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One Minute Late

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Shane kneeled next to the small blonde; his knees getting wet with blood. He covered his mouth and felt his breath quicken. His eyes widened and he could feel hot tears form behind them. Carefully moving forward again, he looked at the blonde a little more, noticing there was a briilliant puddle of fresh blood around the entire area.


He pushed a clasp of pale blonde hair out of Shannon's face. Feeling the tear start to fall down his face.

"Shannon, wake up."

There was no reply to his sentance. Shane moved to take Shannon's arm and check for a pulse, but noticed the blood was coming from his wrists. He didn't care that it got on his hands, he was just shocked.

"Shannon, wake up!" he cried again.

He could feel his chest tighten and his head start to swim. Shannon still didn't reply and Shane was being forced to admit to himself.

"Why, Shannon?" he said, basically talking to himself, "What happened? I thought we were together? I thought we were alright! I thought that we were finally getting everything together."

Shane merclessly pulled himself to his feet, heading to the phone to call the police. As he passed the bed, though, a notebook caught his eye. Picking it up, he sighed, noticing Shannon's small, crazy writing.

'If I could do anything, I would probably...I don't really know. I'm so confused right now it's hard to focus on anything but the pain.

'I really don't know what I can do any more. I am in so much pain that I can't even feel anything any more. It's crazy. It's hard. I...I don't know!

'I have so much stuff in my life that I can't even breath any more. Shane's there, I'm here. I can't believe it, I'm not even making sense any more.

'I've hardly even seen him since he moved up to WWE. It doesn't even feel like we have a relationship anymore. So much is going on there. There's so many people.

'I trust Shane, yes, but there are definatly signs that he could be cheating on me. I shouldn't even care any more. Maybe I should break it off with him.

'I don't even know why I'm writing this. It's not the first time he's done this. As a matter of fact, it's always been like this.

'He's always gone. I am always here, trying to get every one to quit asking me to go out. I'm dedicated. Right? I think. I don't know!

'I can't take this anymore. Shane'

It obviously wasn't finished. Shane placed it back down on the bed and picked up the phone, dialing the number he so dreaded.


Shane kept his eyes down as he walked down the wet-with-rain hill. The grass was loose, getting stuck to his black shoes. One hand was in his pocket, the other held a black umbrella over his head. And arm was draped over his shoulders. It belonged to Jeff hardy, a life long friend of Shannon's. No one said anything. I guess they were just to shocked to speak. Especially poor Jeff. He had spent the entire week locked in to his bedroom.

He had probably lost about ten pounds seemingly overnight, actually. He didn't talk to anyone really, and had even blamed Shane himself when he first found out what had happened. Shane had called him right away, of course, after the cops. He had a right to know. It was definatley hard for him to be here. Going through the deaths of two of the closest people in his life was hard. Something no one should ever have to go through, especially this early in life.

Shane didn't hear anything during the ceremony. He hardly looked up; afraid that if he did, his worse fears would be presented to him again. It had hit him almost immediatly what had happened. It's hard not to face what's right in front of you if your holding your dead lover in your arms. He had, he had held Shannon until the police had came. They had questioned Shane, but it was obvious what had happened.

Jeff was so afraid of being here that he had a death grip on Shane's hand the entire time. Shane didn't mind, of course, Jeff needed someone to be here with him. Shane looked up at the group of people who were around him. The Hardy's, The Moore's, The Lesnar's, The Guerrero's, The McMahon's....every possible WWE wrestler you could imagine was here. Even more as Evan, Juventude, Dallas Page, Buff Bagwell, along with some more ex-WCW wrestlers stood inter-mixed witht hte others.

The pastor ended the ceremony and everyone's chorused the final Amen as they lowered the cherry-oak casket in to the ground. The headstone was beautiful, Shane realized, it fit Shannon perfectly. Two angels on top of the square stone, a heart between them. Shannon would have loved it if he could have seen it. Shane weakly smiled at Jeff as the younger Hardy wrapped his arms around him in a hug.

Shane could feel Jeff shaking against him and held him. Jeff held on tight, as if he feared Shane might disappear, too. Jeff was still crying as Matt came over, enveloping his brother in his own arms. Matt smiled somewhat at Shane.

"I'll call you later." he said.

Shane nodded, heading over to where the men were putting the final shovelfulls of dirt over the casket. He kneeled in front of them, reading the headstone one more time. It was perfect. It fit him.

'Full of life, the one thing that could take him from us was death. He loved everyone more than they'd know. A loving son, friend, lover, he will always be missed.'


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