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DBZHobbit: Ok. Rachie is helping me write this one as she plays a main part in it.

Psycho Dende: And I get to join up with my friend Kakarot.

Everyone else: Who?

Psycho Dende: -_- Rachie's alter ego!

Everyone else: Oh!

Kakarot: Fine then! We'll go plan maniacally in the corner while they carry on with their silly fanfic.

Psycho Dende: Deal!

Rachie: What's with them?

DBZHobbit: Lack of evil activity has driven them mad

Rachie: So they're scheming in the corner again?

DBZHobbit: Yep. Anyway, on with the fanfic.

DBZHobbit, Piccolo and Vegeta knocked on Rachie's door. Like her midget friend she stared open mouthed before letting them in. She led them to the living room and sat closer to Vegeta than was necessary. They explained what was going on, half way through the conversation Rachie's dad came in, saw the girls, man, green alien and just shrugged and walked straight back out of the room. After that they decided to devise a plan; they would raid the convention and take out Ruth Handler by the most explosive means possible as Vegeta wouldn't have it any other way.

So, they stayed the night and Vegeta finally got some food, he was in a bad mood as it had taken DBZHobbit over two hours to remember to feed him. The next morning they left for Liverpool by the fastest ay possible, flying. Much to Vegeta's dislike as he had to carry Rachie, which was quite funny as she was taller then him. "WAIT!" DBZHobbit yelled so abruptly that Piccolo nearly dropped her.

"What's wrong?"

"We have to pick someone up!"

"What are you talking about child!" Vegeta had thrown Rachie over his shoulder so he could see.

"If I don't somehow work Matthew into this fic he'll kill me!"

"Who's going to carry him? I wont as I've got this" as he said 'this' he jolted Rachie so she bounced an inch then landed back on his shoulder. He then regretted it as she screamed down his ear thinking she was going to fall (A/N Ha! Make fun of my mate will ya!)

"Piccolo can manage him. Can't you Piccolo?" She then batted her eyelids sweetly at her carrier and the tall Namek blushed and mumbled something about being able to handle another kid.

After picking up a now much bewildered Matthew the five anti-Barbie machineries headed for the convention. When they got there Vegeta immediately began causing havoc, blowing up everything that crossed his path, including some limited edition Barbie that were now worthless pieces of charcoal. DBZHobbit quietly followed the Saiyan prince, promptly yanking the heads of any Barbie Vegeta left untouched. Piccolo stared at her, then turned to the humans and said, "Vegeta did the exact same thing the last time we encountered the dolls"

Matthew nodded "Yep, she likes to see how far she can throw the heads. She declared war because she says that Barbie brainwashed her little sister"

Rachie joined in "Yeah, she acts a lot like Vegeta sometimes" Piccolo smirked and turned back to the two shorter members of their party "Well, he wont like that"

Both Vegeta and DBZHobbit stopped for neither of them knew which person was the one to torture and destroy. Then they found that the stupidity of Barbie had helped them as Ruth Handler was cowering in a corner wearing a large T-shirt and a badge saying, "I am the creator of Barbie. Praise me." Vegeta dragged her out and stood her in front of then. She was trembling and the two people before her looked almost manic. She jumped when Vegeta barked, "What do you think you were doing, creating these.things!"


"You brainwashed my daughter!"

"And my sister!"

"Really? Your sister?"

"Yeah, why did you think I made you find me and bring me?"

The Prince thought then said, "Because you were annoying?"

"Shut up. She's trying to crawl away!"

Vegeta had to dash to get to the woman before she reached the fire exit "Nice try, but I'm not done with you yet" The others had joined them now, they wanted to make sure the maddened prince and rather insane Hobbit didn't do anything stupid.

"Stop making the dolls"


"Huh? Just like that?" Vegeta thought that she would have put up more of a fight.

"Yes, I'll stop making them"

"Well.Good" He let her go and they all walked triumphantly to the door. Then Vegeta shrugged, turned around, threw a ki blast and joined the others outside while the whole place blew up behind him. "Vegeta!"


After dropping off all the kids, with Piccolo still blushing from getting a kiss on the cheek from his fan (A/N that's me by the way!) they flew home. "Vegeta?"


"You know that you've just stopped more dolls from being made. There are still millions all around the world"

Vegeta sighed as Capsule Corp. appeared on the horizon. "I know, but hopefully my grandchildren will never have contact with those vile things"

"With you around I'm sure they wont" Vegeta smiled over at his friend and Piccolo smiled back. They landed at Capsule Corp. with everyone waiting to hear their story. Vegeta sat his daughter on his knee and received a huge sense of satisfaction when she told him that she had blown up all her Barbies for him, much to her mother's dislike. That's my girl, he thought, that's my girl.

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