Roses Are Red

Chapter five

"Quatre, are you sure you want to allow Treize into the palace?" Trowa asked again, anxiety laced his every word.

"Yes, I have already made up my mind, but I want to hear what he has to say and why before possibly starting a war." The blonde said. "I have been told that he is a gentleman and I don't want to be the one that started a war." Trowa didn't let any emotion show on his face, though Quatre knew he was still ill at ease. Most people knew about King Quatre's views on war. The new king was like his father in the respect that he didn't like to fight, but he did know how. Trowa was the only one that knew about the brilliant strategies floating around in Quatre's head.

"It will only be Treize and his right hand, Zechs, right milord?" Trowa asked. Quatre flinched slightly knowing that Trowa didn't agree with him and demonstrated it by using his title.

"Trowa, please understand." Was what Quatre wanted to say before explaining it to him, but he didn't. The young king knew that he would remain on opposite sides with his best friend on this decision. While he didn't like for this to happen, he knew that he wouldn't be able to change Trowa's thought on this.

"Your majesty! Lord Kushrenada is waiting in the social room!" A young servant called from the door. The young adults rose and walked to the social room in complete silence. When Quatre entered the room, a mask of innocence and trust shined on his face.

"Lord Kushrenada! I must apologize for making you wait!" Quatre exclaimed jovially. Not even his eye could give him away as only those close to him could read anything in them.

"No need! I must say that I have enjoyed your town's hospitality. I am sure you know of Mr. Marques," he nodded to the tall blonde next to him, "allow me to introduce myself, Lord Treize Kushrenada." The man gave an elegant bow.

"I am Quatre Winner, pleasure to make your acquaintance." A small bow of the head and he showed them to the large chairs. He sat in one and Trowa stood next to it and slightly behind. The two guests were seated across from him. Most people that were entertained in the room they were in never gave the rich environment a second glance, so used to the expensive shine the room had in their own homes. Quatre felt a bit smug as he cause Zechs' eyes look quickly around the room. "Misty! Could you get my guests something to drink?" Quatre asked. A young girl nodded and mumbled a small, "yes sir," before leaving.

"Thank you King." Treize said politely. "Now I am sure you know the reason I am hear." The brunette said, but the blonde facing him decided to play naive.

"I'm sorry, but you only asked to meet with you. Would you tell me your reasons for coming here?"

"The Winner Kingdom is at the center of many large kingdoms and grounds, as I'm sure you know." Treize began. "I would like to know if you would like to consider becoming a part of my ever-growing lands."

"Why would I do that? What's in it for me?" Quatre asked patiently, but with the sound of arrogance.

"This kingdom could be great. You would be even richer then you are now. You will be on the winning side and should a war ever reach your gates, many allies would come to help with your cause. I believe that you should let go of your kingdom and still remain in charge before I must take it by force." The threat was said in such a way that Treize could have been discussing food.

"I think that it would be best if I decline your offer." Quatre said politely. "I would offer you to stay for a luncheon."

"I shall accept your invitation." Treize said pleasantly. They rose and gathered in the dining hall where there were three tables, two filled with adults and one with the children under the age of ten years.

"Come with me." Quatre walked through the room into another room with only one table, half the size of the tables in the other room. He rang that bell and a servant entered. "A small luncheon if you may." The servant left only to have the door burst open by a longhaired man. "What is the meaning of this!" Quatre hissed, genuinely mad about the intrusion by this stranger.

"Sire! Come quick!" The man panted. "There is a situation in town!"

"Trowa, go with him, bring two of your men with you."


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