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One Last Time


Shannon Moore lay back against his pillow, the hotel bed was sunk in a tiny bit, even under his light weight. He sighed to himself and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. He sniffled softly, turning on to his side. He picked up the picture on the bedstand. Feeling more hot tears forming behind his eyes, he ran his hand over the cool glass and the grainy freame.

_He was supossed to call_

He hadn't, of course, which was why he was still in this hotel. Posh as it was, it didn't make him feel any better than if he had been staying at a run-down Motel 6.

His post-3count gimmick was good. The fans were still reacting to him and he was still getting air-time. He was entertaining them, which was good. But he still didn't have what he wanted. He wanted to be with him he wanted to be in the WWE. With Shane, the love of his life. Or so he used to be. It didn't seem like it so much anymore.

With Shane at WWE and him still at WCW, it was a lot harder to keep up their relationship. The only days they had off together was Wednesday and even then, one of them was either traveling home or doing something somewhere. It was strenuous and it was trearing Shannon apart.

They hadn't talked more than five minutes in the last three months. Shannon looked at the clock on the bedside table. The red numbers blared 11:30 pm.

_He was supossed to call at 9:00_

Rolling back on to his back, the young blonde elicted a small moan. He had had another hard fight that night and his back, if it hadn't been hurting before, was killing him now.

_Great, just to add to my misery_

Sighing again, he threw the wooden and glass frame against the far wall. It shattered and fell to the floor. The picture fell over the broken glass and wood. Shannon watched the clock numbers click to 11:35. There was no excuse for Shane to have stalled this long. He had a battery operated cell phone charger, he had spare batteries, and he had change; there was no way that he could not have gotten a hold of him.

Angruly getting out of his bed, he brought his foot down over the picture, causing the glass shards to cut through it. Repeating the motion repeatedly, he finally felt his body weaken in sadness and he slid against the wall and to his feet. He placed his palms over his eyes, letting his ters flow on to them. He felt his chest rise and fall quicker as the tears were overtaking his small frame. he hissed through his teeth, standing back up.

He dug through the glass shards for the biggest, sharpest peice he could find. He looked at it, through it, over it. The shallow light penetrated through the clear glass as he held it up at eye level. He thought for a minute.

_It would bring an end to this pain_

He sucked in air through his teeth once more and brought the blade-like glass down over the underside of his wrist. The sudden pain made him jump, but the coolness of the liquid quickly brought his mind away from it. It ran thickly over his pale skin thicker than he had ever seen himself bleed before. He ran the cool glass over his wrist again, this time pressing a little harder. He jumped again as the blood spurted up a bit. It dripped to the floor in a puddle. It was more blood than he had seen in a long time.

-- (flashback) --

"Go for the crucifix." Jeff whispered to Shannon as they both lay on the match for a few seconds from the last move.

Shannon got to his feet the same time as Jeff, fighting the urge not to smile when he heard the crowd cheering. He went up for the crucifix, Jeff reversed it, par to script. Unfortunatley, someone had left a blade out and that is what he landed on.

-- (end of flashback) --

Shannon was getting a bit lightheaded with all of the blood he was losing and carefully laid himself down on the floor. Weakly lifting the glass to his other arm, he merclessly drug it as hard as he could across his other arm. If this way the time to end it, it was coming fast. He could hardly keep his eyes open. He weakly tossed the bloddied glass to the pile of glass no more than a foot in front of him.

He gasped and shut his eyes tightly. Breathing a sigh of relief, he knew he didn't have much longer. The clock reading 11:59 was the last thing he saw and passed in to unconciousness.


Shane quickly dug through his pocket for the hotel key card that he had gotten a double from Vince of. He was so excited he could barely contain it. He shifted the flowers in his arm to the other as he wiped the card. He took a deep breath, checking his pocket to see if the small ring box was still there. It was.

He had gotten the day off and flown out to where Shannon was as early as he could. He picked up some flowers, the ring, a movie, and some candles on the way from the airport and before he had realized it, it was nearing 11:30. He decided that Shannon would be asleep by midnight and decided that that was when he would wake him up and propose. He gentley opened the hotel room door He checked his watch. Exactly midnight. Perfect.

"Shann?" he asked, heading over to the bed.

When he noticed that the bed was empty, he called again and begun to look around quickly. his breath caught in his throat. He kneeled over in the corner and begun to cry.