Once In A Blue Moon

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Chaper 24: The Fallen

Crickets began to chirp louder as night fell and the temperature dropped. Hojou sat silently before the campfire, watching as crackled. It had been less than a week since he had arrived in the Feudal era, and he hadn't come any closer to understanding his situation. He looked around at the sleeping figures of his new companions, and began to doubt if he was ever going to return home.

"But in order for that to happen... Kagome would be attracted to that youkai, would she not?"

His own words echoed in his mind. There was so much of Kagome that he didn't know about. His Angel was too far from his reach, he knew. Ever since he had met her, he had merely been a spectator. Even so, it hurt to know that her affections were never going to be directed at him.

A loud pop from the campfire woke him from his thoughts. It had been unusually silent, the crickets were no longer chirping. Hojou stood, feeling a chill bringing a bad omen. A gust of wind blew past him, strong enough to make him step back.

"Wake the others"

He turned to the white-haired demon that appeared beside him, and nodded. Inuyasha's golden eyes were narrowed in a combination of anger and disgust. His ears twitched, listening for the slightest sound of attack.

Sango blinked away sleep as she was roughly shaken awake by a nervous Hojou, habitually grabbing her hiraikotsu. Shippou fell from her lap, still sleeping. Sango motioned for Kirara to guard him, receiving a small mewl in response.

"I don't sense anything," Kouga said as he dropped down from a tree. He had been resting in one of the higher branches, not enjoying the scent of death that lingered around the new human addition.

Inuyasha stood silent, his brows furrowed, clenching his jaws in frustration. There didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, other than the eerie silence. There were no creature sounds coming from the forest, not even the rustling of leaves.

"I don't either, but this chill isn't normal."

Inuyasha's eyes widened as a figure became more visible to them. The figure's cold stare landed on Hojou. They stood on edge as the woman walked closer towards them. She said nothing, but extended her hand towards Hojou. Inuyasha glared at the boy, and turned his gaze towards his dead ex-lover.

"What are you doing, Kikyou?" he snarled, confused at the turn of events. "Did you call this boy here?"

She remained silent. Inuyasha was not her concern right now. She would drag him to hell soon, but her master wanted the boy. On a night when she needed to recuperate and collect souls, her ward had gone missing. For days, she travelled looking for the boy from the future. It would not do her any good if she returns to the Kurayami without him.

"Answer me!"

Kouga stopped Inuyasha from going any further. He knew that she would appear, but he wasn't anticipating her arrival until they were closer to Sesshoumaru's castle. Fighting her here without his pack would be a disadvantage to them, knowing fully how strong the dead priestess was.

"Why do you want the boy?" Kouga asked, "Answer carefully, woman . If your answer displeases me, I will return your soul to hell."

While the boys were locked in a verbal battle with Kikyou, Sango stood behind them, scanning the camp for Miroku. She could have sworn that he was lying beside her when she had dozed off. Shippou was safe with Kirara and Hojou, still sleeping despite Inuyasha's loud outburst.

She could hear a faint rustling to their left. Another woman appeared, wearing dark priestess robes. Her expression clear with hatred. Sango noted that it wasn't directed at her, but towards the undead woman who was still standing calmly before them.

"Why can't you stay dead, bitch?" the unknown woman said coldly.

Sango's gaze was diverted to the creature behind the woman. It seemed to be carrying a familiar-looking man. Her eyes strained to see in the dark, but it was clear who he was as soon as the creature stepped closer towards the light.



Away from the camp, Miroku was struggling to keep his composure. He was slowly crawling towards the camp, sweat dripping from his face. The pain was unbearable – the poison from the saimyoushou, coupled with his widening kazaana. Miroku was about to lose his battle with the curse, and he knew it would come soon.

"H-hashi...M-Mushin..." he croaked weakly.

He needed to see his mentor, his wind scar needed to be repaired or he would be useless in the upcoming fight with Naraku, he thought. The old monk's face appeared in his mind as he slowly lost consciousness.

Unbeknownst to him, a sleek figure was hiding in the trees. Cold red eyes watched form a distance as the monk struggled to move. When he finally succumbed to the pain, she smirked and calmly made her way towards the falled monk. She stood beside him, her sandals brushing against his robes.

"I don't see what that baboon would want with such a weak monk like you," she said aloud, spitting on his back.

Taking out rope from her robes, she began to bind the monk's hands and feet. With a snap of her fingers, a large shadowy creature appeared from behind her. It enveloped the monk, and began to follow her as she walked towards the North.

She could hear a commontion not far from her location. Being the curious creature that she was, she decided to investigate. Anger flared in her red eyes as her gaze fell on a face she thought never to be seen again.

"Why can't you stay dead, bitch?"


Tsubasa watched as her mentor's body burned away to nothing. The remaining villagers were scrambling to douse the flames in the village. As she sat, unable to do anything, she noticed white eel-like creatures departing from the flames carrying white orbs. The other villagers didn't seem to notice them.

She ran to follow them, hoping they would lead her to the culprit. A strange aura was getting stronger, the farther she ran from the village. Tsubasa ran until she could no longer hear the yelling of the villagers.

The creatures were gathering near a pond, where a beautiful woman stood. The moon illuminated her pale, naked body.

"Did you bring me more souls, my loves?" the woman said coldy, plucking a white orb from the soul stealers.

Tsubasa's blood ran cold, and tears welled up in her eyes. This demon had set her village aflame to take the souls of her sisters. Anger filled her core, and a dark aura formed around her. Gripping her bow tightly, she aimed for the woman's heart. She released the arrow, filling it with her hatred and rage.

"Burn in hell."


The air seemed a little lighter since Sesshoumaru had spooked her days ealier. Kagome was at a loss as to what to do to retaliate. Every prank she knew required a few modern items; like plumbing. She wasn't about to wait a few hundred years for such advances.

An evil grin appeared on her face as she thought of the perfect prank. 'Just you wait, you cold bastard,' she thought to herself. 'It's a good thing you don't smile'

In his library, Sesshoumaru sneezed loudly, causing his young ward to squeal in surprise. He was never one to catch colds, and took it as a bad omen. He had been researching on human-demon bonds, but was not able to shine light on his situation.

It was clear that he was accepting the blood pact, but he needed a way to calm his inner beast. He was still apprehensive of his desicion to keep the priestess. With the disturbing news of the North, and Kouga's disappearance, Sesshoumaru was already edgy. He didn't need the trouble the priestess would surely bring him.

An image of his younger brother appeared. Surely, the half-breed would track the priestess' scent to the castle. He was prepared for battle at any moment, but he didn't need nor want the annoyance of beating Inuyasha to a pulp.

Sesshoumaru heard a soft knock on the door, and Kagome peaked her head in. He had taken her ability to attack, but had given her permission to roam the grounds.

"I was wondering if you were hungry," she said meekly, placing a tray of food on his desk.

Sesshoumaru grunted, and returned to his scrolls. Curious, Kagome decided to take a peek over his shoulder. Strange-looking Kanji were scribbled everywhere. Sighing, she turned turned to leave.

"Thank you."

Kagome stopped, and turned to the demon lord. She almost felt a little guilty for playing a prank on him. She watched as he ate, stifling her laughter. With a small bow, she quickly darted out of the room. Hopefully, she thought, he wouldn't decide to kill her for staining his teeth.

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