Halloween of Horrors

By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: MUWAHAHAHAHA!! Y'all didn't really think the series was ending, didja? ^^ **cracks knuckles.** They've solved mysteries in Domino before, so now they shall do it again! XD The characters aren't mine, the story is, and this shall be chock-full of sibling and friendship cuteness!! ^___^ Enjoy!!

Yugi glanced out the window as several autumn leaves danced past. Everyone had been home from their long and exciting trip that had all started with a cruise for several days now, and somehow he had the feeling that they weren't going to have much more time to relax.

Yami Yugi came out of the Puzzle and walked over to the window as well. "What are you thinking, Yugi?" he asked.

Yugi started in surprise and then looked up at the Pharaoh with a smile. "Oh . . . I was thinking how good it is to be back home," he replied. "But still . . . I can't shake the feeling that something else might be going to happen. . . ."

Yami Yugi sighed. "I have felt it as well," he admitted. "The evil forces have been quelled temporarily, so I do not think we have to worry about anything more to that effect for a while, anyway. But there are other dangers in the world to be concerned about."

Yugi leaned against the window with a wry smile. "I guess I should've realized that any danger would find us," he laughed.


Yami Bakura was spread out in the window seat of Bakura's living room, fast asleep. Purring happily, Oreo curled up by his chest and whipped her long tail across it. The thief grunted, seeming to sense this even in his oblivious state.

Bakura chuckled as he walked by and saw them. He knew his Yami truly loved the feisty feline, no matter how often he denied it.

A strange howl met the boy's ears and he looked up in surprise. "Oh my. What was that?!" he wondered, carefully leaning over his Yami to look out the window. Nothing was visible, but the eerie cry soon met Bakura's ears once again. Shivers ran up his spine as he listened. "It sounds like a mournful wolf," he remarked.

Yami Bakura stirred, disturbed out of his sleep by the noise. "'Mournful wolf'?" he repeated, opening one eye. "I don't think so, foolish boy."

Bakura gulped. "Then what was it, Yami?" he wanted to know.

Yami Bakura listened again, his expression darkening. "If you want my honest opinion, it sounds like a werewolf," he grunted.

Oreo flattened her ears and hissed at whatever was outside.

"Yami, you can't be serious!" Bakura yelped.

"Have you ever known me to make jokes before?" Yami Bakura grunted. "That is the call of a werewolf."

"But Yami!!" the poor boy wailed. "Werewolves in Domino City?!"

"Well, that's where we live, isn't it?" was the irritated reply.


Rishid looked out the window at the Ishtar home and then quickly pulled the curtains closed again. "Something is walking across the property," he declared.

"Yes, I know," Ishizu said softly, touching her Millennium Tauk.

Marik blinked at her. "Well, what in the name of Heaven is it, sister?!" he exclaimed.

"It is veiled in shadow," Ishizu answered. "We will only be seeing it at nighttime."

Rishid opened the curtains again and then narrowed his eyes. "It's sitting under the window looking at me!" he cried. "I see two yellow orbs gleaming in the darkness!"

Quickly the other two Ishtar siblings came over as well.

"It must be an animal of some kind," Marik muttered.

"Yes, but what kind?!" Rishid continued to stare at it, seeming almost transfixed.

Ishizu touched his arm. "Do not continue looking into its eyes," she cautioned. "It is trying to hypnotize you."

Shocked, Rishid immediately looked away from it. The creature let out a loud, warning growl and darted off into the bushes.

"It's not going to take up residence here, is it?!" Marik burst out in annoyance.

"I hope not," Ishizu sighed.

"That's all we need," Marik muttered.


Joey was enjoying just relaxing for once.

"Man, this is the life!" he said to Tristan. "No one getting shot or stabbed or being sacrificed for some creepy purpose!" The Brooklyn boy smiled blissfully, taking a sip of the root beer. "Just a couple of buddies, some sodas, a PlayStation . . ."

"A pretty girl," Tristan murmured, eyeing Serenity with delight.

She seemed not to notice. "It's great to be home," she smiled, speaking to Joey. "That experience in Boston was so . . . so . . ." The girl shuddered. "Are all your mysteries really like that, Joey?!"

Joey knew instantly what she meant. "'Fraid so, sis," he said apologetically. "But that Boston one has been the first that involved any kind of weird sacrificing. Each one's different." His thoughts drifted back over the past ten mysteries they'd become entangled in.

"I just don't see how you stand it," Serenity said softly. "If things were happening to you like what was happening to Marik and Mr. Kaiba, I know that . . . that . . ." She shook her head. "I know that I would've had a nervous breakdown long ago," came the whispered conclusion.

Joey looked down, not sure how to answer that. "Hey, it's alright, Serenity," he said finally, trying to smile.

"Yeah," Tristan chirped, anxious to make the girl feel better. "Bad stuff hardly ever happens to Joey."

Joey kept silent, preferring not to let Serenity know about the time he'd been controlled by a zombie or the time he'd been sealed in a wall. Bad things may not happen to me a lot, he reflected, but when something does happen, it's always a doozy!


Téa choked back a yawn as she struggled through her homework assignments. Idly she turned the radio on and happened to find Joltin' JP's show.

"You're listening to K-80's, Domino City's favorite radio station for all those great songs of the eighties!" JP's voice said brightly. "Now that my shift's been changed, I'll be keeping all you nightowls company! We'll get this hour started off with something for Halloween." With that he clicked a button and allowed a spooky laugh to play over the airwaves.

Téa sighed and laid her pencil down. She'd never be able to concentrate during JP's antics. And she was certain that something bad was liable to happen any day now. It always seemed to. Things had been quiet for two weeks now, and with their luck lately, that was much too long for comfort. Something big had to be brewing.

She was right.

The phone rang sharply, startling her so much that she nearly fell on the floor. "Who would be calling this late?" she wondered, reaching for the receiver.

"Hello!" came a perky voice that she had just heard recently. "Miss Téa Gardner?"

Téa blinked. "Um, yeah, this is she," she replied.

"Well, honey, this is JP Palmer. From K-80's?"

The girl's jaw nearly hit the floor. Is this some kind of joke?! she wondered.

"I know this must be a shock," JP went on then, "but I haven't forgotten how you and your friends all helped me that while back. It just so happens that I've got another weird mystery and I wondered if you would be interested in checking it out?"

I knew it! Téa said to herself. Aloud she said, "Well, I'm sure we'd all be happy to come, Mr. Palmer. I could call the others and . . ."

"I'm actually calling each one of you individually," JP admitted. "So far all I have are 'Yes's!" he said triumphantly. "Even Mr. Kaiba is going to come! Well, I know that's probably because he owns the station, but still . . ."

"How soon do you want us there?" Téa asked now.

"As soon as possible?" JP said hesitantly.

Téa agreed and they hung up. Wow, she thought. A new mystery is falling into our laps, but I never dreamed that JP Palmer would be the one to bring it to us! I wonder what's going on. . . .

Quickly she went downstairs and told her parents where she was going before dashing out the door and up the street.


Before long everyone had met up outside the KETY building.

"This is way weird," Téa remarked to them after greetings were exchanged. "What could be such a big mystery that we'd be called in instead of the police?!"

"Well, I guess we'll find out," Yugi grinned, shrugging and opening the door.

Instantly they were accosted by Bruce von Wilkenson, the station manager.

"Bakura!" he cried, his eyes lighting up as he spotted the silvery-haired boy. "Have you reconsidered my offer to be a deejay at the wonderful world of KETY?"

Bakura turned pink, remembering the horrible experiences he'd had in the past when he'd unwillingly had to do two shows for Bruce. "Oh, I'm afraid not," he said slowly, scratching his cheek.

Oreo peeked up out of Yami Bakura's shirt and meowed lazily.

"A cat!" Bruce said in delight. "He'd be the perfect guest host for the mystery hour!"

Oreo flicked her ear and gave a disapproving sound.

"'She,'" Bakura corrected hurriedly, just wanting to get past him and into the studio.

"What's this mystery hour?" Yugi asked, intrigued.

"Something new we're doing just for October," Bruce said enthusiastically, petting Oreo's head. "We do something different and strange each night."

"JP Palmer has invited us all here to discuss something," Marik said, stepping forward and feeling impatient to get on with things.

"Oh . . . yes," Bruce said thoughtfully, seeming to know about that.

"Do you know what he wants?" Joey asked hopefully.

Bruce shrugged. "I'll let him tell you," he said. "I've gotta convince Bakura to do the mystery hour show tonight!"

Bakura tried to inch closer to the door. "Oh, I'm certain you could find someone better than me," he said with a weak smile.

"He'd be happy to do it," Yami Bakura sneered.

"YAMI!!!" Bakura wailed.

Abruptly a siren went off inside the station and Bruce went pale.

"What does that mean?!" Yugi gasped.

"It means trouble!" Bruce yelled, dashing inside.

"Oh my," Bakura said with a blink. "I do hope no one's hurt. . . ."

"I do as well," Seto grunted as he walked up to the others. "I have enough problems without dealing with a lawsuit." With that he pushed past them and walked inside.

"Well, what do you say?" Yugi said, shoving the door open. "Let's go see what's wrong!"

Before long all the teens were inside the familiar studio and looking about.

"I smell smoke!" Téa cried.

"That's because there's a fire in one of the rooms!" Bruce yelled in horror as he ran down the hall. "Someone put a match to a box of something!"

"Do you think that's the mystery?!" Joey wondered with a blink. "Sabotage?"

"I don't know," Marik said, shaking his head.

Abruptly an angry-looking man shot past them all, pushing Mokuba, Marik, and Bakura all to the floor and towering over them.

"Don't move, any of you," he growled. "The jig is up!" With that he started to reach into his vest pocket.

"He's drawing a gun!!" Joey yelled.