The Effects of a Spell



SUMMARY: Missing scene from Chapter 19 of GSFI "To Aide a Deception". What happened while Harry was recovering from the effects of casting the Dark Mark Reversal Spell.


NOTE: Mainly light fluff but some angst in later chapters. You have been warned!

Albus pushed the plate aside and shifted him to a more comfortable position. He cradled the young one to his chest and began to sing softly, soothing the weary boy to sleep. He glanced up when someone chuckled.

"What's so funny?" he asked haughtily. Severus was leaning against the doorframe of the bathroom, a broad smile on his face.

"You. I've never seen you act like this, not even around me," he said. Albus pulled Harry closer.

"You've never been quite like this. Besides, I've never had anyone to baby before and he's part of my family now, my grandson, I have the right," he claimed. Severus held up his hands in a sign of surrender, his smile widening.

"No need to defend yourself Albus, this isn't a courtroom. I was just making an observation," he pushed away from the doorframe and took his place on the bed, "And a true one at that," he pointed out. The headmaster sighed.

"I love him Severus, just as I love you." Severus laid his head against the man's shoulder.

"I know Albus. I know."

GSFI Chapter 19-To Aide A Deception

Chapter 1

Albus and Severus sat in silence for a while; each lost in his own thoughts. Harry slept peacefully in his grandfather's arms, a vague smile on his face.

"Well," said Albus at last, "It seems we will have a little one to look after for a few days." Severus nodded.

"Yes. I suppose we'll have to wait for him to wake before we can see how much care he needs." He reached out to stroke his son's soft cheek. Harry's smile widened and he sighed in his sleep.

"I still have a few things from when you were little," smiled Albus, "Toys and books mainly."

Severus blushed as he remembered the stories Albus had told him about his few days as a two-year-old. He had been fifteen when James Potter and Sirius Black had slipped a de-ageing potion into his drink. Albus never seemed to tire of telling him about his antics as a young child, much to his dismay.

"Why don't I get them then?" suggested Severus, trying to avoid those twinkling blue eyes.

Albus told him where they were and Severus returned with several brightly- coloured books and some toys, including bath toys. In truth he was looking forward to babying Harry as much as Albus was but he wasn't going to tell the Headmaster that. He was a Slytherin for Merlin's sake!

Some time later Harry stirred and opened his eyes. They were just as wide and innocent as they had been that morning and Dumbledore smiled gently down at him.

"Hello my little one," he said, "Decided to wake up for a while hmm?"

Harry didn't answer but a mischievous smile formed on his lips and he reached for his grandfather's glasses. This caused Albus to start in surprise and Severus to double over laughing.

"I knew there was some Slytherin in you Fireling." The Potions Master chortled.

"For the last time, he's a Gryffindor." Albus mock-scolded and proceeded to remove his spectacles from Harry's grasp. Harry's eyes filled with tears.

Albus was quite shocked by this behaviour. He had expected Harry to behave as a young child but not quite as young as this. He supposed that, as Seri and Kit had suggested, the spell had taken a lot out of his grandson. He paused in his thoughts to pacify Harry.

"Oh there there my little fire child," he cooed as he wiped some tears of the boy's cheeks, "Look what I have for you." He took a little Gryffindor lion from the pile of toys beside Severus and offered it to Harry. Harry reached out to take it and then pulled his hand back, looking uncertain.

"That's yours child." Severus told him gently, "You may hold it."

Harry saw their encouraging smiles and took the lion into his arms. He smiled contentedly and started to examine the new toy.

"Distraction works wonderfully well with young children." smiled Dumbledore. "I didn't expect him to be this young." Severus mused. He looked a little worried and Albus laid a fatherly hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry child. It will be fine." he said softly, "Besides, this is a good way to build more trust with Harry. I am sure his childhood memories were not happy ones."

He shifted his grandson into Severus's arms.

"Why don't you hold him for a while? I want to stretch my legs."

Severus smiled and settled Harry carefully onto his lap. The boy seemed very pleased and leaned his head on his father's shoulder.

"Da." He slurred. Severus stared at him, open-mouthed.

"Yes that's right little one," Albus beamed, "You stay with your Daddy while I go for a little walk." He patted Harry on the head and left the room, humming merrily to himself.

Harry was evidently pleased with his progress and decided to try again.

"Da Da." he said, his voice innocent and childish.

Severus was overwhelmed with emotion. His child really was a child now, if only for a little while. Harry's trusting gaze soothed his fears. He was going to make sure his son's short spell in early childhood was a happy one.

"Yes Childing. Daddy is here," he whispered to Harry, "I will always be here to care for you."

Harry beamed in delight and reached for a few strands of his father's long black hair.

"Oh no you don't," Severus chided gently catching Harry's hand in mid-grab, "I'm a Slytherin after all, unlike your grandpa."

"Ga," said Harry, "Ga Ga."

Severus wished that Albus hadn't left so soon. He made a mental note to tell him of Harry's attempts to say "Grandpa".

He took Harry into the bathroom and when he was finished he carried him out to the table in the sitting area. It was nearly dinnertime and he thought he'd place their orders early. He called Dobby and made his request. He reminded the house-elf to cut Harry's dinner into little pieces.

Albus returned then, still humming happily to himself. He had just had a very entertaining conversation with Professor Flitwick about his plans for the year's classes. Flitwick had told him about a particularly memorable class when some of Professor Snape's more sullen Slytherins had been slightly heavy handed with their cheering charms and had ended up skipping around the classroom and giggling madly until they wore off.

"Well how is our little one?" Dumbledore asked brightly. Snape was now sitting at the table with Harry on his lap.

"He seems to be quite happy," reported the younger wizard, "He has spent his time trying to talk. I am now 'Dada' and you are 'Gaga' Enjoy. " He smirked at his father who hmphed.

Dobby chose that moment to appear with the food. "This is for Harry Potter sirs," he said happily, "Nice potatoes, vegetables and chicken cut up as Professor Snape asked."

"Thank you Dobby." said Severus and attempted to set Harry in a nearby chair to make it easier to feed him. Harry was having none of it however; he whimpered and clutched at his father's robes.

"Why don't you hold him and I'll feed him," suggested Albus seeing Severus's worried look, "When he's finished I'll take him and you can eat."

"All right." agreed Severus

Albus sat beside him and proceeded to feed his grandson for the second time that day. Harry ate everything he was given. The headmaster even managed to eat his dinner while he fed Harry.

"Practice child," he smirked at his son, "Though you were smaller and at least sat in a high-chair." Severus glared at him.

"All right Father. I get the point." He huffed. It was Dumbledore's turn to double over laughing. Harry clapped his hands and laughed with him.

"Your Daddy gets very grumpy, doesn't he?" Albus chuckled as he took Harry back into his arms.

Severus gave his father a truly evil smile. "Just remember who brews the potions around here," he said in a silky voice, "I have a few little experiments I've always wanted to try. I'd watch your drinks if I were you."

The headmaster had the grace to look slightly alarmed.