TITLE: A Casual Encounter.

RATING: PG13 - Some imagery but nothing blatant.


SUMMARY: In response to a challenge by Jinnie - Any Dawn/SG pairing

AUTHOR: Sarhea

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DISCLAIMER: Major characters in this story are owned by their respective creators/companies. I do not make money off writing!!


In a Single Night


She stared at the man looking at her from across the tavern. The noise faded and retreated into the distance. It was the same for him. She could see it in his dark eyes. For tonight there was just him, and her.

She ignored the men straying into her paths with offers of drinks and a fun time. Some were teasing others were not. But they did not matter. Only he did.

He couldn't believe his actions, his words, his choice. But there was something about her that drew him. Not her youth; in fact it was the aura of timelessness she exuded that drew him. He had seen and experienced the fury of individuals who measured their life spans in millennia but none of them could compare to what he saw in her.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"Are you sure about this?" He asked harshly. He couldn't believe she wanted this as bad as he did.

"Are you?" She countered holding out her hotel room key card.

"There can't be more than this." He tried to dissuade her. "Just one night."

"Just one night." She agreed inclining her head slightly. Her long silky hair flowed like a curtain veiling her down swept gaze. She looked up to meet his own eyes square. "Just one."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

He glanced down at the sleeping woman with regret. The night had been incredible. They connected on a level he had never felt before. Every fiber of his being raged at the thought of never seeing her again, never touching her creamy skin, never seeing her hazel green eyes laugh up at him. But he had no choice. Duty meant he had to sacrifice any vestige of an open equal relationship. Duty and friendship kept him on the path he started out so many years ago. Duty and desperation kept him true; if he left who would save the world?

He didn't even know her name. It was a pact they made in silence. No names. No reality. No disappointment. No rules.

Despite her youth she was not unmarked. There were several scars on her lean lithe body and the calluses on her hands and feet told him she trained and trained hard. The scars were unusual though - most were made by a large predator or blade; slicing slashes and fang marks. No bullets. He wanted to know the story behind each one but their silent pact restrained him.

He reached out to stroke her long dark hair back from her oval face. She sighed and stirred slightly as she snuggled into his touch. Her graceful unselfconscious movements teased and seduced him to shed his clothes and join her beneath the sheets but duty called.

"Good-bye lover."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

She rolled across the bed to slam the alarm clock off before sliding off the bed bonelessly. He was gone. She did not expect him to stay the whole night but it hurt. It hurt so bad. Now she knew how her sister felt when she woke up alone and found her first lover gone all those years ago.

She wasn't a virgin in body but she had never experienced what happened last night. What she shared with a complete stranger. And she never expected to again.

She didn't know she was crying as she stumbled into the small bathroom shower stall and stood under the hot spray. For now she could cry and no one would hear.



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