"The Koorime"

Summary: It was an ordinary day for Ryou Bakura until an injured torquoise- haired koorime fell from the sky and into his arms. So he takes her home and tries to help her but she won't talk. Ryou/Yukina YGO/YYH crossover

A/N: Kuwabara fans beware b/c I might kill him in this ff but not cuz I don't like him. It's because it will add conflict to the story.

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns YGO but I forgot who owns YYH but it's definitely not me.


Yukina sighed as she looked out in the garden, watching Hiei training for another Dark Tournament. It was such a peaceful afternoon at Genkai's temple where everybody was except for Kurama and Botan and Koenma. They were both out on a date for their 1 month anniversary. Koenma was busy as usual with his many stacks of paperwork to go through. A butterfly landed on Yukina's hand and delighted her with its quiet nature and colorful wings.

Yukina giggled when it took off from her hand and landed on her nose. She gently waved it away with her hand and headed back inside to make lunch. As soon as Yukina entered the temple, Hiei stopped slashing his katana in thin air and looked at where Yukina was watching him. The corners of his mouth curved upwards and it was one of the few times, the Jaganshi would ever truly smile. Hearing Yukina giggling had made his day for he genuinely enjoyed seeing his sister happy.

Yukina was on her way to the kitchen when she heard the familiar voices of Yusuke Urameshi and his significant other Keiko Yukimora. Curious, she walked to where the source of the voices were coming from. It was coming from inside of the tea room. The delicate koorime slide the door opened. She couldn't believe her eyes and let out a small gasp.....


Ryou Bakura sighed as he slowly walked behind his friends. Today was just an ordinary day just like any other day. Jounouchi and Honda is arguing about something stupid, Yugi blushing while Anzu's talking to him, and Ryou silently walking behind them, thinking. As they entered Yugi's home and shop, Ryou looked up at the sky with his chocolate brown eyes and stared for a second. Why did it seem like something was going to happen today? Finally, after a moment's thought, he turned around and headed inside to join his chattering friends.


"Gomen nasai, Keiko-chan and Yusuke-san. I didn't know." said Yukina, blushing at the sight.

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