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~*~ The First TransOceanic Vision ~*~

Cordelia Chase was determined to drive off the faint hearted. She did not want half-interested people looking for a bird course who handed in substandard work and demanded more time and attention from the teachers. Amy was assisting Minerva and Willow was too nice to drive off the light weights so it was up to her.

Her eyes swept over the sixth year MS class for Gryffindor and Slytherins. Since a great deal of Gryffindor students took Muggle Studies it counterbalanced the few Slytherins, including Draco Malfoy, who were taking the course.

Her hazel eyes hardened as she spoke.

"I don't know how you guys were taught Muggle Studies before but this year things are going to be different. This is not going to be a bird course. You are going to work and work hard. Anyone wishing to drop the course may do so with no hard feelings." Unfortunately no one left. "As you know my name is Cordelia Chase. This is Willow Rosenberg." Cordelia waved at Willow who waved herself. "The third one of us missing is Amy Madison."

Willow smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, I'll be doing most of the marking so you don't have to worry about bad grades but that doesn't mean you can goof off. Professor Chase, Professor Madison and I worked to design a course that is more interactive. There will be debates, discussions, role plays, ISPs on various aspects of Muggle culture. Material related to fashion and entertainment is designed by Professor Chase. Material related to technology and science is my area. Material about politics and history was selected by Professor Madison."

Cordelia grinned. "We are going to start off easy with something both cultures have - money." She glanced at Willow who held out a box. "Willow has samples of British and American Muggle currency. Muggle culture follows the decimal Arabic system rather than the Roman system. There are two primary currency units in Britain, the pound and the penny. There are... There are..." Cordelia gasped and reached out for the table and sank to her knees. "Willow!"

Willow hurried around the table to support Cordelia.

"Someone go get Professor Snape and Professor Lupin! Hurry! The rest of you quiet!"

Two students ran out obediently. Willow struggled to hold Cordelia still as she convulsed riding out the waves of pain as her synaptic nerve endings burned. After several long tense seconds she gasped and covered her eyes groaning softly.

"What did you see Cordy?" Willow asked in an urgent low tone. She and Amy had been coached by Wesley on how to look after Cordelia after a vision.

"Yuck!" Cordelia groaned. "Two o'clock. Some bar in the Limelight district. Underage teens club hopping. Alley behind it. Hunted. Prey."

"The name Cordy?" Willow persisted.

"No name. Neon lights. Too many. Too bright."

"Don't think of the lights Lia." Snape had appeared silently. He moved to cradle Cordelia lifting her shoulders off the ground high enough to help her swallow the pain killing potion.

Cordelia relaxed as the potion went to work.

"Thank you thank you thank you." She groaned looping an arm around his neck to sit up. "I hate swallowing four aspirin after a vision."

"Do you want to extract the memory now?" Lupin asked neutrally. He appeared after Snape holding a jade green bowl covered with runic symbols.

"Sev, you do it." Cordelia ordered.

Snape obeyed. His fourteen inch ebony wand with a dragon heartstring core reached out to touch her temple.

"Think of the vision, how it felt, what you felt." He ordered in low tones before drawing the memory out. Unlike typical memories that were silver this one was gold tainted with red, power and death. He transferred it to the penseive Lupin held at ready. "Floo it to A.I." He told Lupin in a brusque low voice. "Stay with Wesley and check to make sure they don't have any problems reviewing it."

"Cordy had a vision about two teens in an alley behind a bar in LA's Limelight district." Willow told Lupin softly. "Make sure what Wesley reviews is similar."

Lupin nodded and vanished out of the classroom carrying the pearlescent green bowl.

The students watched in shock as the dour, cold Potions Professor rock Cordelia Chase in the cradle of his arms until she relaxed enough from the strain of the vision.

"Is she going to be all right Professor Rosenberg?" Lavender Brown asked in scared tones. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be a True Seer if it was as painful as it looked.

"Oh yes." Willow smiled reassuringly. "Professor Chase has had a lot of Visions."

Sirus Black sneered from his position in the doorway of the classroom. He straightened and walked in casually pushing past the students to the front of the classroom. He sneered seeing the sight of his hated rival cradling the not-Muggle MS teacher.

"So that's how you do it Snape." Several Gryffindor students glanced around startled at the sound of the DADA instructor's voice. "You poured a potion down her throat pretending it is just a pain killer. Makes sense now, why she is with you that is."

Draco Malfoy opened his mouth to hotly protest this slander but was cut short.

"Black, quit it." Snape retorted as he continued his visual examination of Cordelia.

"Why? I am entitled to an opinion." Sirus Black retorted. "I couldn't understand why any female would put up with you and now I see why. Is that potion you poured down her throat addictive? Is that how you keep her returning to your bed?"

"Black, you are pushing my patience." Snape warned in low tones.

The students backed away from the impending explosion.

"Professor Black!" Hermione gasped shocked at this uncivilized behavior from her friend's godfather. "That is so rude! Stop it!"

Sirus ignored the Gryffindor prefect.

"How long did it take Snape?" Sirus taunted his rival. "One week? One month? Did you offer to mix a pain killer? When did it become an aphrodisiac?"

A low angry snarling rumble cut off the DADA teacher's words.

"Shut your mouth asshole!" A loud enraged female voice shrieked.

Cordelia Chase rose fluidly shrugging off her fianc‚'s restraining hands and stepped forward in a fluid motion as she raised her balled fist and slammed it against a chiseled bone hard jaw.

Black flew back and slammed against the door frame from the force of her right hook.

"That's it!" Cordelia snarled as she moved relentlessly punching the dazed Black refusing to let up. "Every single day, every meal time. You can't let go of the past. You dig and dig and dig refusing to let the damned wounds heal.

"Well, I've had it with you and your petty spitefulness you SOB! You are not going to hurt Severus any more!" Black recovered enough to pull out his wand and try to body bind her.

"Petrifus Totalus!"

Cordelia ducked evading the spell and the other hexes and curses Black cast in rapid succession. The students watched awed as their not-a-witch MS teacher avoided the curses cast at close range. Instead of confining her blows to her just her fists Cordelia used her whole body. Her foot raised, knee bent, she pivoted and smashed her foot against his knee. Black buckled and went to his knees. Cordelia did not let up. She spun bringing her foot in a spinning kick and sent him sprawled out. In a panic Black cast out an Unforgivable.


"Black!" Snape shouted lifting his wand hoping to pull Cordelia out of way of the curse.

"Got you!" Cordelia gloated and held out her hand. The curse energies hit her palm and dissipated. Slim brows raised in mock sorrow. "Oh, did your batteries just run out? I think so."

Her clenched fist lashed out. Every student winced and waited for the impact of fist on flesh and spilling blood. It was stopped millimeters from Black's nose by a large pale yet graceful hand connected to an arm covered by a loose black robe.

"That's enough Lia." Snape spoke in firm tones. He pulled her back.

"No!" Cordelia snarled. Her slim body twisted as she struggled to get free.

Severus sighed as he ducked her claws and manacled her wrists as he pulled her close to his lean body locking her in place between his legs.

"I believe Black has learned his lesson and knows to fear you my dear." Snape bent and spoke in low velvety tones in her ear.

Cordelia trembled. His voice could do that to her every time. She shook herself mentally.

"Sev! Stop that!" Her tone wasn't as angry and self-righteous as she had hoped.

He laughed. Several female students felt the shivers run up their spine at that sound.

"Stop what?" He purred softly. The couple seemed to have forgotten the students pressed against the walls and behind the desks of the classroom.

"That thing you do with your voice." Cordelia snipped as she twisted experimentally trying to get free of his hold and failed.

"And what thing would that be?"


Willow came to. "Stop that Severus." She admonished the Potions Master. "You know exactly what you can do to females with that voice. Right now I want to find Bill and the nearest closet to jump him." A ripple of relaxing laughter from the students. "Poppy wants to do a complete diagnosis so why don't you take Cordy to the Hospital Wing? I'll look after things here."

Snape considered Willow's words and nodded.

Cordelia struggled. "Not yet Sev!"

"What is it now?" He asked impatiently loosening his hold but taking care just in case Cordelia decided to get one last punch in. He sighed internally at the situation: he, Severus Snape, Slytherin and Potion Master, saving the scraggly hide of that dog, Sirus Black, Animagus.

"I want things settled Severus." Cordelia told him impatiently keeping hazel eyes glinting with gold shards. Her emotions triggered her into shifting and kept her in her demonic form.

"What things?" He asked in calculatedly bored tones.

"This persistent rumor concerning your inability to attract feminine attention and keep it." Cordelia snarled in clipped snarky tones.

Startled, Snape let go and backed away.

"Now Lia... Let's not be hasty here."

"NO!" Cordelia roared. "I've had it up to here with witches in Hogsmeade offering to set me up with nephews and sons and grandsons and godsons! They refuse to believe I am perfectly happy with you mainly in part due to your appearance and manner so that is going to change! NOW!"

Everyone winced at the force of her words.

"Lia! Do you know what--."

"Can the self-defense excuse Severus! I'm here to defend your honor now." Cordelia retorted as she caught Willow's eyes. "Willow, end it."

"Red! Don't you dare!" Snape snarled as he backed away for the safety of the door. Maybe he could get a student as a shield...?

"Sorry Sev." Willow's cheerful expression said she wasn't sorry at all. The students watched fascinated. What was going on? Why was Professor Snape so afraid? Why did he call Professor Rosenberg 'Red'? Willow raised a hand fingers pointed at Severus. "Finite Incanteum. Accio robe." The spell energies blasted from her fingertips and swirled like a whirlwind around Snape encasing him in a column of glitter.

The black robes flew from the maelstorm to Willow Rosenberg's waiting hands. After several long seconds the glitter faded enough to for the gawking students to see.

Severus Snape snarled as he stalked forward fluidly with catlike grace to reveal long muscled legs in fitted black slacks. The boot heels clicked on the stone floor in precise rhythm until he stood in front of Cordelia Chase.

The girls sighed at the sight of the tall wizard reaching out to Miss Chase.

A lean muscled body with broad shoulders and muscled arms no longer hidden by the billowing robes. The thin cotton material of the forest green shirt stretched and strained revealing the powerful lines of his body.

A defined face made of angles and planes, compelling in its strength. The skin no longer had the pasty pallor but instead contained warm gold-olive tones that suited his black hair and onyx eyes. The deep scored lines around his mouth and nose had faded. The mouth was no longer so thin and pursed looking but more sensual looking with a full lower lip. The most drastic change was the hair. It was no longer greasy, oily and limp looking hanging in clumps; it was soft and silky looking to the touch with a slight wave.

The familiar hands with long elegant fingers, delicate but strong and sure, raked back the hair which fell smoothly before being absently tucked behind his pale ears. They were the same in gesture but covered with a faint gold tan, no longer marble white.

"I am not going to forgive you for a long time Willow." The voice was the same yet more so with this new packaged appearance; sinfully compelling, dark with velvet promise, silky with a hint of threat. Yellow crooked teeth were now white, straight and gleaming. Onyx black eyes remained focused on gold tinted hazel eyes.

Willow Rosenberg smiled cheerfully.

"That's okay Sev. I can wait. I have lots of patience."

"And you." A slim finger tapped against now seductive lips. "What am I supposed to do with you Lia?" Snape mock mused.

Cordelia shrugged.

"Take me to Madame Pomfrey?" She suggested wryly.

Snape let out his breath in a sharp hiss. "I think I will do just that." He pulled out his wand and pointed it at himself and muttered a spell under his breath. Nothing happened. Severus frowned and tried again. Nothing happened. "Red!"

"What Sev?" Willow asked in polite inquiring tones.

"What did you do! It isn't working!" Snape snarled.

"Oh, you mean your Appearance Detracting charms?" Willow expanded helpfully for their fascinated audience. "I added a twist to the Finite Incantum. You can't recast the spells it ended for a full twenty-four hours."

Cordelia laughed. "Thank you Willow. Now I just have to make sure everyone sees him before he tries to hide in his rooms." She caught the Potion Master's wrist and dragged him still sputtering protests out of the classroom.

Lavender got the nerve to speak first.

"What was that?" She asked fascinated. "Snape actually looks gorgeous!" The male students looked faintly ill at the feminine interest in the Potions Professor.

"That is how Professor Snape really looks." Willow explained keeping her eyes on Black who looked stunned and flabbergasted at the situation. "He was very young when he started teaching and became Head of Slytherin so he used the idea of a prank hex certain Gryffindors cast on him when he was a student." The Gryffindors stiffened but Willow continued. "It was a glamourie designed to make the victim look ugly. He used the same principle when he became a teacher to make students fear him, to keep them at a distance, to avoid making friends. It worked since most people judge others based on appearances and past histories." Shuffling feet and guilty consciences at Willow's words. "It did not work with Cordelia, Amy or me.

"We've had experience with monsters who look like angels, beautiful damsels in distress who turn out to be villains. Vampires wear beautiful bodies; they can plead and beg like an Oscar-winning actor." Muggle students nodded solemnly at the reference. "My childhood friend Jesse was turned into a vampire and it tried to kill me. I watched his face as his body tried to kill me. Professor Madison's body was stolen by an evil witch until we managed to reverse the spell. All of us have learned to look beyond the surface and Professor Chase saw a bit more than most."

"Is he going to recast the Detracting charm?" Hermione asked sensibly.

"I don't know Hermione." Willow answered. "But you guys know how he really looks and that his unpleasant appearance is simply a facade. Knowing how gossip works everyone will know of it by the time dinner is served." Willow's expression became sterner. "Professor Black, I must ask you to leave my classroom. You have taken up enough of my time.

"But first I must ask you to cease in your attempts to foster conflict. Severus is not the only person with a dark past and regrets. Everyone has shameful secrets, choices they made and events that resulted. I have made choices in the heat of pain and loss that I regret deeply. If you persist in this enmity with Severus you will learn just how much I know about the Dark Arts." A flash of power everyone sensed. Black shivered and ducked out of the room. Willow walked to the front of the classroom. "Back to your desks students." A shuffle as they complied. "Now, about Muggle currency... British money is called sterling pounds..."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

That night at dinner all the students watched Professor Severus Snape attend to his fianc‚ ignoring the speculation and hushed conversation about his different appearance.

Hermione Granger and Connor O'Roarke watched smugly because they had been privy to the truth concerning the relationship between the Potion Master and Cordelia Chase from the start.

Draco Malfoy watched wistfully hoping he could find someone like that who could make his heart and mind feel whole.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *



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