Notes: Whoo, can you believe it?! Mystery 11, all wrapped up!! ^__^ It's been fun writing this XD The scene I had the most fun with was probably the one where Joey thought Marik was a werewolf ^^;; LOL. Well, thanx a million for your interest and support, y'all, and I do hope you'll stick around for my new Holiday special!! ^____^


JP listened to the tale of everything that had happened since he'd last seen Yugi and the others the previous night, an expression of shock and disbelief on his face.

"That's some adventure you guys have had!" he exclaimed. "I'm sorry I dragged all of you into it, but I'm glad you solved things!"

"We were glad to help out," Yugi smiled. He chuckled as he looked up and saw Bruce following Bakura around the studio, begging for him to do another show.

"Come on, Bakura!" the man wailed. "You're my star deejay!"

"I'm sorry!" Bakura replied. "I really don't feel like it!!"

"You never do!" Bruce retorted.

Bakura had to admit that was true.

"Actually, Bruce, I think you're gonna get your radio show," Tristan smirked. "Yami Bakura has taken over the studio here since JP hasn't been on the air."

Bruce looked up hopefully. "Really?!"

Yami Bakura was leaning back in the chair, his feet on the table and a headset over his ears. "Yes, it's another mysterious October night," he sneered. "Are things going bump in the night at your abode yet? They will be before this broadcast is over!"

"He's a natural!" Bruce said proudly while Bakura turned several shades of pink.

Oreo, curled up on Yami Bakura's chest, started to purr.

The door opened and Bernard and Elsa popped in. "Any new mysteries?!" Elsa asked in a perky tone.

"None today, thank Heaven," Marik grunted, watching them come in. He was a bit surprised to see that they'd patched things up so quickly. Those two were known to argue constantly.

"Well, if any do crop up, we at least know that Bruce isn't guilty," Bernard declared.

"That's certainly a change of attitude," Tristan remarked.

"Yeah, well, he's not so bad," Bernard shrugged. "The one we've really gotta watch out for now is that new deejay, Noa or whatever his name is."

Now Seto went several shades of pale. "NOA???!!!!" he practically thundered.

Bernard smiled angelically. "Just kidding," he said. "The new guy's name is Nathaniel."

Seto relaxed, his eyes narrowed considerably. "That wasn't funny," he grumbled.

Joey was talking with Serenity in the corner, expressing his regret that she had once again had to see so many terrible things.

"It's alright, Joey," Serenity smiled. "Really, it is." She tried to laugh. "I guess I should know by now that something dangerous will always be happening around you and the others. . . ." Her attempt at a laugh wound up being a sob caught in her throat. "I just can't stand it when someone gets hurt!!"

Joey pulled her close. "I can't stand it either," he said quietly. "And . . . yeah . . . that's why we keep solvin' the mysteries. You were right, Serenity. We do it to help others."

"And I think that's so wonderful," Serenity told him.

"Today, as an in-studio guest," Yami Bakura was continuing, "we have a current recording artist who is touring the station." Boredly he dangled a sardine in front of Oreo and she leaped for it happily.

The door opened and the said singer came running in, smiling broadly as she took in everyone around her. "I can't believe it!!" she exclaimed, her gaze lighting on Mokuba.

"Uh . . ." The boy blinked in confusion.

"You're Mokuba Kaiba!!" the singer gushed. "I can't believe I'm standing in the same room with you!!!"

Seto didn't look happy at the thought of Mokuba having acquired a fangirl. He glared daggers at the newcomer, warning her to stay back from his little brother.

"All the criminals have been captured, right, Yugi?" Téa was asking him.

Yugi nodded. "All the human ones have been locked up in jail. They won't be getting out for a good long while!"

Phil was standing nearby, his manners having improved quite a bit by now. He had apologized to everyone for treating them the way he had before and was quietly getting things ready for Mandy's upcoming show.

"It's good to know some people really do change," Yugi said now in reference to Phil.

"You can say that again," Téa smiled, but her attention was on first Seto and then Marik. She was remembering something from their Boston mystery. Seto and Marik had been captured by some evil doers who wanted to sacrifice them in order to release a treacherous beast. They had specifically wanted those two because they were two who had changed their bad ways and repented. Téa was very happy that Seto and Marik were among those in their circle of friends now.

"So now we have mystery eleven wrapped up!" Joey grinned. "I wonder if there'll be any more."

Rishid looked over at him from where he was resting on the couch. "In all honesty, Joseph, with our luck I am certain another one will find us."

Ishizu chuckled softly. "If one does, I pray it will not be for a while. We all need a chance to recover from this one."

Marik nodded emphatically. "I would be perfectly happy to take an extended hiatus from mystery solving," he said. "There were far too many close calls on this one."

"Yes, not to mention how long it's going to take for me to get my shop back in order," Duke grumbled, crossing his arms.

"Hey, be glad that you're even here to be worryin' about gettin' it in order," Joey retorted. "You took a pretty bad hit with that metal shelf!"

Duke just smirked. "But I am still here," he said, obviously feeling a bit cocky after coming through that experience with only a few bruises.

Now all eyes turned to Bruce. "So what really is behind the whole thing of carrying matches and muttering 'I'll show them'?" Tristan wanted to know.

"I told you, I wasn't going to burn anything!" Bruce said in annoyance.

"Oh, let's just go ahead and tell them," Phil sighed before turning to the others. "He *was* going to burn something, but nothing more than a paper or two. The truth is, someone was threatening him about my past. Finally out of frustration he went to burn any records he had of my . . . illegal activities. But that was when the real fire started elsewhere in the station and he forgot all about it."

Bakura's eyes were wide. "Who was threatening him?!" he asked.

"Delya," Bruce growled. "She confessed to that. And the fire she started was to distract anyone from the fact that some music records were being loaded onto the plane in the field at that moment."

"Well, I guess that officially wraps the mystery up," Yugi smiled with relief.

Abruptly all the lights went out.

"Not quite," an eerie voice said from out of the darkness. A flashlight clicked on, revealing only nasty-looking brown eyes.

"YAAAAAA!!!" Joey yelped, leaping out of his chair. He stepped on something and a loud yowl echoed around, only startling him more.

The lights came on again and Yami Bakura sneered at them all. "Spooked rather easily, aren't you," he remarked.

"Yami!!" Bakura scolded.

"Hey, I knew it was you all along," Joey objected.

Oreo hissed at him, not liking having her tail stepped on. Immediately she leaped back into Yami Bakura's arms for comfort.

Serenity had to giggle at Joey's vexed expression.

Everyone else laughed as well, relieved that they could actually relax and laugh over something again.