TITLE: Connecting with old friends.

RATING: PG13 - Some imagery but nothing blatant.


SUMMARY: In response to a what-if suggestion by Jinnie - What if Snape was discovered as a spy. What would happen to him? What would he choose to do?

AUTHOR: Sarhea

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DISCLAIMER: Major characters in this story are owned by their respective creators/companies. I do not make money off writing!!




Around four months later Harry Potter won his bet. Ronald Weasley paid up with a wide smile.

"This is one bet I am more than happy to lose." He confessed as he handed his friend the coins. They were at the victory feast celebrating the Dark Lord's downfall at Hogwarts.

Harry glanced up at the Head Table where he saw the dark haired Potion Master lean down and whisper something into his wife's ear. Willow blushed delicately and glanced around hurriedly before focusing on her meal.

Dumbledore coughed delicately and tapped his silver goblet. Silence fell over the Great Hall.

"I would like to make an additional announcement on behalf of certain staff members." A long pause while Dumbledore gauged the growing interest. "You may wish to congratulate Professor Snape and Professor Rosenberg. When those of you returning in the fall do so there will be a new addition to their family." Excited murmuring. Willow blushed deeper. Snape looked as though he wanted to hide somewhere. "Professor Rosenberg is expecting a baby due in August."

Conversation overwhelmed the silence.

"Snape didn't waste anytime." A Gryffindor snickered.

"It makes perfect sense." A Ravenclaw pointed out. "He's not getting any younger."

"Besides The Dark Lord is gone. For good this time."

Yes, everything was all right.

The End.


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