The Z fighters Vs Barbie

Disclaimer: Yeah, a 14-year-old girl owns her favourite anime. Back to reality!

Ok, if you love Barbie I advise you to stop reading here I hate Barbie, always have done. My Barbie dolls always met an.. Ahem.. 'Unfortunate' end. Also, the other day, while watching TV I realised that there was at least 2 Barbie adverts every break. I have come to the conclusion that BARBIE IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!! So it is only right that the Z Fighters put her in her place


It was quiet at Capsule Corp. The Z fighters where watching TV peacefully, well until a certain advert came on.


Piccolo opened one of his eyes (he was meditating in the corner a.p.u (a.p.u means as per usual)) (A/N Can you have a bracket in a bracket? Oh well) "Vegeta calm down, it's just a Barbie doll"

"You know what it's called!"

Both of Piccolo's eyes were open and he had ceased to float "Pan has about 12 and your daughter has about 50 the amount of times I've babysat and had to play with the dumb things are uncountable!"

Vegeta was standing and still angry with the TV "But it's the same thing, with different clothes and a slightly different accessory each time! Don't they just get sick of the same thing?" At this Bra piped up "But Daddy, they're all different. There's coffee shop Barbie, Ice cream shop Barbie, Soda shop Barbie, Doctor Barbie, Dentist Barbie, Orthopaedic Barbie.." Little Bra was still reciting different kinds of Barbies an hour after Vegeta had stopped listening.

"I don't believe this! That plastic blob with legs has brain washed my daughter!" He stomped to the corner and sat down next to Piccolo "What am I going to do?" Piccolo just sat there, he then said "Nothing. Millions of little girls around the world play with Barbie all the time" he thought a few second longer then said "Actually, Yamcha used to play with them"

"I bet he still does" (A/N I've warned you before, I'm not Yamcha friendly)

Vegeta attempted to meditate (by copying Piccolo) but his mind was too clustered with Barbie that he couldn't concentrate. "That's it!"

Piccolo slowly floated down to the floor "What's it?"

"I've had enough of her! I'm going to the creators!"


"To put a stop to all this!"

Vegeta then stormed out of the door.

A few minutes later he came back in and sat by Piccolo. He then said "Pip?"


"Do you know who the creators are?"

"Nope, the author never read the actual Barbie boxes"

"Oh dear, so what are we going to do?"

"Ask all the nice readers?"

"Wouldn't that take a while?"

"Yeah but it'll give us a rest"

"Good point!"

They then started to meditate again.

Well, this story was going somewhere but I don't know who the creators of Barbie are so please help me by telling me in a review or something! Please! This story gets funny I promise!