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Faint trails of tears were marked on Mimiru's face. Her tears had subsided a few hours after Tsukasa had left. He had acted so cold, even colder than he was when she had first met him in The World. Her hair covered her eyes which still showed so much sadness. Here she had told him that she held feelings for him, and all he did was walk away. Not even with a yes or a no. Mimiru stood up slowly while leaning back against the white wall.

Her heart still ached from the tears that had been shed. She would find him and tell him about her feelings towards him, and she didn't care if he would listen to her or not. /....wait...the world..that's it...he might log in.../.

She gently placed the goggles over her eyes as she turned on her computer.

Username: Mimiru

Password: *************

Mimiru looked around at her virtual surroundings and noticed that she had appeared in Mac Anu. Closing her eyes she tried to add Tsukasa to her party.

Player Tsukasa is not online.

Sighing she closed her eyes and sent him a message:

Subject: We need to talk

Tsukasa I don't know if you log on anymore but since I don't have your phone number or address, this is the only way that I can talk with you. We really need to talk Tsukasa so please meet me in the park tonight.



His thoughts wandered back to what had happened only a few short hours ago. Guilt filled him every time the memory surfaced. Tsukasa had just walked out on her knowing that she was asking for him. Mimiru had been right though, he didn't let anyone into his heart for the fear of the pain that it would bring. He put his hands in his pockets as a strong breeze threw his hair back against the sides and top of his head. Tsukasa's entire face was shown but instead of the emotionless expression now there was one of sadness.


His violet eyes scanned the horizon and he was surprised at the beautiful scene. The sky was full of violet, orange, and red. Half of the sun had already disappeared behind the mountains. The temperature slowly declined as the sun finally set behind the mountains. Stars shown brightly overhead while moonlight illuminated the grown in a faint light. The moon's reflection reflected on Tsukasa's violet eyes as he stared at it.

His eyes closed somewhat as Mimiru entered his mind once again. The more he had tried to ignore her, the more that she came into his mind. Shaking his head he sat down on the lush and moist grass. His snow white hair covered everything above his nose. He had to see her, tomorrow, in a week, it didn't matter because he knew he couldn't leave things like they were. Bowing his head he closed his eyes and whispered softly, "...I'm sorry Mimiru...I'm sorry...."


Sora sighed while leaning back on his chair, "....so boring...no one is online anymore...not even Tsukasa-kun....even bt doesn't get on that much...now I have no one to annoy besides those newbies...."

He ran his hand through his short-spiked-green hair while checking his email, "...hm....nothing new....not even anything from Helba...."

Sora grinned at a message that appeared. He had never told anyone but one of the things he had done was implant a virus that would send him a copy of any message of someone who had his member address.

Subject: We need to talk

Tsukasa I don't know if you log on anymore but since I don't have your phone number or address, this is the only way that I can talk with you. We really need to talk Tsukasa so please meet me in the park tonight.


"...hm....wonder what they are gonna talk about...I doubt that Tsukasa-kun will even read this...if I got stuck in the world I sure wouldn't want to log in again..."

A small grinned formed on his lips while he logged off and turned off the massive computer, "....guess I'll have to give him the message personally...but where will I find him though hm...."

He walked over to his closet and put on a green jacket with the words "killer" on the back. Chuckling he walked out of his house, "...I'll just have to find him myself....now if I was Tsukasa were would I go...."

Sora's hazel eyes scanned the places around him and he grinned while looking at the largest hill in the city, "...bingo...."


Mimiru logged out after she had sent the message to Tsukasa and realized that all she could do was go to the park and hope that he would be there. She took a quick shower and put on a white long sleeve shirt and a red skirt. She put on some red lipstick and she looked at herself in the mirror. She hoped that Tsukasa would be at the park but she wondered if he would even bother to show up at all.

She told her mom that she would be home soon and walked out the door. She watched the star filled sky while walking to the park, "....I hope he's there...please..."...she closed her eyes and sighed, "...let him be there...."


Sora grinned while stepping behind him, "...so what did you and Mimiru need to talk about?...."

Turning around he looked at the boy who had talked to him. He was around 5'3 with hazel eyes and short green hair. His eyes which should have shown innocence shown wisdom beyond his years, "....well Tsukasa-kun?..."


Grinning he nodded, "...bingo...."

"...why are you here?...."

"...oh just decided to talk a walk heh....you know...admire the scenery...crap like that..."...grinning he looked at Tsukasa, "...truthfully....I came to give you a message that just crossed my path....Mimiru wants you to meet her in the park tonight..."




"...aren't you gonna go?..."


"...goodluck..."...just as the younger boy was about to walk away he grinned once again, "...oh and Tsukasa....you owe me...."


Mimiru finally reached the park and sat on a swing while looking down at the ground. Her jade eyes looked downcast as she waited. The wind picked up and it gently carried her hair up and down slowly. Minutes passed but she still hoped that he would appear. She would wait for as long as she had to.

He was surprised to see that she was still waiting for him. Time slowed as he stood next to a tree, not bothering to move at all. For a few moments all that filled his mind was the young girl in front of him. /....she's still here..../. His soft footsteps could barely be heard as he walked towards her. A shadow filled Mimiru's vison which caused her to look up. His lips barely parted as he whispered her named softly.


Tsukasa's violet eyes stared through his bangs at Mimiru. His face showed the same emotionless gaze from before as her jade eyes looked into his, "...you're here..."


"....I....I thought you wouldn't come....."

The moon's light reflected off Tsukasa's eyes as he looked up at the sky. The echo of the wind filled the air as he then looked down at her, "....I couldn't leave things like they were....."

Mimiru gently got off the swing as it swayed back and forward somewhat. Standing up she gazed into his eyes and was surprised by the guilt and sadness that were behind them.

"....I'm sorry Mimiru...."

"...its okay...."

"....no...it isn't...I shouldn't have left you...."

Gently he placed his hands on her shoulders. His bangs softly caressed the sides of her face as his face slowly neared hers. Tsukasa's lips gently pressed against her's while she leaned into him. She gently placed her own hands on his shoulders while her tongue gently ran against his bottom lip begging for entrance. Tsukasa's lips parted as her soft tongue slowly ran against his. Arms wrapped around each other as they're bodies leaned against one another. He slowly pulled away from her as her eyes opened slightly, "....Tsukasa...."

"....I don't know what I am feeling is love or not Mimiru....but with time I might...."

Mimiru closed her eyes and leaned her head against his chest while he wrapped his arms around her. She may not have known what he truly felt for her but as long as she was with him it didn't matter to her. Just to be a part of his heart was enough....