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Sweet Endings

Malik shivered, shaking his hair out of his eyes. "T-this is your fault yami, you know that, right."

Marik shook his head. "Was Hikari-pretty who yelled at Tomb robber's hikari-pretty."

"But you're the one that put me up to it. Therefore, it's your fault."

The two blond Egyptians carried out this entire conversation while large amounts of blood flowed to their heads, due to the fact that Bakura had hung both of them upside down from the Sakura tree in the courtyard, but now before relieving both of them of their shirts, and Marik's cape. He would have tried out his new dagger too, if not for Ryou's coaxing and his own state of practically unearthly bliss.

Marik sniffled. "Ore-sama thinks his nose is bleeding…."

"Well, you and the tomb robber'll match then."

Marik sniggered, then sneezed, causing blood to dribble onto the floor.

Ryou winced from his perch next to Bakura in the window. "Maybe you should let them down now 'Kura-chan…..I mean, it's bad enough you shredded Marik's cape."

"It looks better as a scarf on you anyway." Bakura argued stubbornly.


"But Ryou-chan! It's funny!"

"Not if we have to pay for their hospital bills it's not."

Bakura sighed. "Fine." He leaned over backwards to face Yugi. "You can cut them down now."

Yugi, who had been glaring at both Bakura and Atemu (who also found it incredibly funny) for the past hour, sighed in relief. "I was afraid my eyes were gonna stick like that." He mumbled on the way out.

"And I was afraid I was gonna be sleeping on the couch for the rest of eternity." Atemu said, following Yugi out the door.

"Oi, now you know not to spy on the King of Thieves, huh?" Bakura yelled down into the courtyard with a smirk. He nearly fell out of the window himself as both Malik and Marik fell into the mound of snow-slush beneath the tree, then ran inside, identical looks of frozen horror on their faces.

Malik sneezed as he pulled on a sweater over his trademark purple shirt. "Damn." He sneezed again. "Damn damn damn. This is gonna mean a week in bed at least. And the Tomb Robber's gloating isn't going to help."

"Hikari-pretty has to stay in bed?" He grinned. "Ore-sama will take care of Hikari-pretty!"

Malik briefly entertained the thought of Marik in a nurse's outfit before going back to wringing the water out of his hair. He couldn't seem to keep it clean lately…

He threw the towel onto a nearby chair, frustrated slightly. Being hung outside had given him a long time to think. Especially about his Onee-sama's engagement. He still didn't like it one bit. His face puckered into a frown as he slumped against the wall. This was NOT his day. Scratch, that, week. Month? Who cares. The point was he still couldn't get over the fact that he was going to be related to a guy he couldn't stand. He absentmindedly began tracing the ground with his toe. Stupid. This was all stupidstupidstupid. Stupid weather, stupid Tomb Robber, stupid wedding, stupid everything! He slammed a hand against a nearby wall, before remembering that it was made of concrete. "OWWWWW!" He waved his red enlarge Ned hand around, attempting to dull the pain. He sighed, putting his hand in a pile of snow that had been melting off of the window….and on to his pants. Malik blinked. "Shit!" Well, at this rate, it wasn't like much more could go wrong. He threw his latest pair into the washer.

At this point Marik looked up from what had been a frantic search for his dearly loved (and dearly departed) cape, noticing Malik with his head in his hands. He poked him slightly. Malik swatted his hand away irritably. Well, that hadn't changed. So Marik decided on option two: stare at the victim until things become so awkward that they talk to you. Of course it took Malik about 2 minutes to notice him, after which he promptly fell out of his chair. "Don't DO that!"

"Hikari-pretty is sad. Ore-sama is gonna make him feel better."

Malik shook his head in disbelief. "It's amazing. You're back to normal, but you still act like a little kid."

Marik tilted his head to the side. "Ore-sama isn't any different than before."

Y'know, Malik thought, he's right. That's why laughs when he tortured his victims. When he talked of death and pain and suffering. He just like a little kid. A very WARPED little kid, but still…. (A/N: That's MY theory anyway. Not to say he's dumb or anything, he just get's a little kid's enjoyment out of killing stuff.)

Marik scanned Malik's thoughts briefly through their mind link (which they still shared despite separate bodies) and nodded happily. "And Ore-sama's gonna help Hikari-pretty feel better!"

"There's not much you can do, short of crashing the wedding." Malik said, never stopping tracing the pattern on the ground.

Marik shook his head and tapped the blonde hard on the nose, as if to scold him. "That would make Isis Onee-sama sad. Ore-sama can't do that. But Ore-sama can be with you."

Malik unconsciously wiped away a tear that had formed in his left eye. He hadn't been thinking of Isis at all. Now who was being stupid?

He leaned against the wall, no longer trying to stop the tears flowing down his cheeks. Marik crawled over next to him, laying a head on his shoulder. Malik smiled, his bangs casting shadows over his eyes. "Thanks."

Ryou sighed dejectedly. Here it was, Christmas, and all he could think about was his father coming to visit. He pulled his makeshift purple scarf tighter and walked out to brave the g-force winds long enough to get the mail. Why were they even having the mail delivered on Christmas anyway? And WHY did the mailbox have to be OUTSIDE? He lived in an apartment! And….he was talking to himself again. He really needed to stop doing that. Let's see….junk, junk, bill, bill……letter?

Ryou turned the letter over in his hands. There were grains of sand stuck in the seal and the evelope itself was sand stained. Well, that solved that. That and the fact that it was postmarked from Egypt. Ryou shook slightly as he opened the letter. More bad news probably…He shook his head. Since when was he such a cynic?

Dear Ryou,

I'm afraid something has come up…..

Ryou rolled his eyes And the next line will be…

….And I'm afraid I won't be able to come to visit. (A/N: This is my other theory that Ryou's father is a neglectful bastard. But that's just me.) It seems our guide decided to take a few weeks of vacation.

Shaadi is playing tour guide now? Oh boy….

He shook his head, throwing the letter onto the kitchen table as he entered the apartment. This certainly saved him a lot of explaining. He collapsed in to a chair, putting his head in his hands. Then why did he feel so….disappointed? Things were easier this way. No hassle, no explanations, no having to introduce Bakura. Which is a GOOD thing. He reminded himself. Before, Bakura had looked like him. Now what was he supposed to say? Well, this tall, gorgeous Egyptian just wandered off the street one day…….Now would be a good time to get the Oreos. Provided Malik hasn't already eaten them all.

He sighed as the cupboard door yielded a completely empty shelf. So much for the Oreos. Or, possibly Malik had hidden them somewhere. Either way, he wasn't going to get any. When Malik wants something hidden, it STAYS hidden. Usually due to the fact that he tends to forget where he put whatever it is he hid. So, the Oreos would probably reappear several months later (what was left of them), in some place like the garbage disposal. Which is NOT by an means an exaggeration. A certain memory of when Malik hid his orange soda by dumping it into the plumbing comes to mind. That came to an ugly head when Bakura tried to take a shower….

Ryou smiled at the memory. Bakura running into the kitchen with sticky, oddly angular hair, demanding the Grave keeper's head. Never a dull moment.

"Ryou, what're you doing in here?"

"…With out the Tomb Robber?"

Ryou didn't even look up from his view of the kitchen table. "Hi Yugi, Atemu."

Yugi pulled out the second seat across from Ryou, picking the letter up as he did. "What's this?" He scanned over it, Atemu reading over his shoulder (only two chairs, don't ya know). "Is…this what's bothering you? I thought you'd be happy."

"Well, I am happy, sort of. It's not so much that he's not coming as that he always tends to back out of seeing me at the last minute."

Yugi smiled. "Don't be sad. You've got your friends, right?"

Ryou shook his head. "Yugi, you have GOT to stop hanging around Anzu."

Yugi blinked. "What did I say?"

Atemu looked up from his head rest (a.k.a Yugi's hair). "Aibou, I think those friendship speeches are rubbing off on you."

Yugi blinked for a few more seconds, before turning the same shade as Bakura's robe. "S-sorry." He stuttered.

"Don't worry Aibou! I stopped with the Heart of the Cards speeches! You'll get better." (A/N: Yes, I am shamelessly making fun of the dub here. They deserve it.) Ryou shook his head again. He should probably leave. Maybe he'd go find Malik and force him to get the Oreos. Ah, why not?

On the way, (he was following whatever noise was most destructive sounding), he saw Seto and his (fully grown and six foot) yami sitting on the couch, watching TV. "Well, you two seem to be getting along fairly well."

Seito craned his head backwards. "We made a deal. I don't mess with Seto-chan's flat computer-thing, and he'll help me keep Marik from stealing MY item."

Ryou sweat dropped.

Seto grimaced, twitching slightly. "I thought part of the deal was that you'd stop call in me Seto-chan."

"Awww," Seito argued, "But it sounds so CUTE Seto-chan!"

Seto shook his head, throwing his hands in the air in a Why me? gesture. "Fine. I give up."

Ryou giggled, smiling in spite of himself. It was REALLY hard to keep a bad mood going around here. He found Malik (and of course, Marik) sitting on a chair in the basement, watching the dryer intently.

"What are you doing?"

It was only after he'd said this and noticed Marik's bulging eyes that he remembered he'd left his scarf on. He smiled. "Oops…" He began slowly backing out of the room, which turned into a full blown sprint several seconds later, the two Egyptians hot on his heels. Which was quite a spectacle, considering Malik was still in his boxers. "I didn't do it!" He yelled over his shoulder, taking the stairs two-three at a time. "Bakura!" He screamed. Maybe taking the steps four at a time would be a better idea.

Bakura leaned over the railing several floors up, a spoon sticking out of his mouth and a pint of strawberry ice cream in his hand. "What is it, Ryou-chan?" He failed to notice the angry blondes chasing after his beloved hikari.

"I could use some help down here!" Ryou tripped sliding head first into a wall. This is gonna hurt in the morning. Malik and Marik stopped behind him gasping for breath.

"Hey, what are you two doing?"

Oh, NOW he notices? Ryou thought, afraid to move from his spot smashed against the wall.

Bakura jumped over the railing, landing catlike on his feet. "You wouldn't happen to be chasing my hikari, would you hmm?"

Malik sweat dropped, backing way a few steps. Marik however, now that he was back to full size, was unfazed. "Tomb Robber's Hikari-pretty is wearing Ore-sama's cape!" He said, glaring.

"Oh, that reminds me," A sadistic grin graced Bakura's face. "I never DID finish punishing you for spying on me."

Malik squeaked, and managed to take a few more steps back before Bakura tackled them, creating a giant cartoon-style dust cloud that rolled down and down and down to the basement of the apartment complex.

Ryou rubbed his nose slightly as he watched the giant dust cloud. Maybe he wasn't so sad after all.

--6 weeks later--

Malik pulled irritably at the sleeves of his white tuxedo. "The wedding's over! Why am I still wearing this?"

"Oh, you'll live Malik." Ryou replied, sitting calmly in his identical white suit. "Besides, wasn't it a beautiful wedding?"

"Yeah, sure." Malik mumbled. It had been nice. And he'd never seen his sister so happy before. Shaadi had even been….nice. Which was disturbing in itself. What was even MORE disturbing is the fact that he had hair under that turban of his. Oh well. It wasn't a disaster. Marik had to grab the back of his jacket to keep him doing anything stupid several times, but it wasn't a disaster. And now it was over. The wedding, the reception, the cake, the whole shebang. He lived, he hadn't killed anybody, and that was a pretty good cake. However, why Isis had wanted a western style wedding was beyond him. Oh well.

He continued wrestling with the buttons on his suit, before giving up and cutting it off with the Millennium Rod. "Much better." He sighed, then stopped.

"Ah, Malik? You know it's February, right?"

Malik took a few seconds to take this in before he began shivering. "C-cold." He chattered.

"Uh yeah, that's what we were trying to tell you."

"S-shut up."

Malik dove under the warm covers in his bedroom (he was staying with Ryou, since Isis had basically taken over their house), glad to be someplace warm. Much better . He was completely happy and content. So of course the phone rang. He was muttering curses under his breath as he answered. "Hello?"

"Hello, Mr. Ishitar? I think we have something that belongs to you. We caught him setting fire to trashcans"

"Tall, blonde hair, purple eyes?"


"yep, he's mine. I'll be there in a minute."

Malik yawned, and reached for his coat. Well, at least things were back to normal.

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