Theft of heart


Warnings/notes : Bakura/Ryou, some hints at Seto/Jou and Yami/Yugi, AU?

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written at 28th october 2003, by Misura (re-uploaded)

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The sand was slowly filling his mouth, his lungs, and he was suffocating, choking, crying ...


He wondered why Bakura could still speak, though the knowledge that his lover was still alive made him feel a little bit better.

"Ryou, wake up!" Hands were shaking him now, almost frantically. To his surprise, he found himself able to open his eyes without them getting stung by sand.

"Bakura?" He blinked against the bright sunlight that was streaming into the room through the half-opened curtains.

"No, I'm Seto Kaiba." Bakura rolled his eyes. "Of course it's me, you moron!"

"Oh." Ryou replied weakly, looking around, noticing all the small familiar things about his room, as if he'd been gone on aa long journey and just returned.

"Is something wrong?" Bakura frowned, walking back to the bed they had shared and sitting down on the edge to study his hikari.

"I had a ... very weird dream." Ryou stammered. He could smell pancakes too now and remembered his father had come home for a couple of months.

For a moment, a peculiar expression flashed over Bakura's face. Then it was gone, replaced by a fond smile, as Bakura leaned over to ruffle his hair.

"Well, you're awake now, silly hikari, and your father threatened to eat the pancakes all by himself if we weren't in the kitchen in five minutes."

Ryou's stomach rumbled, suggesting he got up and dressed as soon as possible. Bakura grinned, tossing the clothes he'd laid ready the previous evening on the bed.


"Ah, even the two lovebirds can't resist the smell of my pancakes!" Ryou's father exclaimed, pointing at the kitchen-table on which a damping stack of pancakes was calling out to hungry teenagers to come and eat them. "Good morning!"

Ryou smiled ruefully, while Bakura immediately grabbed one of the pancakes and started wolfing it down. If the look on his face was any indication, they were quite good indeed.

"There are also plates, knifes and forks." Ryou's father remarked with a sigh. "But, never mind those. Glad you're appreciating my culinary masterpiece."

Bakura grinned, making an enthusiastic noise.

Ryou supposed he ought to be glad his yami was past the stage where he would talk with his mouth full.

"Has either of you seen the newspaper today already?"

Since he'd just taken a bite out of his own pancake, Ryou limited his reply to a shake of his head.

"Two of your friends are on the frontpage. Here, take a look."

Ryou accepted the newpaper, unfolding it curiously, while Bakura leaned over to get a look on it as well. They gasped almost in unison, while Ryou's father chuckled.

"They make much too cute a couple to keep their relationship a secret, don't you think?"

The picture spanned nearly half the frontpage, showing in full color how a scowling Seto Kaiba had his arm put around Joey Wheeler, who wore a dopey grin on his face and cheerfully waved into the camera. 'Match made in heaven' was the, in Ryou's opinion remarkably postitive, headline.

"I hope neither of them's going to regret that." Ryou murmured.

His father 'tsk'ed. "Don't be so pessimistic, Ryou. This world's not as old-fashioned as it once was. I admit that in my time, this - " he gestured at the picture " - would have amounted to financial suicide for Kaiba, but times are changing."

"Ryou had a bad dream." Bakura remarked, by way of explanation. "He's still not quite over it I think."

"Well, dreams never come true." Ryou's father smiled. "Except for the good ones of course."

Bakura grinned and nodded. "Here, have another pancake."


"It wasn't just a dream, was it?" Ryou asked.

"Don't know what you're talking about." Bakura mumbled, kicking at some of the leaves that were lying around in the park. The autumn-wind picked them up, whirling them around in a merry dance.

"It couldn't have been ; everyone was there. Yami, Yugi, Seto, Joey and even Otogi." Ryou continued as if Bakura hadn't spoken.

"How does that prove it was real?" Bakura demanded angrily. "That sooner proves the opposite ; why would everyone you know, down to Pegasus and Malik, be a reincarnation of someone in the past?"

Ryou gave him an triumphant smile. "*That* fact doesn't prove anything no. But the fact that you knew Malik and Pegasus were there as well, even if I hadn't named them in my list *does*."

Bakura grumbled something. "We might just have shared the same dream. Such things happen, you know, Yugi and Yami have it too."

"Why can't you just admit what I dreamt was the truth?" Ryou sighed.

"Why can't *you* simply shut up about it?" Bakura shot back.

"I'm sorry." Ryou offered after a short silence. "I shouldn't have pushed you."

Bakura's scowl slowly faded as he put an arm around Ryou's shoulder. "And I shouldn't take my fear of the past repeating itself out on you."

Ryou blinked, opening his mouth to say something. Bakura prevented him with a kiss.

"Let it rest, hikari. We have got the present together, as well as the future. Isn't that enough?"