Okay, this is an idea I've had kicking around for a while, so I figured I'd give it a go! Basically, it's a what if story. Mainly, what if Remy had joined the X-Men before Rogue. All you really need to know is that Remy is all of nineteen years old, I'm going to say that he was never involved in the mutant massacre but the thing in Paris with Sabertooth did happen. Since he wasn't involved in the M.M, I'm also going to assume he's not quite as mature then he was in the comics. So expect a typical 19 year old… oh god… Rogue's about seventeen I think, the comics don't really say too clearly, all they say is she's a teen. I didn't feel like writing about a fourteen year old Rogue, since I figure if her powers manifested at 12 or so, she was probably with Mystique for a while, considering that she's fought the X-Men before and has absorbed Miss Marvel. Wolverine is in Japan getting ready to marry Mariko. And I think that's about it. Okay! You should now be good to go! Happy reading and enjoy the prologue of my 'What if' story!


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I Never Knew…

Prologue: Here's Remy!

            ~I never knew I had a dream

            Until that dream was you~

                        Bon Jovi's Thank You For Lovin' Me


            Remy 'Gambit' LeBeau gave the blonde one last kiss before taking off on his bike, leaving the girl feeling a little dizzy. He smirked as he saw her wobble on her feet in the rearview mirror, he had that affect on a great many women, and it was nice to see that at the ripe old age of nineteen he wasn't losing his touch. He'd hated to leave the girl, Julie, … Sara, no wait, it was Andréa (maybe), but that crazy weather witch in charge of the X-Men (he still thought it sounded like some kid of sleazy porn), had summoned him. Remy had simply rolled his red on black eyes that had a reputation for knocking women off their feet, and more often then not, into his bed, and told the woman that he'd be there as soon as he could.

            He'd just joined up with the band of misfit mutants not more then two months ago and already he'd gotten more then he bargained for. That Jean Grey, whom he'd never even had a chance to charm into his bed, had turned into some crazy fire bird and then died. It still boggled his mind. But hey, at least it got rid of that annoying pretty boy, which forced the other women on the team to pay more attention to him. Not that there were any interesting prospects on the team. That little girl that followed Peter around everywhere, bon Dieu, just wait till he got her alone, just one charged card is all it would take… Illyana was just a kid, and Remy really didn't feel like having Peter pummel him. Storm was crazy, he had to admit she was attractive but crazy.

            Not that the men were any better. He'd gotten stuck sharing a room with Peter 'Colossus' Rasputian who had to be the biggest wuss on the face of the planet. If Remy so much as thought about sneaking alcohol into their room, Peter would somehow find out and inform the professor right away. With Logan gone to Japan, Remy didn't have anyone to drink with anyways, so he hadn't bothered to make the effort in a while. Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner had that whole 'holier then thou' attitude that Remy hated more then DNA scanning locks. The prof wasn't too bad, as long as Remy stayed far away form the man anyways, they could get along just fine.

            Casting a glance at his speedometer he let out a chuckle. What was the speed limit again? He narrowed his eyes and prepared to gun it, there was nothing like the feel of a powerful bike between his legs with the wind tearing at him from all directions in a vain attempt to slow him. Remy let out a whoop and hit the accelerator once more. He grinned behind the visor on his helmet as the mansion came into view. He'd really only tried this once before… but if he got the timing right….

            With a nod of his head, Remy drove right through the gates, causing them to bang loudly against the stone walls. He drove right up the walk, never slowing down, then saw the stairs. Oh well, they didn't call him Gambit for nothing! He drove his bike straight up those stairs and through the front doors which opened easily. Quick as lightning he slammed on the breaks and skidded to a halt in the middle of the main hall, much to the surprise of the X-Men gathered in the living room.

            Remy turned off his bike and pulled his helmet from his head, shaking lose his long auburn hair that made women go crazy. He turned to his team mates with a smug smile that was beginning to drive them all insane.

            "Bonjour mes braves." He greeted, leaning against his parked bike, "Where be de fire?"


            Ororo Munroe frowned severely at the X-Men's newest recruit, "Remy LeBeau the professor will have your head!" she declared as she gestured to the skid marks on the floor.

            Remy held up his hand in an innocent gesture, "Chere! You don' really t'ink dis was my fault?" he asked, making use of his ability to charm anything in a skirt, or, he mused, out of one. "I lost control of my bike and-"

            "Save it Gambit." Kurt said as he gestured to the chair that faced away from the Cajun.

            Remy ached an eyebrow and peaked around the side of the chair. He smirked internally, alright, another skirt. She was young, probably not much younger then he himself, perfect. Before anyone could say anything he had taken the hand of the person occupying the chair and brought her hand to his lips, "Chere, you are without a doubt de most beautiful woman dis… dis…" he felt dizzy and everyone in the room watched as he passed out on the floor.


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