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Summary: Hehehe I read this funny joke a long time ago, and thought it would fit Gohan and Videl's scenario, and if you don't like flame. It's alright, I know it's funny and that's all that matters.

The silver platter

One day in the mid section of the city, through the traffic, and down the street to some big apartments lived a boy and a girl. Both were roommates and friends. There names? Gohan and Videl. Both were getting ready for a weird and surprising day, the day Gohan's crazy mother comes to have dinner.

Gohan's mum, Chichi, isn't like a normal mother. She is very suspicious about Gohan and Videl and thinks something is going on between them. So night fell and Chichi came over to the apartment of the two. At dinner, Chichi started eyeing a magnificent silver platter.

"That is an absolutely stunning platter," Chichi complimented, "Where did you buy it?"

Videl smiled nervously and spoke up. "It wasn't bought Mrs. Son, actually it belonged to my grandmothers and is very dear to me."

"Oh really…" Chichi said. After a while, all three talked and there was a sense of tension all around. Chichi finally went home but before she walked out of the door she smirked, "We'll find out the truth soon enough."


Morning soon arose and Videl walked into the kitchen with Gohan following behind. Both yawned and sat on the couch. "I'll make us some coffee," Videl yawned while walking into the kitchen.

"Thanks Vidy," Gohan said while rubbing his eyes. Videl walked inside the kitchen and looked through the cabinets and turned her head to the china cabinet and noticed something. 'Where is my silver platter?' she thought curiously.

Videl walked inside the living room and sat next to Gohan. "Um Gohan-Kun, I don't mean to sound accusing, but you know my grandmother's silver platter?"


"It's missing," she said, "and your mother was eyeing it last night and…"

Gohan shook his head, "Are you saying my mother stole your platter?"

"Can you just check Gohan?" Videl pleaded, "For me?"

"Alright, I'll ask her," Gohan sighed. He then walked over to the computer and turned it on. He then started writing e-mail to his mother that said:


            Since last night, Videl's silver platter has been missing from its case. Now I'm not saying you did take the platter, and I'm saying you didn't take the platter, but I'm just asking.

Gohan sent the e-mail and sat back in his chair…


In the mountains, Chichi woke up early morning and found her smallest son Goten on the computer. All of a sudden, the little boys game was interrupted by an e-mail alert. "Mom, it's for you!"

Chichi walked over to the computer and read the e-mail. She smirked knowingly as she read the e-mail and replied back.


            I'm not saying you do sleep with Videl-San, and I'm not saying you don't sleep with Videl-San, but if she wanted to find her silver platter, she would find it in her OWN bed.


Kat: Ohhhh Gohan and Vidy are busted!