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What Goes Around Comes Around…..

Yugi rolled over onto his stomach, chewing on his pencil as he worked on his homework. Maybe there were some good things about being three… Avoiding homework, namely. While he was doing this, a large explosion sounded downstairs, from the kitchen. Which was exactly where he'd left Yami.

Yugi practically flew down the stairs, stopping at the kitchen door. Yami was in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by flour and covered as well, making him look more like the spirit he was. "Yami, what did you DO?"

He looked down, the picture of an apologetic yami. "Gomen, aibou. I was trying to make you dinner."

Yugi sighed. "I never can stay mad at you, can I? We're going over to Malik and Marik's anyway. Remember?"


Yugi walked over to give him a hug, covering himself with flour in the process. "That's okay Yami. I appreciate the effort."

Yami's grin could have lit a stadium.


"Yami no! Stay away from my- NOOOOOOOOO! I spent a week on that!"

Seito blinked, trying to figure out the device in front of him while his hikari screamed in his ear. "What did I do?"


"Calm down hikari. All this stress isn't good for you. Besides, we have to get ready."


"We're going to Malik's, remember."



Malik was rushing around the small apartment, making sure it was ready. Knowing the tomb robber would be there, he hid the millennium rod as a precaution. They were celebrating the one year anniversary of 'the incident.'

Malik eeped as he felt arms wrap around his waist. His face turned cherry red. "Yami, my friends will be here soon."


Malik sighed and disentangled himself from his yami. He was annoyingly possessive sometimes. Not that he minded. But normal people tended to.

He opened the door and let Yugi in, followed by a frowning Seto. He hated being reminded of 'the incident.'

"Where's Ryou?"


The above mentioned teen was busily trying to find his yami, hoping that he hadn't killed and/or dismembered anyone. They'd been able to separate farther and farther apart lately. Last time Ryou had sent Bakura to the Mini Mart to get ice cream he'd found him at the prison the next town over. Boy had that been embarrassing.

"Yami? Are you here?"


Ryou turned to find Bakura in the doorway, placidly licking blood off of his fingers. After all, as Bakura had once explained to him, just because they were on more personal terms didn't mean he couldn't go out on his 'walks.' Walks that usually ended up with hospital patients.

"Yami, where did you go?"

"Nowhere, hikari mine, nowhere."

"Uh huh. Come on, we're late as it is."


Ryou hurried in the door, dragging his yami behind him. Those clouds looked threatening, and there was no telling what his yami could do with lightning.

And once the door was shut, a bolt struck the apartment.


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