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Twas the Night Before Christmas

by: Epyon Zero
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house all the pilots were quiet, even Duo's big mouth.
When there came from the window such a great rush that Heero went to the window and cried "What the Fuck!"
And just what did his Prussian blue eyes happen to see but Jolly St. Nick and his Gundam sleigh team.
The others ran over to see what was amiss and were utterly dumbstruck at the sight of St. Nick.

For there was the man all jolly and red, cracking a heat rod over each Gundam's head.
It was then that they heard him call each by its name in a loud voice that could be heard from an airplane.
"On Wing and on Deathscythe on Heavyarms too. On Sandrock and Shenlong we've got work to do.
On HELL and on Altron, we ain't got all night. On Zero and Epyon its no time to fight.
As the man and his sleigh roared off into the sky St. Nick turned round and cried with a sigh.
"Merry Christmas you pilots, now get out of my sight. Your Gundams you'll have back by the end of the night.
Then of with a flash he was high in the sky to his deliver presents to the good girls and boys.

Duo moaned and stretched his arms. "Man that's the last time I do that."
Sitting in front of the braided pilot were the other boys and the 2 bottles of 60 proof whisky that they'd drunk.
He was the only awake so far so he looked fro the bottle of aspirin.
Finding that he downed 4 and sat back down. Cupping his head in his hands the last thing he uttered before he passed out was
"That was a strange dream. Santa and Gundams. "
Then he drifted off back into dreamland.

The End

Author's Note: So did you like? I thought this up a couple days before Christmas. Stay tined for Gundam goodness.
Epyon Zero