Title: Why Not Summary: The story of Savannah, the daughter of Marissa. She knows nothing of her past and has been living on her own since she was 6 when she ran away from her abusive foster family. Until she finally finds the truth. A/N:

Savannah leaned her head back on the wall of the alley. She was humming a soft tune. She lifted her head quickly when she heard a bustle in the corner. She blinked and got up. She drops the cigarette and watched the flames go down as the water of the puddle engulfed it. The rain was falling hard and her dirty blonde, wavy hair was just getting more and more curly as the water soaked it. Her baggy black pants hung low and her black shirt clung to her tiny body. The black hoodie she was wearing didn't stop the chill of the wind. She turned around and closed her eyes. She sighed as she listened to the thunder roar behind her.

Suddenly she was pushed forward into the wall. She felt strong arms around her and her blue eyes shot open. At first panic filled her mind. She squirmed out of his grasp and turned to face her opponent. It was two men. One looked about thirty but the other seemed to be a little younger then she was. The small one seemed a bit scared and stood at the older mans side. While the other was pushing her harder against the wall. She tried to push him away, but he slapped her across the face. She tasted the blood that dripped form her lip and closed her eyes....


"Hey, you over there. Did you just step on MY foot?"

"I'm s-sorry. It was an accident."

"An accident!? An Accident!? Get back here."

"No! Please!"

Savannah began to run. Why was this little boy messing with her? Tears streamed from her eyes and she tried to blink them back but it wouldn't work. The boy about two years older then her maybe eight was chasing her. His friends followed him. She turned and found her self trapped. There was no place to go. She opened her eyes and the boy was right there in front of her. He lifted his fist and smiled, "My mom told me to never hit girls, but ill make you an exception." His hand went down and hit her hard. He continued to throw punches at her til she was bruised and bleeding. She fell unconscious. He stopped laughing and began to run. His 'posse' following him close behind. After that she made sure to never let anyone hurt her like that. Never.

*End Flashback*

Her eyes shot open and she swung her fist. He fell back and stumbled to the ground. She jumped up and kicked him in the side as he fell to his knee's. She picked him up by his collar and hit him once again in the stomach. SHe let go and watched him fumble off. Leaving the nervous and scared boy behind. They boy glanced at her and began to run. She reached out and held his arm.

"Who are you?"

"I....I...I'm Chris."

"Are you alright Chris?"

"I'm fine. I'm sorry that he...he hurt you. I just...he helps me. He feeds me, but he makes me do these things."

"It's ok. Settle down. Here sit."

She led him to her last spot and pushed him down. She sat next to him and they sat in silence.

"I'm Savannah."

"Oh. Nice to meet you Savannah."

"How old are you?"

"Seventeen. You?"

"Sixteen. Uhhh...listen do you have a place to stay?"


"Maybe you can stay with me. I don't have one home. I move around, but I'm not like whoever that was. So...?

"Wow Really!? Ya! I mean... thanks."

"Come on. I have a room down the street. Come with me. We leave early though. Our next pit stop is the beautiful Orange County. O.C."


A/N Ok well this was just the first chapter. If I get enough reviews or if I like it ill continue. Hopefully it'll get good. I have some ideas but if you have any tell me what you'd like to happen. Thanx Bye! R/R