It is I, back from the dead! I am terribly sorry for the tremendous gap in updates. Between writers block and all the drama and angst going on in my own life lately, it's been quite a while since I've been able to update this fic. But I am here now to bring you….* drum roll *… Chapter 7! Please read and review… I hope you all like it, and there will be more soon to come, I promise.

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P.S. Here's the technical rundown and disclaimer:

Summary: A new virus has emerged that kills mutants, and Rogue is its first victim. Without the woman he loves, Remy falls into a deep spiraling depression to which there seems to be only one cure: Logan?? Two torn, aching men are left in the wake of Rogue's death to find comfort in each other. But nothing ever runs smoothly in the X-Mansion, does it?

Pairings: Initial Rogue/Remy, but mostly Logan/Remy. Also some Hank/Jubilee and Jean/ Practically every male character.

Rating: R for now, but soon to get a bit more steamy!

Disclaimer: They're not mine, baby… really! These boys and all they're screwed up comrades belong to Marvel, but aren't they just soooo fun to play with??

Warning: This is a SLASH fic. That means it contains Male/Male romance. Also, a warning to all Scott and/or Jean fans: I am NOT a Scott or Jean fan, and it is very apparent in this fic. Please enjoy ^-^