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Kagome sat upright, her knees towards her body hoping to keep herself warm. Her small green high-school uniform had been abandoned long ago, now replaced with an elegant kimono. She began to wonder about how she came to be in such a position, in the Edo period, 500 years- no 518 years before her birth. She had resided in the time period for over 2 years now, having her 18th birthday in just a few weeks. She recalled her encounters, remembering the first appearances of her companions- the only real friends she had, the only people outside of her family beyond the well that she would lay her life for.

Sitting high above the tree where she leaned on, sat InuYasha,; a short-tempered hanyou who had first desired to kill her to obtain the Shikon no Tama, having thought of her as his previous lover -Kikyou. Sleeping right beside her was her adopted kitsune pup, Shippou, whose enthusiasm never failed to bring Kagome a smile. Miroku, the lecherous houshi had primarily intended to retrieve her shards. He lay comfortably beside Sango, the youkai huntress whose village had been brutally massacred. Each one of them had a purpose, to kill Naraku and avenge their kin-or in InuYasha's case- to avenge his lover. Out of the five, Kagome was the only one that was not directly affected by the baboon-clad hanyou. In fact, she had not known about the youkai until they had encountered Miroku, telling them of his family curse, the kazaana- the air rip- on his hand, which was devouring him slowly.

Kagome shivered slightly as the wind blew harsher, making her gaze at the sky above. She became alarmed, seeing a full blue moon in the horizon. For as long as she had remembered, blue moons were nothing but trouble. The strange disappearance of her father occurred during a blue moon, her obaa-san died during a blue moon and she fell in the bone-eater's well the morning of a blue moon. With all these in mind, Kagome cralwed towards Kirara, the neko-youkai that traveled with Sango. Reaching underneath her tail, she retrieved her bow and arrows, preparing herself for any trouble that may arise.

"Oi, onna! Get some rest."

Kagome didn't bother to turn around. She merely strapped her quiver to her back and lay back down. Every sound made her more and more tense. InuYasha noticed this and leapt to the ground. He knew the miko's powers intensified when she was agitated and everyday she had been improving. He knew that if something was threatening, Kagome would surely feel it in the air.

"What is it?" he asked, gold eyes alert for any trouble. His silver mane swirled in the wind as a breeze blew by.

Kagome didn't say a word, her body became more tense as she stood. She whispered the only word that could send millions of chills up his spine.



Author's Note: Its a bit rocky for a first chapter... and I know I got obsessed with S/K pairings....