Chapter Five -

I decided just for fun we'll go back and see how Draco's doing in the mental hospital. There we were faced with a quite comical scene.

There was Draco, sitting in his little cell, bouncing his powerpuff girl dolls around in front of him. Only now, he was dressed as one of the powerpuff girls. Huddled in the corner, in a yellow dress, and his blonde hair all in small ponytails.

Just then, he stands up and runs over to the cage door. He pretend to hold a phone to his face.

"Okay Lord Mayor," Draco says in a high-pitched voice.
"I will save you, from the terrible dragon lady."

He hangs up the invisible phone and struts around, very girlishly. He then looks at the male phyciatrist, fluttering his eye-lids.

"You must let me go! Townsville needs us!!" He picks up the powerpuff girl dolls and runs to the window.

One by one, he throws them at the thick glass windows. He covers his hand over his mouth.

"Ouch! Eeek! I hurt my nose! I hurt my forehead!" he thens immediately runs over to them and comforts them in his fake bossoms.

"Mummys here, its okay" he whispers.

Just then, the phyciatrist remembers its Draco's bathtime. He slowly opens the door, with a little net in his hand. Draco begins running around in circles screaming,

"No girls! Its our mortal enemy, Dr. Soap!! No bubbles, I'm not teasing you, its not your fault your named after one of your mortal enemies. Roll girls," with this Draco drops to the floor and starts rolling around.

He has attached a piece of wool to each of the girls, and tied it to his foot so the dolls are being pulled along with him. As they rolled past the phyciatrist, he got the net and caught the last doll.

"Go blossom! Ice freeze him! Blossom whats wrong with you?! Use your power! Blossom? Answer me Blossom!" Draco runs over to his doll.

"Ohh, you killed her!!!" Draco runs out the door, left open by the confused phyciatrist, who stood there holding a lifeless doll, with a tear in his eye.

We chase after Draco, running wildly into posts and walls until finally he reaches the newly built fire ward. There he stops and spots Ginny Weasley, still crying that her hair was on fire and it was burning her.

Draco again starts crying again.

"Blossom could have put your hair out with her ice power,"

As he says this, he looks at Ginny as if he'd just be struck by lightning. He runs out of the ward by we decided not to follow him as we were to puffed from chasing him through the corridors.

A few minutes later, we look through the window into the surgery ward and see Dracos doll on the bed, with Draco knelt over her. He had placed the other dolls standing upright on the floor with surgical masks on.

Mojo jo-jo was sitting in the waiting room.

"Forty C-C's of electricy," we can hear Draco cry "Stat!"

He charges up the 'machine' he had found, which to the plain eye was only two ping-pong bats and begins hitting Blossom's chest with it.

"Live!" he cackles, "Live!! What will the others do without their leader?!"

Just then he freezes and leans over to hear her chest.

"Shes alive!! Thank god!"

Suddenly, the surgery door bursts open and in flies Professor Snape in a purple dress and bright pink wig.

"I came as soon as I heard! Is she okay?"

Draco picks up the lifeless doll and pushes it against Snape's chest to give him a big hug.

Snape hides the little handmade coffin he created in wood-shop class, with the pink glittered letters 'Blossom' spread across the lid.

"I never doubted she would make it Draco,"

"Then why did you dress up to replace her?!" Draco yelled at Snape.

"I wasn't trying to replace her, this is my...uhh...evening gown"

"Its morning!!" Draco yells, as they begin to bitch-slap each other.

As all this was happening in came Oliver Wood screaming at the two of them.

"Get off the bed! Billys lying there. Hes still recovering from head surgery!!"

Thats when all the boys heard slow motion all their head tilted upwards and scanned the door. They heard it, the click-clopping of red high- heeled shoes coming down the corridor.

And they all knew it could only be one person, Ron Weasley.


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