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Fukai Mori

A plan for revenge calls for the kidnapping of Rin. Nearly a year later, Sesshoumaru finds her in the Deep Forest(Fukai Mori), a forest where young and impressionable minds are easily corrupted. His enemy's true plan revealed, Sesshoumaru must make a decision. Kill Rin or be killed.

Chapter 1 - Emotions

Revenge. Some may call it a gift from the devil others may say it is nothing more than a curse. It is capable of giving even the weakest creature the ultimate power to do what they never had the strength to do before. To plan someone's death, yes, revenge encourages you do to so. To sell your soul to evil, yes, that is what revenge wants you do to. To take a life, yes, revenge even allows you to do that. Revenge clings to grudges and hate, shows you that the people who gave you those feelings must pay. Can you sense the exhilarating power revenge can bring? Kazume and Tsubasa certainly can.

Revenge. They lived it and breathed it since that faithful day, let it guide every step they took and every move they made. They became obsessed with the one who wronged them. They followed him, studied his fighting style, his enemies and his weaknesses. They found a way to utilize each in his downfall, predicted which angle would work best. And then they planned and planned and planned and planned. Only when they were satisfied that their plan would work did they set it in motion. Soon their hard work would be rewarded and their revenge would be accomplished. Soon they would watch Sesshoumaru die.


A small fire crackled and sparkled, illuminating a woman with a small frame. Her black hair curled around her face making her look almost regal. Round brown eyes accented her small nose and curvy shaped lips that were almost always smiling. Except for tonight. She sat with her arms wrapped around the legs she pressed against her chest and her chin against knees. Yellow and red fabric pooled at her feet from the end of her kimono as well as her sleeves. But despite the fact that she looked like a well off hime, she was unhappy with her current situation.

Rin stared into the fire, longing and loneliness in her heart. Sesshoumaru had left her alone yet again with no one but Ah Un as her company. Since she had grown to be eighteen, she was left to fend for herself more often while Sesshoumaru and Jaken handled some sort of business. And so she sat, unsure of when Sesshoumaru would return for her, and eager to fight the need to see his face again.

During those times he was away she wandered around, never the type to sit and do nothing. Her destination was always a bustling village with life she did not understand. She watched, her eyes trained like Sesshoumaru's to show as little emotion as possible, and scrutinized everything that occurred. She longed for what many of those villagers had. Love, only recently did she understand what it was, children, and a place to stay. And the more she watched, the more she realized that only Sesshoumaru could give her what she wanted.

She wondered when and how her feelings for Sesshoumaru had changed. There was no reason for it since Sesshoumaru had always treated her as if she were his child. He provided beautiful clothing and other materialistic things for her as any father would. So why did she wonder what it would be like to start a family with him? Her new feelings invoked strange behavior when she was around him. Her heart beat faster if he came to close or she blushed if he looked at her for longer than a minute. And when she slept while he was near she was plagued with dreams she did not understand and awoke with wetness between her legs.

Rin looked at her left wrist, admiring the fang marks that Sesshoumaru had left. He had told her that it was for her protection, that it would prevent youkai from attacking her because she was the property of some powerful youkai. The few times she was attacked the markings pulsed in her wrist with a small heat that made her feel slightly faint. But in the end she had been safe, always safe because of Sesshoumaru. Those memories reminded her that her feelings for Sesshoumaru, her father figure, were uncalled for.

So there was nothing for her to do but keep her needs and wants a secret. And as she wondered when Sesshoumaru would return Ah Un sat behind her, providing her with a small cushion of comfort and warmth. She drifted off to sleep as she stared at the fire, imaging that the random flecks of gold were Sesshoumaru's eyes.



Rin opened her eyes slowly, recognizing the deep voice that seemed to penetrate her soul. It filled her, causing her to rise to her feet as she stretched. There was no need to ask questions, she knew what Sesshoumaru wanted. Already Jaken was preparing a fish for her and it meant that he was ready to leave. So she wandered off to the nearby river and quickly washed up. When she returned to her camp Jaken was standing beside Ah Un, her fish in his hands. Apparently they were in a rush.

When she was finally sitting upon Ah Un, they departed without words.

Sesshoumaru glanced back at Rin, noting that she appeared to be all right. He had returned sooner than he had anticipated due to an overwhelming sense of foreboding trouble. Even the Staff Of Heads had sensed that something was not right. More than once the old woman had let out a low groan during his travels. And when they stepped foot in Rin's makeshift camp, the old woman groaned again, confirming his instincts.

Who ever was plotting against him was bold. He had marked Rin to claim that she was his property, sending a warning to anyone who would dare attempt to harm or take something that belonged to a powerful youkai. Obviously his new enemy did not head this warning. Still, Sesshoumaru was some what annoyed by the usual tactics. Many believed Rin was his weakness and always went through her to get to him. It was the reason he had marked her. But there would always be some foolish creature that would try the tired angle again even though possibility of failure was almost inevitable.

Added to that, his enemy's timing would surely work against him. Winter was practically upon them and it meant that he would be traveling less. Because Rin was so vulnerable to sickness during these cold times, Sesshoumaru rarely left her unattended incase some deathly illness fell upon her. And since daylight did not quite last as long, they retired early into a cave to escape the coldness. Though he hated to call it a hiding place, which is what it would be should his enemy try to attack them. There would be no going through Rin to get to him. They would have to go through him to get to Rin.

So Sesshoumaru would wait for his enemy to make a move, well aware that it would be soon. He realized now that he did not sense his enemies actual presence but knew they were watching him from some far away distance. His enemy made a smart move by watching him but no amount of watching would allow them to understand how Sesshoumaru worked. But time would test both the boldness and the smartness of his enemy. Until then, patience was a virtue.



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