AUTHOR'S WARNING!! THIS IS A VERY SAD FIC! In fact, it is a DEATHFIC. Death = character death. You have been warned! *hides from the mob* There will be a theme song but this is the end of the story.

DISCLAIMER I wish I owned them and yet I still don't.

Spanish Translations

Presento al preso = Bring out the prisoner

El capitán Jack Sparrow = Captain Jack Sparrow

¿Tiene usted alguna palabras finales? = Do you have any final words?

They couldn't believe it had come to this. Will and Elizabeth stood together on a platform overlooking the gallows. Anamaria stood by Elizabeth's other side. Neither woman bothered to stop or hide the tears on their cheeks.

Early sunlight illuminated the dusty landscape around the Mexican fort. It was almost picturesque. It felt wrong for Jack to die on such a pretty day.

"Presento al preso!" barked the Mexican general.

"What did he say?" Elizabeth whispered. Her voice cracked with her crying.

Her husband squeezed her hand. "Bring out the prisoner," he translated, his voice betraying his own deep sorrow.

Anamaria muffled a sob. Elizabeth broke away from Will to hug the dark-skinned woman. Will's tears fell silently as he watched them lead Jack out and knew there was nothing he could do.

Jack walked cooperatively up to the noose. "El capitán Jack Sparrow," the official said.

Will smiled suddenly. Elizabeth glared at him. "What could you possibly be smiling about?" she asked angrily.

"They called him Captain," Will replied. "Look."

Indeed, Jack was grinning. Will and Elizabeth could not share in his joy, because they knew they would not see that grin again."

"¿Tiene usted alguna palabras finales?"

"Do you have any final words?" Will translated.

Jack nodded. "Anamaria!" he called. She turned at the sound of his voice. "I'm sorry fer all this, love! I truly am. I wish I could've given ye something better than this."

Anamaria could barely speak. "I never wanted anything better!"

Even from where they stood, Will and Elizabeth could see love in the pirate's eyes. It was more than they could bear when he looked at them too.

"Take care o' the little one." Elizabeth's hands automatically went to her stomach. Jack grinned. "I love ye two, I guess." He shrugged as if to say, "Who'd have thought?"

The executioner stepped up the lever. Jack threw his head toward the sky. "Yo ho!" he shouted.

Anamaria turned away and Elizabeth buried her head in Will's shoulder. The loud twang of the rope falling taut cut into their brains. It was over.

Anamaria disappeared back to sea that day. But Will somehow knew that she'd take care of the Pearl and one day would return it to whom it now belonged.

Seven months later, Will and Elizabeth's first child, baptized William, was born. But they called him by his middle name and he was always known as Jack.