Authors Note: This is one of my first stories about Higher Ground. So please, no flames.


Mr. Barringer stared at the wall of his room. It had been a long few days and he couldn't sleep. Just a few days ago he had gone to see his son, Scott. It was obvious that the school hadn't helped him. Sure, he had stopped using drugs, and seemed to be getting excercise, but his lies had gotten worse.

He still couldn't believe what Scott had said about Elaine. It was the worst lie so far. Not to mention uncalled for.

Thinking that maybe getting a drink of water would help him sleep, he was about to get up to get some when he felt the bed move. For some reason he stayed still as his wife got up. She must have been going for water to. He waited a few minutes before getting up.

He made his way down to the kitchen and poured himself a glass. He gulped it down and headed back up stairs. He stopped when he reached the top of the stairs. He was going to go down the hall to his room, but he happened to look down the opposite hall. The door to his son's room was closed. Scott always left it open. He decided to check on him. When he walked over, he heard noises coming from his sons room. He turned towards that door and stopped when he was standing beside it.

He could hear two voices coming from inside,it sounded like his son and wife were talking. Smiling to himself at the thought that for once maybe his son and his wife were getting along, he listened to what was being said.

"Scottie, you know the rules." That sounded like Elaine.

"Go away." Scott sounded like his voice was muffled behind something. Probably a pillow.

"Don't be like that Scottie."

"I'll tell him."

"I think we both know he won't believe you. He didn't before."

There was silence for a few minutes, but it sounded like someone was moving around inside. Deciding to see what was going on, Mr. Garringer opened the door quietly.


She turned around so quickly that she fell off the bed. Her eyes were wide as she tried to think of an excuse, none came.

"Martin-" she started.

"Get out." He said through clinched teeth.

"I can explain-"

"GET OUT!!" he yelled.

She ran from the room and they both heard the front door slam shut behind her.

Turning towards his son, Mr. Barringer said "Scott?"

"Is she gone?"


Scott rolled over on his bed, removing his face from the pillow so he could see his father. His father could see his blood shot eyes and pale face.

"Are you okay?" He asked his son.


"I'm sorry Scott. For not believing you before."

"I know."

The End