Okay, this one is done in a William Shakespeare stylee. I have not read any of his books in any meaningful way or seen any of his plays but I have watched 'Shakespeare in Love' & 'Romeo + Juliet' a number of times. Besides this is just for fun, its not like any of you will judge me on this...

---------- William Shakespeare's Ash & Kireek (Not a love story) ----------

Scene is the ancient ruins. Filled with gloom and despair, the wailing of the damned can be heard in the distance.

Enter Ash, a Hunter, stage right.

Ash: I have wandered many a lonely hour in this Stygian pit. I have yet to find more fortunate victims of earth's calamity past.

Kireek, an Android, enters stage left.

Ash: Who is this spectre? Speak! I must have your name!

Kireek: It was a summer's day when last we met. I beheld your timid aspect and was made sick. I have come to remove you from this place.

Ash: Kireek? I'll have you!

Ash and Kireek fight. Ash is mortally wounded.

Ash: My time here so fleeting, now breath I have none. I am felled in the most honourable of quests, to save others. Honour is something you will never know.

Ash dies.

Kireek: Honour is as fleeting as your life, I have no use for such a base sentiment.

PLAYER enters stage right.

Kireek: Who is this spectre that disturbs my work? You have entered my kingdom and you must pay the toll!

Player: ...

Kireek: You shall find yourself on the banks of the river Styx before this night ends!

PLAYER and Kireek fight. Kireek is defeated.

Kireek: My pride has turned to folly. I am undone.

Kireek dies. PLAYER receives a SOUL EATER.

PLAYER exits through telepipe centre stage.