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Summary: This is my Goten-hate-Goku angst ficcy.

My pain alone

"And next up for our poetry competition is Son Goten who will express a heart filled poem of his hardships in life." Said the announcer while leaving the podium. The teenager walked up to the stage and looked at the audience. He spotted his brother, sister in law, niece, mother, and him…his father…

'Now he'll know how I truly feel.' He thought bitterly. He cleared his throat and began to speak the words of his poetry dramatically.

"Haven't you ever felt?

That pain of self-loneliness before,

It hurts with a deep angst feeling,

This emotion of sadness and more,

It's quite sad to look into his eyes,

And notice that he didn't care,

How much he put my brother through,

Not knowing the childhood ever lived,

Yet I was blessed to have a brother,

A role model of my own,

Yet instead when I wanted a father,

I lived through my pain alone,

How much can I hold out this pain?

Until I give up and explode,

How many times has crimson blood?

Spilt on the battle field alone,

Why were you gone for so long?

For all those seven years,

It's pitiful enough you can't even raise me,

Nor the elder son you have here,

If you loved me more than training,

Then all would be different in life,

I wouldn't be here fighting these tears,

You should put more effort into family, and now I sigh,

The days I spent wondering of you,

Being innocent and naïve,

The people who cared sheltered me,

They didn't want me to cry and hear,

Of how my father was so noble,

Of how you were so great and all,

Most of all what I hate the most,

Is not having a father at all,

You might be here today, right now,

And you might even being listening to this deal,

The wounds inflected upon myself,

Will never be healed,

For I missed seven years of childhood,

Without a father that was killed,

Now I am here standing before you,

The once child you never held…"

 As Goten said those last words he stared hard at Goku and hissed a thank you and walked off stage.

'It was the right thing to do…I was a baby who was never held by his father…only abandoned, but saved by people who care…