth of loving Von would stir heart-wise like volcano.

"Ok but I do. So much! SO VERY MUCH!!!" And Von kiss Sydney so Von decide to marry two. Sydney ruminate "Marriage is so cool just like you Von."