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Roses are Red

Chapter one

"You liar! He's not dead! He's sleeping! That's all!" A young boy yelled. The older boy slapped his face. On the ground, the tiny shoulders shook as sobs were heard.

"He's dead boy! Get over it!" Was hissed. "Now help me get rid of the body, no need creating even more of a risk." The boy nodded and pulled the feet of his dead best friend up as he and the older boy carried the body to the trash yard.

"When can we get more food?"

"Now would be a good time. Let's hurry, Duo." Duo ran with the boy and found an unattended cart. He got an armful of apples before the tailor got back and he quickly ran, ducking and weaving through the streets that he knew so well.

"There's another one! Get that brat!" A shout rang through the air and someone gripped his long hair. The act caused him to drop the apples out of pain and the young boy was turned to face a young man, a worker by the looks of it.

"Got him! How much are they worth?" He asked.

"Maxwell Church is offering six dollars per head! I don't know why they're willing to bay that much, the church is already poor enough as it is."

"Six dollars for this rat? That should give me an extra day or two, maybe even a gift for my little girl." The man wrapped Duo's hair in his fist before walking to a large building with a cross on top. The man walked to the great wooden door and after he knocked, an old man came to them.

"Father Maxwell?" The priest nodded. "I have this little street rat, I was told you was paying six dollars for them." The man nodded again.

"Sister Helen? Can you fix this young man up? And sir, I believe I have just the amount." The man said as a young woman arrived. She gave him a black robe, that she ended up forcing him into, and a damp cloth to wipe his face off. When she came back, she had a pair of scissors and Duo immediately jumped away.

"Young man, you must cut that hair."

"I'm Duo, not young man and I ain't cutting my hair!"

"It's too long."

"No it's not!"


"No! It's just fine!" The door opened and Father Maxwell came in.

"What's the problem?" He asked.

"She's trying to chop my hair off!" Duo grumbled.

"It's too long."

"I like it long."

"Duo! I won't cut it much, only a bit."

"Duo, it that your name?" Father Maxwell asked. Duo nodded slowly. "I'm Father Maxwell and this is Sister Helen. Now, why don't you want your hair cut?"

"I like it long." Duo grumbled angrily.

"Sister, why don't you find another way to keep the hair out of his face." Father Maxwell suggested. The lady nodded and took the hair, with only a little fight, and braided the long hair.

Two years after Duo joined Maxwell Church, he only stole about once a month or so, the Father and Sister weren't very pleased, and he learned to read and write. He snatched a pear from a vender and was about to take a bite when it was taken from his hand. He turned to glare at the boy next to him. The Chinese boy looked closely at him.

"Hey! Give that back! It's mine!" Duo yelled.

"You stole it, it's not yours. Your clothes clearly say that you don't have to."

"Leave me alone! Why do you care?" Duo hissed.

"I WORK for my food, and you're old enough to work, so get a job." The boy said. "It's unjust (AN: Guess who it is? I'll give you two guesses and the first one doesn't count.) that you steal."

"I don't care! Why work when I can get out of it?" The braided boy studied the other in front of him. "Who are you anyways?"

"Chang Wufei."

"Duo, what kind of name is Chang?"

"It's my sire name, you would order it Wufei Chang." The other boy said, irritated.

"Oh, okay Wu-man! Why do you work?"

"I don't have much money and my parents were killed and my sister died from the sickness that came here a couple years ago." Wufei said, "But I don't steal things."

"So? That doesn't apply to me." Duo stated haughtily.

"It should. If you want to grow up honorably, you would work for a job or a goal."

"What's your goal?"

"I want to my own business, a small hotel would be nice." He said.

"Great! Then I'll work for you!" Duo grinned. The Chinese boy scowled.

"I don't have one yet."

"Well, I got the perfect place for you. Follow me!" He said, pulling Wufei behind him. "No one really ever does anything with it, but it has about ten rooms up top and nine on the bottom with a kitchen, entry room, and two or three studies." Duo said. He brought the boy to a building that hardly stood. "It needs a lot of work and the furniture, but I can help you there."

"As long as you don't steal anything." Duo shook his head.

"The man at the lumber house is always giving me things." Duo said. "He loves big projects and he will fix this place up for cheap and I have a lot of figurines that he made for me because I'm from Maxwell orphanage." Was quickly explained.

"That would help, my father used to own a hotel and taught me because he thought I would take over." Wufei said. "And I figure that I could make my own timetable."

"Could I?" Duo asked.

"No, I make your times."


"Because, you work for me!"

"Oh, that's no fun."

"Why's your hair so long? It makes you look like an onna."

"That's fine, I like it like this."

Two years later, the twelve year olds both worked at the new hotel, though Duo's obligations to the church kept him busy. There was always at least one person staying in the hotel and both worked on honing certain skills needed.

"Fei? Why are we working again?" Duo asked after a hard day.

"This way we have money of our own and we can have more money when we're ol- what's that smell? Smells like-"

"Fire! Everyone form a line!" Someone yelled, the two boys ran ahead to where the thick cloud of black smoke darkened the sky. When they saw the building that was on fire, Duo screamed and ran to the burning building. Wufei grabbed him before he could run in the church.

"Let go of me, Wufei! Father! Sister Helen! Where are you? Let go of me!" Duo screeched.

"People are going in right now, Duo. You can't go in!" He yelled, the boy kept thrashing and screaming until the fire was out and then he broke free and charged into the church. As he bet the door, he saw some men rush out before the entire building collapsed. The braided boy fell to his knees as he sobbed, not even shaking off the firm hand of his best friend.

After that, both boys continued the business, Duo always wearing black with a priest collar and a cross about his neck. The lumber man, Howard, made figurines and some chairs and table for their hotel. Where before they only had five mattresses, they now had one in every room and had frames for the beds, at five dollars a frame and three for a chair, they learned to save their money and only bought things for the rooms when they had plenty of money to spare. The hotel was called the Chang-Maxwell House, thought of by two twelve year olds and it was the only name they could agree on.

Six years after the Maxwell Church Massacre, the Chang-Maxwell House was the only hotel in town. With five other towns in the Winner kingdom, theirs was the smallest, but closest to the actual palace as it was three miles from town and people stayed there before looking at the palace. Some important people even stayed before going to the palace. Healthy tips were given, raising their profits and improving their hotel.


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