"I Was Never Here"

by Nate Z

            I know this has happened to you. Wether you're human, Nebulon or Cybertron, it's happened.

            There's this noise, let's say a buzz, that you always hear, no matter what you do. For humans, it could be a drippy faucet. For us Autobots, our engine could need servicing. Anyway, you hate this buzzing, but it's always there. So, eventually, you learn to live with it. You get used to it. After a few days, you don't even notice it anymore.

            Until it suddenly stops.

            The Matrix was that buzz for me. I hated being Rodimus. I really did. Everyone heard me complain about it, and Primus bless 'em, they all stuck by my side. They would have followed me to the Pitt and back.

            But I got used to it. I began to miss my old self less and less. After the whole incident with Scourge, I had actually felt....whole being Rodimus. I mean, slag, that name just sounds so cool!

            Then Optimus comes back, and just like that, the buzzing's gone, and I'm left to enjoy the quiet again.

            I loved it at first. I really did. I mean, almost immediately, Arcee and me were as close as we ever were, like nothing had changed.

            That's about when it had hit me.

            Nothing had changed.

            I never hear about Rodimus Prime's time as Autobot leader. The closest thing I get to that is Kup, Springer and Magnus laughing about "that Hot Rod and his crazy shenanigans."

            Not  "The lad did a great job considering what he had to live up to."

            Not  "Well, it could've been worse."

            Not even "Thank Primus THAT'S over!"

            It's like Rodimus....it's like I was never here.

            After  the whole thing with the Plasma Energy Chamber, it was decided that the Binary Bonded Autobots would return to Nebulos and help free the planet from what was left of the Hive's machines. Well, before Optimus returned to Cybertron he decided to appoint Spike and Cerebros a second-in-command. Kup suggested that he pick a Targetmaster, that way he could act as Targetmaster commander too.

            They didn't even so much as glance in my direction. I was cool with that though, since I figured they'd just pick Kup. He was perfect for the job, having the most experience out of all of us.


            They picked Pointblank as Targetmaster commander.

            What the HELL?! I was leader of the entire Autobot army, and you don't even consider me?! I'm not saying I would've taken the job. I honestly don't know if I would've, but come on! Nothing against Pointblank. He's a good commander, but still.

            They could have at least asked.