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I Never Knew

Chapter Twelve: Worst Soap Ever!


Rated; R, like that new pirate movie!

Rogue woke the next morning with Gambit still sleeping at her side. She smiled and snuggled into his embrace, glade that she was by nature, an early riser. The sun was just beginning to rise and soon Belladonna would be looking for him, wanting his opinion (which she would later discard) about the flowers, or the cake, or some other trivial thing. Everything she said revolved around this renewal of theirs. She made sure to be talking of it whenever Rogue was in the room, just to see what her reaction would be. Rogue knew that should she react at all in the way she wanted, Belladonna would cast her out of her home and Rogue would be sent back to New York without completing her mission.

"Wake up Cajun," she said as she rolled over to face Remy, she poked his stomach lightly as she went on. "Belladonna will come lookin' for ya if you stay much longer."

Remy groaned and rolled over on top of her, pinning her to the mattress. "Five more minutes…" he said as he buried his face into the crook of her neck, wide awake, but enjoying every second of this.

Rogue tried to push him off, but without her powers, he was far too heavy. "Lazy swamp rat!" she said with a smile.

With a smirk she couldn't see, he began running his hands up and down her sides, on each trip up, his long fingers got closer and closer to her breasts. Her protests were none existent as he began pressing his hips into hers.

"Remy, we need t'get up." Rogue said, trying to sound urgent and failing miserably.

"Just cinq minute…" he muttered in French as his hands began to creep under the nightgown she wore. Remy pushed the dress up around her waist which was made easy by the high slits on either side, and let his hands wander over her bare legs.

Rouge had given up protesting and things were beginning to get rather interesting, when a knock at the door startled them both. They jumped apart as a voice was heard through the door.

"Rogue? Have y'seen Remy? We have t'meet the DJ today." It was Belladonna.

Eyes wide, Rogue straightened her nightgown and gestured for Remy to find a hiding place. She knew what would happen should the psycho hose beast Belladonna find them together. It would be all out war, and as much as Rogue hated sneaking around, she preferred it to war.

"Rogue? Are you in dere?" Belladonna called again, as she reached for the handle.

"Ah'll be right there!" Rogue called back as she turned to look back at Remy, only to find no trace of him. She quickly pulled on an old terry cloth bathrobe and opened the door. "Sorry Belladonna, what was it y'wanted?" she asked, trying to make her voice sound sleepy.

Belladonna looked Rogue up and down, her violet eyes narrowing for a moment before her expression became neutral once more. "Sorry t'wake you, I was askin' if you'd seen Remy? Dere's so much to do 'fore the wedding!"

Rogue had to work very hard to control her temper, all she wanted to do was punch Belladonna with all her mutant strength, but she managed to smile at her, "Ah believe it, only two weeks to plan a weddin', y'must be going crazy." Rogue finished with a little laugh.

Belladonna returned the fake smile with one of her own. "Dat's why I'm so thankful I have Remy to help me!"

Rogue was fighting for control now, bitch just had to keep rubbing it in, didn't she? "Well, if Ah see him, I'll be sure t'send him in your direction." She said as she began to close the door.

"Thank ya Rogue, oh, and if you don't mind me sayin' so, dat be a lovely nightgown." With that the blond left the room, leaving Rogue to wonder how much Belladonna knew.

It was another two days before Rogue so much as caught a glimpse of Remy. She was sitting outside enjoying the morning before it got too hot out. The coffee in her hands had been refilled more times then she could remember but still she sat there.

"…blue den? Tu etais tojours beau en bleu." Came Belladonna's voice from around the corner. She and Gambit must be out for a morning walk through the gardens, Rogue thought as she clutched her coffee cup tighter. Whatever field Belladonna had placed in the house affected the surrounding grounds as well.

"Fine…" Came Remy's uninterested response.

"Remy, we're both involved in this ceremony." Belladonna chided him, "It be her isn't it? You thinkin' of dat skunk haired woman." Belladonna shook her head and wrapped her arms around Remy's waist, she stared up at him with a sweet smile, "Forget her, she ain't one of us, she'd never understand how de Guilds work, how you work." She leaned closer and kissed him lightly on the lips, making Rogue's heart clench. "'Sides amour, why be with a woman y'can't ever touch? I know you Remy, you need t'touch de woman you're with. She'd never make y'happy."

Remy smiled back at Belladonna, "You're right o'course Belle," he said as he kissed her forehead, "Don't know what I was thinkin'. I'll pay more attention to de ceremony and t'you."

Belladonna leaned in again and the two kissed, every second they remained locked together drove a knife deeper into Rogue's heart. When she heard Belladonna moan, she dropped her coffee cup.


Remy and Belladonna looked up and Remy's gaze found her, caught the pain in her expression before she could hide it. She shook her head and left the gardens rushing to her room. As she ran she could hear Belladonna speaking to Remy once more.

"Now lover, what d'you suppose has gotten into her?"

"Ah'm the one who should be cryin' ya know." Rogue said as she patted Kitty on the back.

"I…I can't help it!" Kitty managed before another sob racked her body, "There's just no such thing as happy endings anymore and that makes me sad!"

Rogue laughed at Kitty and hugged the girl tight, "It'll be find Kitty, everythin'll work out…"

Kitty turned her big brown eyes to Rogue, "You promise? Because really, I'm at an impressionable age here. If things don't work out for you two, I may be jaded for the rest of my life."

"Ah promise everythin'll work out for the best. If that means Remy ends up with garbage faced Belladonna, so be it." She said, her voice only faltering once.

At that Kitty started crying harder and collapsed on Rogue's lap, sobbing her little heart out. Tears began to find there way down Rogue's face as she too began to cry. The girls held each other for what seemed like hours before a soft knock at the door disturbed them.

"Come in." Rogue called as she rubbed her hands across her face.

It was Lapin, he looked at the girls and arched an eyebrow, but said nothing about their appearance. "Remy asked me t'come see you, wanted me t'give you dis." He said as he handed a letter to Rogue. As soon as she took it, Lapin left the room wondering just what had gotten into his insane brother's head now.

"Open it Rogue!" Kitty demanded as she grabbed a pillow and clutched it tight.

Rogue did so with shaking fingers, maybe it was a rejection letter. Maybe he hadn't been able to find a way out of this twisted vow renewal ceremony and was telling her he had to go through with it.


I know you saw Belle and me this morning, no matter what she said, we aren't lovers and haven't been in a long time. I think I know a way out of this, but it will take some time. Leaving you and Kitty here doesn't appeal to me, but I really can't think of another way out of this. Meet me outside near the river at one in the morning, I'll be waiting for you.



"Well, that clears up one thing." Rogue said as she sighed in relief, she'd been worried that Belladonna had tricked Remy into bedding her once more.

"He's leaving us here?" Kitty asked, "For how long?"

Rogue shook her head, "Ah don't know, the ceremony's in less then two weeks, ah'd imagine he'd be back 'fore then."

Kitty shook her head and cried; "This is the worst soap opera ever!"

Back in New York…

"I don't like it 'Ro." Wolverine said as he examined the screen before him. He and the rest of the X-Men were gathered in the War Room after Nightcrawler had over heard some disturbing rumors.

"I cannot believe this is happening, this is much worse then anything we have ever encountered before." Storm said, worry showing clearly on her normally impassive face.

Peter said nothing as he shook his head; he had seen oppression before, hell he'd lived in communist Russia! This however, was much worse then anything he had ever seen. He stared at the monitor before him and felt his heart go out to the mutants there.

Kurt, his tail failing around in sheer anger, finally spoke, "We cannot allow this to go on." He said in a tone that left no room for argument.

Storm nodded, "I agree, Gambit has sent me a message stating that he, Rogue and Shadowcat will return sometime within the next 48 hours. Therefore within 60 hours we shall be in the Blackbird on our way there." She said pointing at the part of the screen that was offending them so much.

If one were to take a close look at the screen, one would see that it was a small island. And if one looked harder one could make out it's name.


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