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Kagome hated rumors.

She lifted her back pack up and slid it onto her shoulder as she tried to ignore the furtive glances and whispered giggles. Inuyasha stood next to her and shook with suppressed laughter. His cheeks were slightly pink, but anyone could tell that she was the one really embarrassed. If her red face didn't give her away, the fact that she refused to make eye contact with Inuyasha was a dead give away.

She really hated rumors.

"Are you going to ignore me forever?" Inuyasha asked in an amused voice as he followed her to their last class of the day. Just her luck, they had it together, and the assigned seating dictated that they sat by each other too. Inuyasha was getting more difficult to keep from acknowledging.

In response, she turned her head slightly to face him. "Stop following me around like we're in a lover's tiff," she hissed, her face reddening even more at the smirk on his face, "don't you have any shame?" Her voice was louder than she had intended and some of the students stopped to listen.

Inuyasha noticed and winked at her before replying with, "I could never be ashamed of how I feel about you Kagome! I want the whole world to know!" Part of her was beyond embarrassed, past even mortification. Her cheeks burned, but she couldn't help but laugh at the faces of the other students.

Suddenly, Inuyasha picked her up in a big bear hug, swinging her around, his eyes dancing as she squealed and squirmed in his grasp. "I love this woman," he shouted dramatically, setting her down before she got to dizzy.

"You are such a jerk," she laughed in his ear, before raising her voice so the other students could hear, "and I love this man!" She looked at him, speculatively. "I can't let you win, you know," she said in a low voice. He had to lean forward to hear her, and she took the opportunity to place both her hands behind his head, and pull him towards her in a deep kiss.

She broke it a second later, laughing out loud at his shocked expression. "Okay kids!" She waved at their 'audience'. "Show's over! Get to class!" She was met with shocked silence. There wasn't a sound as the students slowly filed into their classrooms, leaving Inuyasha and Kagome alone in the hall.

"That was bad." He managed as he shook his head at her audacity. "I thought you wanted those rumors to stop!" He cocked his head as he looked at her and felt his own lips tug into a smile in response to her cocky grin.

"Like that was an option after you declared your 'love' for me!" She shot back. "I couldn't let you have the last laugh! I still don't forgive you for that." She added as an afterthought and crossed her arms in what she hoped looked like an intimidating stance.

He stuck his nose in the air. "Then I won't forgive you for the kiss," he sniffed haughtily, "it was simply horrible."

Kagome giggled. "Really? The way you reacted, I could have sworn you enjoyed it."

His cheeks reddened. "Pure instinct," he replied calmly, "your attempt was pathetic."

"Whatever you say Dogboy." She latched arms with him, "ready for last period?"

"Yup!" They headed down the hall, "but let's not shock the students too bad." He added as he peeked at her from the corner of his eye.

"Darn!" She snapped her fingers dramatically, "and here I was hoping we could get the health teacher to let us do the demonstrations!"

He stopped. He opened his mouth to say something, but it wouldn't work. Kagome turned back to him, and grinned devilishly, "relax 'honey'," She smirked, "I'm kidding."

Inuyasha just shook his head. He linked arms with her again and they headed off for senior health. Before they entered the class, he sneaked a glance at Kagome. He was relieved to see that she had gotten over whatever had been bothering her in Okinawa's class. He certainly didn't buy her 'kodak moment' excuse. But she'd tell him when she was ready, and until than, he'd do all he could to keep her smiling.

He liked her smile.


Sango propped her head on her hands and stared ahead, which gave off the air of one who paid attention, as she let her mind drift. After Kagome had left her at the park yesterday, she'd been approached by someone else, a darker figure. She still shivered as she remembered his voice coming out from the darkness.

"Family problems, Sango?" Naraku smiled mirthlessly as he stepped out of the shadowed trees and into the ring of light next to her. "What horrible… bad luck."

Unconsciously, she let go of her face and hugged herself tightly, as if she still felt the cool air from that night. Shivers traced up and down her spine as she remembered his proposition. Apparently, he didn't 'want' her anymore. He had a new 'plaything' now. The way he'd said it still made her twist her face in disgust. This one, a Kikyo, was willing too, and that made it much worse.

Even if he wasn't interested in her anymore, he still needed to 'teach her a lesson' for when she stood him up. She'd been confused at first and thought that maybe he would beat her up and leave her there, but no. Instead, he only regarded her with an eerie sort of curiosity before he asked her how long it would take for her father to find another job.

She'd understood than, with horrifying clarity.

"You?" Her voice was incredulous and hid the despair that threatened to overwhelm her. "You're the reason?"

"Of course," he mocked her, it was clear in both his tone and posture. "Why else would such a talented man be so unwelcome in the job market. You know how powerful my father is. And he doesn't take kindly to his only son being rejected by trash like you."

Against her better judgment, she glared at him. "You're pathetic. Running to your Daddy with your little problems?" Anger always helped to keep her fear at bay. What would he want from her?

"I wouldn't be talking if I were you," he sneered, "it's 'your' Daddy that's gonna wind up on the streets if you're not careful."

She glared at him a full minute before she sighed in defeat. "What do you want me to do?" Her voice was dull, lifeless. Her eyes must have been dead too because he searched them before he continued with a satisfied smile.

"You'll join my gang," he continued before she could interrupt him. "I have a... branch, in your school. Tomorrow, after school, you'll wait for Kagura by the main office. She'll take you to your first... meeting." The way he paused before the last word made it sound ominous.

She'd been confused. Why would Naraku want her to join his gang? Unknowingly, he'd answered her question later, informing her that as a member, she was required to obey his word as if it were law. From his tone of voice, she had a feeling they'd be breaking the law. But what could she do? Naraku's father was rich, and had political connections. There was no way anyone would take her word over his. Or if they did, they wouldn't have the guts to stand up to him.

Briefly, a mental image of Miroku flashed through her mind. He hadn't been afraid of Naraku. But he wasn't there anymore. And it's his own dumb fault! She told herself vehemently. If he hadn't been cheating on her with that Kagura woman...

She physically froze as the name passed through her mind.

Kagura was the name of the gang member she'd be meeting after school. But Kagura had been the one to approach her and taunt her about Miroku's lack of commitment to her. It couldn't be...

Without any regards to her surrounding, Sango began to cry. It started with small tears slowly trailing down her face, and then grew into huge, body racking sobs. She had lost Miroku because of a lie. She had hurt Miroku because of Naraku. She had ruined everything because of her own insecurities.

She hated herself.


"Thanks again, Miroku!" Mrs. Keji smiled warmly at him. "When Yuka took sick, I didn't know how I was going to manage the office all by myself. Eri is still on her honeymoon."

Miroku flashed her his trademark smile. "It's no problem at all! I'm happy to help a damsel in distress."

She grinned at him, almost boyishly. "Now Miroku, don't even try your charms on me. I'm a happily married woman and old enough to be your mother."

"And every day I pray your husband dies and I age ten years." He said gravely. She swatted him on the shoulder.

"Oh you. You're incorrigible. Those poor girls... I wonder how many hearts you've broken this year? I hope someone shows you what it feels like, and soon! Your ego needs to be taken down a few notches." She was only teasing him, but suddenly his smile felt frozen and fake. "Now, you take the window there, and help any students who don't have rides home or need to pick up any applications. I'll handle the phones and paperwork." She ushered him on his way, and turned back to her desk.

Miroku kept the smile pasted on his face as he slid into the rolling chair and faced the window to the hallway. It was clearing out. The bell had rung about five minutes ago, and nearly all the students were gone. After a few minutes, only one person remained. Tall, with dark hair reaching past her waist, Kagura was definitely recognizable. Miroku had dated her briefly, sophomore year, but didn't really enjoy being around the cold, tough girl. There were rumors that she'd joined a gang shortly after, but he'd never given it much thought.

She certainly looked the part now. The school uniform was a short white skirt with a matching tee-shirt lined with blue. She had added a metal chain, cinched loosely around her waist, and a spiked collar on her neck. One hand was covered in various pieces of jewelry from rings to bracelets, but the other had just one. The bracelet was silver, and too large for her thin writs, but was connected to a chain that stretched across her hand to link with a silver ring with the letter 'N' engraved sharply in it.

Kagura had been leaning against the wall, but straightened after catching sight of someone down the hall. Miroku didn't have a good view of the newcomer, but there was something hauntingly familiar about the voice.

"Kagura?" The newcomer spoke softly, as if already knowing the answer. She sounded defeated. Miroku racked his brain trying to figure out why it was so familiar.

"Let's go." The tall girl gave an impatient gesture and headed for the double doors that lead out of the school. Silently, the other girl followed. Miroku got his first glimpse as she passed by his window.

He'd never seen Sango look so tired, so old. Instinctively, his heart went out to her. He had already risen out of his seat before reality kicked in. He had no right to go to her. She didn't want him in her life, and what she did was her business anyway. He didn't care.

He didn't.


THE END of chapter four.

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