"I really don't know how to thank you for this... for all you've done." The dark haired woman offered hesitantly, with a smile.

Challenger smiled charmingly, "oh its nothing really." he said grandiosely.

"Nothing we haven't done a million times before." Finn muttered under her breath and walked ahead.

Veronica frowned at the younger girls back and exchanged a look with George. He shrugged and went back to conversing with their new companion.

Veronica decided to have a little chat with Finn, so she ran ahead also.

They'd been out scouting for herbs and greens to replenish their supply when they'd come across a woman in need of their help. So they'd helped her and were now bringing her back to the tree house before setting out to help her find her group in a few days.

"What's wrong Finn?" she asked immediately, no need to beat around the bush with this member of their family.

She sighed, "how many times has this happened Vee? How many times have we brought someone home with us from the trail who mysteriously got separated from their group?"

Veronica shrugged, "a few times."

"It happens ALL the time...." she said, frustrated.

"Ok so it happens more than a few times.... we can't just deny this woman our help because we've helped a lot of other people before her."

"....and every single time we bring one of them home with..." Finn continued as if Veronica hadn't spoken "...us, there's trouble. ALWAYS. So tell me Vee why are we bringing her home?"

"Because we can't just leave her out here alone. She obviously doesn't know how to take care of herself in a jungle. For Christ sake Finn she didn't even have a canteen with her; she's wearing a silk skirt and a feathered hat. Marguerite was more jungle prepared her first year here."

Finn was silent for a moment, then sighed dramatically, "Fine.... whatever.... but just remember that I warned you. Something is going to happen. Whenever we bring anyone home, something always does."

"Come on, Finn, I think she's harmless. I mean she looks like she about fifty, we've been on the trail back for almost three days now and in all that time she hasn't done or said a single suspicious thing; and to top it off Challenger seems to enjoy her conversation. "

Finn gave her a pointed look and this last statement and Veronica burst out in laughter, "Ok so the last point isn't really comforting but still.... I think she's harmless."

Finn smiled, resigned, "ok Vee whatever you say."


"There it is home sweet home" George proclaimed proudly to their guest.

"wow." she said softly ".... that's just...amazing"

"Vee's parents built it." Finn added as she opened the fence.

"Your parents had a gift for architecture. Veronica."

"thank you" she said softly.

As the elevator reached the ground floor George stepped back and murmured "Ladies first." allowing their guest to enter before him.

The other two ladies followed. As they entered Finn whispered to Veronica " here we go." Earning herself a glare.