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Chapter 1

Moving stealthily through the thick underbrush of the wild, uninhabited outer regions of Mirkwood, realm of King Thranduil, the gleaming black feline eyed the tree tops intently, eagerly searching for her prey. Sensing a slight movement to his left, the regal creature caught only a glimpse of shining blonde hair amidst the plentiful Mirkwood leaves. She had been hunting the elf for hours and was growing increasingly weary of the chase. The elven prey, seeing the predator beginning to tire, decided that it was time to turn the tables on the situation. Looking down at the now slowing beast, the young blonde elf grinned maliciously before launching his lean body at the dangerous animal below.

"Legolas!" cried a voice from within the trees, amidst raucous laughter and the loud cries of the beast.

The scuffle immediately stopped as a tall elf with a quite angry, and in Legolas' opinion malicious, look on his otherwise handsome face stepped into the forest clearing.

"What were you thinking?" hissed Cergil, refusing to show the relief he truly felt and roughly pulled the younger prince to his feet.

Pushing away his offending brother's hands, Legolas nonchalantly brushed off his fine princely clothing and, all innocence, said, "I do not know to what you are referring, brother."

"Allow me to explain myself, elfling," said the crown prince of Mirkwood sarcastically, inciting a scowl from the young elf and a low growl from the animal, called a panther by the wizard Mithrandir, who had given the beast to Legolas as a begetting day gift many years ago.

"I have lost count of the exceedingly large amount of times adar has explicitly forbidden you from venturing this far into the woods on your own," explained Cergil in a frighteningly calm voice.

"I have not been more than half a mile from the palace in months!" cried Legolas in protest, " Ellewen and I simply needed a reprieve from that prison."

Rolling his eyes at his younger brother's hubris statement, made in the exaggerated view from which only the young see life, Cergil said, "Legolas, you are young yet and see not the wisdom in adar's decisions. Simply make peace with your regulations and obey your elders."

"Elders like you?" asked Legolas sarcastically, allowing himself to be led to a pair of horses waiting a few yards away.

Leaping onto the noble elven horse, Cergil turned to look at his, in his opinion, childish younger brother and barked, "Yes! Elders like me and adar and your watchers! You may think that you hold knowledge of all things, little brother, but you are sorely mistaken in your beliefs." Turning from the young prince and that curious pet who followed the elf devoutly, Cergil said, "Come. Adar is waiting."


Glaring intently at the piece of parchment sitting on the smoothly polished mahogany desk before him, King Thranduil of the woodland realm could simply not focus on paperwork at a time such as this. His youngest son had not been seen all day, he had not even presented himself at the morning meal. Indeed, the mighty elven king was angry at his son's unruly behavior yet foremost in his mind was fear for the well-being of his beloved, be he mischievous, son. Still considered a child in the eyes of elf-kind, Legolas tended to find himself in dangerous situations, a never-ending source of grief for his father.

"My lord," cried one of Thranduil's advisors as he barged into the king's office.

Looking up quickly, allowing an eager expression to quickly flit across his face before drawing a regal mask over his stately features.

"Bring him in."


Cergil strode purposefully down the large elaborately decorated hall leading to the massive doors of his father's study, followed closely by Legolas, head held high in true elven pride, and Legolas' ever present self-proclaimed protector Ellewen. Halting the parade just before their father's office, Cergil turned to look at his younger brother, a curiously pleading look in his eyes, "You have been an insufferable brat since the moment I found you in the woods and I would have left you there if adar had not been expecting your return. You may be ada's spoiled little prince, but mind that you guard your words and attitude with him Legolas, for you have angered him enough for one day," whispered the older Thranduilion.

A haughty look in his eyes, Legolas sarcastically scoffed his brother's words, saying, "Cergil, you may fear adar's mighty wrath, but I fully intend to march into his study and tell him exactly my opinions on his regulations."

These words had hardly been out of Legolas' mouth one second when the doors to their father's study swung wide open and revealed a terrifying Thranduil, the woodland king with a horrifying temper and eyes of fire and ice, about which thousands of tales had been told across Middle Earth. He, the lord and champion of the forest, conqueror of orcs and vicious spider alike, had heard every word his young son had just rashly spoken.

Too furious to string together words, Thranduil simply pointed sharply into the room, indicating that both of his offspring follow his blunt directions. Cergil, who try as he might could not supress a slight grin from making camp on his face, followed his brother on this occasion, reveling in his young sibling's deathly pale complexion, large panicky eyes and bent head.

Slamming the immense wooden doors loudly, Thranduil walked over to the sitting area, where his sons were waiting for him. The king could not help but take a moment and notice with amusement that his eldest child appeared to be enjoying the idea of this confrontation as one would a night of excellent food and entertainment. Turning his attention to his other son, Thranduil saw that he the elfling had become very interested in the pattern of the rug beneath his feet.

"Well, Legolas," began Thranduil in a hard, steely voice, "You planned on speaking your mind. I am very interested in what you might have to say."

Laughing nervously, Legolas stole a small glance at his father and, seeing that he was still fuming, continued to stare at the intricate rug. "Ada, you must have misunderstood what I was saying…"

"No!" barked Thranduil angrily, his voice and expression changing rapidly as he grabbed his son by the shoulders and forced him to look his father in the eye. "It is you who misunderstood me! When I told you not to venture beyond a certain point without either your watchers, your brother or me, I mean exactly that! It does not mean that you take your ridiculous pet and go off into the far regions of the realm!"

Stopping to sigh, Thranduil loosened his hold on the young prince and cupped the sides of his face with his large elegant hands.

The king continued in a soft voice, "My son, these times are exceedingly dangerous. Orcs roam throughout our realm and I fear these monsters are only the precursors of more evil to come. It is truly a miracle that you were found whole and safe. Can you not understand why the idea of you out there alone is terrifying to me? I have already lost your mother. Shall I loose you as well?"

Seeing his son's rebellious resolve weaken, Thranduil continued, saying, "Now no more of this foolishness. You will stay on the palace grounds until I declare otherwise."

Clenching his fists angrily, furious at the idea of what he considered further imprisonment, Legolas wrenched out of his fathers grasp and cried out, "Ada, you cannot do this to me! I am suffocating in these walls! I want adventure in the great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell! And for once it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than you have planned!" Always one to have the last word, Legolas fled the room before his father or brother could stop him. Ellewen followed her master, though she stopped and growled angrily at the king before leaving.

Snorting in a very un-kingly fashion, Thranduil muttered, "Foolish animal. I never should have allowed Mithrandir to bestow her upon Legolas."

"I have to disagree Adar. She actually seems quite intelligent. Perhaps more so than her master," joked Cergil as he stood at his father's side.

Chuckling quietly, Thranduil sighed heavily and turned to his son, asking, " Am I truly so wrong, Cergil? I am not accustomed to having Legolas so angry with me."

"I do not pretend to know anything of child-rearing Ada, but do not worry so over Legolas. Despite his horrid mannerisms and reproachable attitude," said Cergil with a grin on his face, inciting another chuckle from his ada, "I believe Legolas will eventually evolve into an elf in which we can both take pride."

Placing an arm around his son's shoulders and pulling him into a hug, Thranduil simply said, "I pray what you say is so, Cergil. Though I wish your naneth were here to aide us in this adventure."

Smiling weakly as his proud father held back tears, Cergil embraced Thranduil once more before bidding him good night and leaving his father alone with the memory of his beloved naneth.


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