I'm sorry my Next Adventure sucked so bad but im editing it so it will be better but right now here is a short story like 3-6 chapters long

but I hope u like it.

Chapter 1

New School and New Crush

Kagome was trying to smack her alarm clock to turn it off.10 minutes

later Kagome's mother woke her up.

Ms. Higurashi:Kagome hunny wake your goin to be late for your first day

at your new school.

Kagome reliezed she was late.Her mother walked out and Kagome shot out of her bed getting on a blank tank top that had the words CUTE in pink

on it and curved her body perfect then she put a black skirt that went down to her knees that too also curved her legs perfectly.She dashed out the door saying goodbye to her grandpa and mom.She walked alone

when she got at school she sat under a sakura she.She glanced at a boy

which had beautiful silver hair,the most prettiest golden eyes,and

dog ears.She thaught smiled at the boy.

Kagome:'am i crazy i don't even know the boy and im thinking about him like a kid in a candy store'

The boy glanced at Kagome who was sitting under a Sakura tree.He thaught she had the most beautiful ravin-black hair,chocolate eyes and

body out of any girl he seen.

The Boy:'wow whos that is that the new girl...wow she is fine'

Miroku:"Hello earth to inuyasha".*snap* *snap*

"Grrr WAKE UP"

Inuyasha:oh sorry i was... spacing off lets go to class

Kagome:'Inuyasha wow what a awsome name and plus hes not bad looking'

Kagome got up and walked towards the front doors that Inuyasha was walking into.

Miroku:"C'mon man lets go"

Inuyasha:"Hold on dude god damn"

He looked at Kagome.

Inuyasha:"Hey you new here"

Kagome:"Yeah why"

Inuyasha:"Oh just wondering ummm want me to go get your schedual"

Kagome:"Umm sure"

Kagome walked to the office and asked for her new schedual.

Inuyasha:"ahh math first same here"

"Here I'll take you to it"

Kagome:*sigh*"AH math my worst subject"

Inuyasha:"Really wow math is to easy for me"

Kagome:"oh really cool"

Inuyasha just smiled.They walked into class.

The teacher greeted every as they walked in and started on the 'WARM UP'.

Teacher:"CLASS listen up we have a new student her name is Kagome Higurashi"

Kagome:"Hi class"

Class:"Hi Kagome"

Teacher:"Ok hun take your set please behind Inuyasha"

Kagome sat down behind Inuyasha.She sat down next to Miroku and a girl.

Girl:"hey y name is Sango and i know yours"

Kagome:"Oh hey nice name Sango"

Sango:"Thanks oh you see that guy over there his name is Miroku and he is a pervert but him and Inuyasha are still my buds"

Kagome:"Thanks for the warning"

Sango:"No problem"


Sango:"Oh sorry"



Inuyasha sat down eating his lunch with Miroku and Sango.Kagome tried to find them but then she heard...PERVERT!!!

Kagome:'Oh there're over there heh'

She walked to them and sat next to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha:"Oh hey Kagome whats up"


They sat there and ate their lunch.

Inuyasha:"Umm Kagome I was wondering if you want to...you know if your not busy would you like to...do something after school"

Kagome:"Sure.Huh where is Miroku and Sango"

Inuyasha:"Prob hangin out at 'their' hangi spot lets go find them"

Inuyasha grabbed her hand then he blushed and let go.

Inuyasha:"oops sorry heh"

Kagome:"heh its ok"

Kagome smiled and Inuyasha blushed then they found Miroku and Sango talking not doing a damn thing.


Kagome walked out in relived and waved bye to Sango.She saw Inuyasha waving and yelling her name

Inuyasha:"so you ready"