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CHAPTER 9:Inuyasha's heartbroken


They walked away from Inuyasha's house after Inuyasha had enough with his brother.

Inuyasha:"I'm sorry about my brother arrgh! He is such a jerk and insensitive grrrr. Feh"

Kagome smiled.

Kagome:"Its not your fualt I would guess it was how he was raised"

Inuyasha nodded and they walked off hand to hand.In the next morning Inuyasha was thinking.

Inuyasha:'Man Friday already, whew thank god!'

Sesshomaru walked in and said to Inuyasha

Sesshomaru:"Inuyasha,that woman you were with I need to ask you...have you gotten any yet"

Inuyasha:"What! no why do you ask you pervert"

Sesshomaru:"So you havn't made a move yet well if you don't I WILL!!"

Inuyasha:"Look you bastard f you lay a hand on Kagome I swear"

Sesshomaru:"Swear what huh mmm whatever bye bye little brother"

Inuyasha got dress and rode his car over to Kagome's house to pick her up and as always Miroku and Sango came a long.Life was goin pretty well untill three week.

Inuyasha:"Hey Kagome I was wondering if I could spend the night at your place well I could sleep on the couch its just that my mom is goin out of town and Sesshomaru has to get ready to leave"

Kagome:"Sure whay not and don't worry my mom and Sota won't be there so no inturruption"

Inuyasha:"Thanks babe"

Inuyasha smiled and the two finished the day together.(I didn't want to make this a short chapter but I can't think of anything so skip it to 2:00 A.M.).The chreeked open Kagome was sleeping with Inuyasha (and they did have their cloths on not doin the nasty).Kagome woke up and said.Inuyasha rolled under the coffee table.

Kagome:"Whos there"

???:"Heh no need to worry babe its me Sesshomaru your man"

Kagome:"Leave now!"

Sesshomaru:"Can I at least hold your hand"


Sesshomaru:"Come on please?"

So Kagome held Sesshomaru's hand and after that Sesshomaru while hoding Kagomes hand walked her upstairs with Kagome confused.

Kagome:"Ok leave now!"

Sesshomaru:"One kiss please?"

Kagome:"Fine but ONE"

Kagome kissed Sesshomaru on the lips and then another kiss and another kiss....after a little while Inuyasha woke up wondering where Kagome was.He heard sound coming from upstairs.He walked up the stairs he looked the room where.He opened it and was shocked at the sight he saw...Kagome and Sesshomaru up against a wall making out.Inuyasha stepped back.

Kagome:"No wait Inuyasha I can explain"

Inuyasha:"No no no JUST GET AWAY FROM ME YOU YOU SLUT!!!!!"

Sesshomaru:"Told ya little brother that I was goin to make a move"

Inuyasha:"Screw off Sesshomaru.How could you KAGOME!!"

Before Inuyasha could hear what Kagome had to say Inuyasha ran out of the front door and dashed down the street.

Kagome:'what have I done'

Sesshomaru felt really bad and left.Kagome fell down to the ground crying.


Poor Inuyasha :( but next time is the final chapter what happens next.