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Prologue: A less f'd up world


"Shinji, you baka!" Asuka yelled.

As usual, that startled the young boy out of his dreams. He awoke and saw the redheaded girl leaning over him with her usual fiery gaze.

"It's about time you got up. Shinji, you baka," Asuka said.

"What is it, Asuka?" Shinji asked rubbing his eyes.

"What the hell does that mean?" Asuka snapped. "Can't you appreciate the fact that I went to the trouble of coming to wake you up?" She stood up and put on an indignant face. "Don't you have any words of appreciation for your oldest childhood friend?"

Shinji was still half asleep and rubbing his eyes. He moaned. "Thank you..." he said, "but let me sleep a little longer." He rolled over and pulled the sheet over his head.

Asuka was furious. "What are you doing?" She raised her clenched fist. "It's time for you to get up!" she yelled as she ripped the sheets off him.

Suddenly she stood up with a look of shock on her face that quickly turned to anger. She slapped Shinji so hard his alarm clock shook. "Baka hentai! I can't believe you've got one of those!" she screamed.

"I can't help it! It's morning!" Shinji snapped back.


Yiu Ikari, Shinji's mother, was doing the dishes and she heard the exchange across the apartment. "Oh my," she said. "Asuka is so sweet to come pick him up every morning, and he doesn't appreciate it."

Gendo, her husband, merely grunted in agreement as he read the newspaper.

"Dear, you have to get ready, too," Yui reminded Gendo. He just grunted again. "Gosh, you're just like Shinji," she commented.

"Are you ready?" Gendo finally said.

"Anytime," Yui said. "I'm the one who gets complaints from Professor Fuyutsuki if you're late for the meeting."

"That's true. He's you're biggest fan," Gendo said sarcastically.

"Oh, you!" Yui said playfully. "Cut that out and get ready."

Gendo grunted again. "I understand, Yui."


"Hurry up!" Asuka said to Shinji, as they got ready to leave.

"I know!" Shinji said getting tired of the badgering. "You're such a pain in the ass sometimes, Asuka!"

"What did you say?" Asuka said. She slapped Shinji again.

Shinji just stood at the door as the red welt on his face faded.

"We're leaving now!" Asuka called to Shinji's parents. She gave a dainty curtsey and then pushed Shinji out the door.

"I'm leaving," was all Shinji had time to say as he was shoved out.

"See you later, Sweetie!" his mother called. "Come on, Dear! Put the newspaper down!" She politely scolded her husband.

"I understand, Yui."


There was another traffic jam clogging the roads of Tokyo 3 as Shinji and Asuka ran towards their school. "Hey, isn't there a new student starting today?" Shinji asked.

Yeah, that's right!" Asuka answered. "Since this city's going to become the new capital, there're a lot of people moving in. It's no wonder we're getting so many new kids."

"Oh that makes sense." Shinji started to daydream as he ran. "I wonder what she like? I hope she's cute!"

Asuka let out a jealous moan while, on the other side of the street corner, a girl with short blue hair was running frantically with a slice of toast held in her teeth.

'Oh, I'm late! I'm late!' the girl thought hysterically. 'I can't be late for the first day!' She huffed as she ran towards the crosswalk. She screamed as she saw Shinji run directly in her path. Shinji saw the girl but neither was able to stop or move out of the way before they collided.

Shinji held his head trying not to yell. He looked up to apologize to the blue haired girl who was rubbing her head. She noticed that her skirt was facing the boy and she immediately covered it and then yelled in embarrassment. "I'm sorry! I'm in a hurry!" she said to the stunned boy. She started to run again. "I'm really very sorry!"

Asuka was barely able to contain her jealousy of Shinji's reaction to the girl.


"What?" exclaimed Shinji's friend and classmate, Toji. "Did you see her panties?"

"Well, it wasn't really a good look," Shinji admitted. "Just a little flash."

Toji was still blown away by the incident. "AHHHHH! I can't believe that you're the one who has all the luck! Ouch!" Toji's girlfriend, Hikari, grabbed his ear. "Why'd you do that for, Class Rep?" Toji said weakly feigning innocence.

"Suzuhara, just exactly what were you talking about?" Hikari accused. "Go change the water in the flower vase! You understand?"

"You're so mean," Toji complained as Hikari dragged him off.

"What did you just say?"

"Poor Toji's so hen-pecked. It's sad, isn't it?" Shinji said to his other friend, Kensuke.

"Look who's talking," Asuka commented.

"Are you saying that I'm easily manipulated?" Shinji said defensively.

"I'm merely reporting the facts," Asuka stated.

"How so?"

"It just is. Accept it."

"Why do you treat me like this?"

"Hey, that hurt's, baka!"

"The calm, the peace and tranquility..." Kensuke said longingly.

The sound of a car racing through the parking lot caused Kensuke to look out the window. Shinji and Toji broke off their respective argument to join him as the car stopped in a space with a screeching halt. "It's Misato-san, our teacher!" Toji yelled.

Out of the car stepped a beautiful woman with dark purple hair. "Misato-san is so gorgeous!" Toji said as Kensuke took a picture of her with his camera. Misato saw the camera and held up a peace sign and smiled. Shinji, Toji, and Kensuke returned the gesture.

"Just look at those three stooges! Have they no shame?" Asuka and Hikari chorused enviously.


The school bell rang as Misato entered the room. "Stand up! Bow!" Hikari commanded. The class obeyed. "Sit down!"

"Lighten up, dudes!" Misato announced. "We've got a new blue-haired babe here to introduce herself!"

Misato stood aside to reveal the girl Shinji ran into. "My name's Ayanami Rei. Nice to meet you?" she said.

"AHHH!" Shinji yelled as he recognized her.

Rei looked to the yelling and saw Shinji. "You're the jerk who was staring at my panties!" she said.

Asuka stood up and put her hands on her hips. "Hey, what do you mean by that?" she said upset by Rei's accusation. "You're the one who was flashing them at Shinji!"

"Who are you and why are you defending him?" Rei said. "Are you guys doing it?"

That statement took Asuka aback. She blushed furiously. "No! We're just really good childhood friends! You shut up!" Asuka warned.

Hikari stood up hoping to regain some order. "Be quiet, you two! We're in a class, not a bar!"

Misato leaned back in her chair and grinned. "Hey, this is more interesting than class! I want to see how this turns out," she said. "Please continue!" The rest of the class laughed.

That incensed Hikari. However Shinji, Asuka, and Rei did not hear the laughter. The sound of distant gunfire filled their ears. They looked out the window and saw a giant skinny human in purple armor in the downtown district. It was shooting at something else that was covered by the smoke the bullets were creating.

The giant ceased fire to let the cloud clear, but a glowing pink tentacle came out of the smoke and knocked the giant to the ground and sliced a building next to it in two. The three students gasped as a huge magenta cockroach came out of the cloud.

"Shinji? Earth to Shinji!" Toji waved his hand in front of Shinji. Shinji blinked and the giants were gone and the building was whole.

"What were you three staring at?" Hikari asked.

"What?" Asuka was stunned. "Didn't you see the big purple man and the monster with those whips?" She waved her arms in a snake motion as she said that. The rest of the class gave her blank stares. "Never mind," she said meekly as she sat back in her chair.

Rei coughed. "I was, um... just wondering what those two were looking at."

Misato blinked a couple of times and then shrugged it off. "Well, Ayanami-san, take you seat and we'll start today's-" Misato smile faded and she sighed, "lesson."


Rei was embarrassed by what happened and was eating lunch alone under a tree. She never got the chance to finish it.

Asuka walked up to her with Shinji meekly following behind.

"We don't have to bother her with this, Asuka." Shinji pleaded.

"Baka!" Asuka scolded. "This never happed to us before! I'm sure she's trying to mess with our minds!"

"What makes you so sure?"

"I asked around. Her mother and grandmother are two of the best scientists in the world. They might be performing secret experiments on the student body!"

Rei heard this and laughed.

"Ha! I knew it!" Asuka accused. She leaned over Rei staring her down.

"Asuka," Shinji said nervously. He tugged at her dress.

"What are doing? Are you trying to control our minds? Is this some secret government-"?

The deafening roars cut off her words. The children could not hide the terror on their faces as they slowly turned in the direction of the noise. They saw several giants like the purple one except one was red and the rest were white. Asuka started to whimper.

The red giant let out another roar and leapt at the two giants nearest to the school. There was a shower of blood as the first white giant was torn in two. The second white giant had its head torn open by the red giant's fist and was then flung at the school. The three children screamed and dove for cover as the giant fell onto the grounds.

Several seconds passed before the three students realized they were still alive and that there were no signs of the battle. Asuka got up and smiled arrogantly. "Of course that wasn't real. Who could be fooled by something as obviously fake as-" she stopped when she saw that Shinji had fallen on top of Rei and his head was located between two spots, which he might have enjoyed at any other time. "Hentai!" she yelled.

Shinji realized where he was and scrambled to his feet to brace for the inevitable assault from his childhood friend. But he first bowed apologetically to Rei. "I'm terribly sorry Miss Ayanami."

"I understand," said Rei just happy to be alive. "I'm sure you didn't mean it this time."

"This time?" Asuka snapped.

"Can we not start this again?" Shinji interrupted. "We have other things to worry about now!"

Due to the serious nature of the two incidents, Asuka listened to Shinji and broke off the confrontation. "You're right, Shinji."

Rei looked at the tree where she sat and saw food scattered. "Oh, no! My lunch!" she yelled.

Asuka and Shinji looked at the ruined meal. Asuka blushed with embarrassment. "I'm sorry," she admitted. "I... guess I knocked it over when the giant fell."

Rei was about to cry but Shinji patted her on the back. "Don't worry. "My mom always over packs our lunches so we can share."

Rei smiled at him and gave him a quick hug. "Arigato, Shinji-san!" Shinji smiled back. Asuka started to growl. "For a platonic friend, she sure gets jealous a lot." Rei commented.

"You said it!" Shinji laughed.

This infuriated Asuka and she smacked Shinji so hard he fell on the grass. "Baka!" she said.

"Help me," pleaded the quivering mound.


It was after school and the three children were walking down the street with Toji and Kensuke in tow.

"Just why did those two morons have to come along?" Asuka asked in disgust.

"We're Shinji's friends and we can't let a couple of girls grab him and corrupt him," Kensuke said.

"At least, not without us around to watch!" Toji said as he playfully elbowed Kensuke and grinned. He stopped when Asuka gave him the glare of death.

Shinji was deliberately ignoring the exchange. "Do you think Dr. Ayanami can figure out what's going on?" he asked Rei.

"Dr. Akagi," corrected Rei. "Mommy took back her maiden name after the divorce."

"Oh. Sorry," Shinji said embarrassed.

Suddenly the three children stopped in their tracks and Toji and Kensuke nearly slammed into them. "What the hell are you doing?" Kensuke snapped.

"Nothing, Kensuke," Shinji lied as he looked at another giant, this one blue, sprinting across the street. When it disappeared, they resumed walking.

"Anyway, I'm sure Mommmy can do it. She's a genius," Rei continued. "She and Grandma both won the Nobel prize for developing the Magi system."

"Sugoi!" exclaimed Kensuke.

"What the hell is the Magi system?" Asked Toji already bored.

"Come on, Toji!" said Kensuke. "It's the most advanced computer ever created! It can process the entire Internet by itself! Eh?" he asked as Rei and Shinji stopped at the intersection where the giant crossed. The three children put their hands on the pavement. "Is there something different about the street?"

Shinji paused then said, "We just thought there would be a footprint."

Toji was concerned. "Are you all right, Shinji?"

"Yes," he said as he, Rei, and Asuka continued walking. "I just want to find out what's going on." Toji and Kensuke were about to press further, but they shrugged instead and followed their friend.


"I'm home, Mommy!" Rei called out as she walked into the house. A couple seconds later, Dr. Akagi, a blonde woman, came into the room.

Toji grinned. "Hey. Another looker. This is a really good day," he said as he nudged Shinji in the ribs.

Dr. Akagi gave Rei a big hug. "And how did my Wondergirl do on her first day at her new school?" She then saw Rei's guests. "Oh! I see you've already made some friends!" She motioned them all to come inside. They complied and tried to pack into her small couch. "I'm sorry we don't have more seats, but we're still unpacking."

"It's okay," Kensuke said even though he could barely breathe. "Is it true that the Magi actually discovered the final digit to Pi?"

"No. No!" Akagi laughed. "My mother just said that if there was one, the Magi could find it, Mr. um,"

"Aida Kensuke, Ma'am," he finished.

"Oh, that's a nice name. I'm Akagi Ritsuko," she said.

"And I'm Suzuhara Toji, Miss." Toji emphasized the last part as he leered.

"Aren't you dating Hikari?" Asuka accused.

"Be quiet!" Toji commanded under his breath.

"And you are?" Ritsuko asked Asuka.

"Soryu Asuka Langley," she said and bowed politely. "He's Ikari Shinji," she said pointing to Shinji who was starting to shake.

"Um, Ritsuko-san?" he said.

Ritsuko smiled when she realized what he was asking. "It's through the door at the end of the hall." Shinji jumped up and ran through the hallway and turned right. The three others on the couch were able to inhale. They then saw Shinji running in the other direction. "I just can't remember which end," she finished. "Does anyone want tea?"


Later in the day, Ritsuko took the children to her workplace. They walked since it was located less than three blocks from the Agaki house. NERVANA Laboratories was a large building about five stories tall.

Shortly after they walked in, a young woman with short brown hair saw them. She blushed as Ritsuko walked up to her. "D, D, Dr. Agaki. I didn't think you'd come in today," the woman said nervously.

"Calm down, Maya. I'm not here to give an inspection." Ritsuko reassured her. Ritsuko wrapped her arm around Maya's shoulder. Maya suppressed a yelp, but she did start to shake. "This is my assistant, Ibuki Maya."

"Eeep!" Maya yelled and ran down the hall.

"Oh, poor dear. She always does that when I'm near her," Ritsuko lamented.

The six of them walked into the nearest elevator, and Ritsuko pressed the basement button.

"Maybe we should keep this thing about seeing monsters to ourselves." Toji suggested as the elevator doors opened.

"Oh! You think?" Asuka snapped as they walked out.

Ritsuko swiped her card through a reader and a steel door opened. The children were awed by what they saw. They were at the top of a huge room that was about nine stories tall. There were nearly two hundred people working on, and around three columns that stretched from the floor to the ceiling.

Kensuke was beside himself. "That's the Magi!" His gleeful grin nearly stretched wider than his face.

"You and your mother built that?" asked Shinji.

"Not the whole thing!" Ritsuko laughed. "We wrote the source codes. We based on the three parts of us."

"Huh?" Shinji said.

"Oh, wait! I remember this!" Kensuke said raising his hand and waving it as though he was in class. "The three parts of the Magi are yourselves as women, yourselves as mothers, and yourselves as scientists." Ritsuko smiled and nodded.

"That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard," Asuka said in German.

"Well you didn't make it," Ritsuko responded in Japanese. Asuka was stunned. A large sweat drop appeared on her face.

Shinji grinned, but he did it while looking away from Asuka. "Asuka lived in Germany for four years and she thinks she's the only one in Japan who knows German."

Asuka just huffed as Ritsuko lead them to the main terminal. "Ikari. That name sounds familiar," Ritsuko said to Shinji. "Would you be related to Yui Ikari?"

"She's my mother," Shinji answered.

"Oh, I guess Gendo did take her name."

"But how do you know them?"

"They worked with my mother years ago." Ritsuko looked at Asuka. "I also remember a Kyoko Soryu. Is she your mother?" Asuka didn't answer, but Shinji nodded.

Rei clapped her hands. "What a wonderful coincidence!" She squeezed Shinji and Asuka in each arm. "Our parents were friends, and now we are!"

"Wonderful," Asuka said sarcastically.

They finally reached the main terminal and two scientists, Makoto and Shigeru, turned to greet her. "I don't think this is a good time for a tour, Akagi-san," Makoto said.

"Why?" Ritsuko asked.

"The Magi have been detecting odd energy surges," Shigeru answered. "But they only appear for a few seconds at a time."


"The first time was at 8:04 this morning. The second was at 12:17, and the third, at 15:21."

Ritsuko looked at her daughter. "Were those the times you hade the visions?"

Rei smiled. "Yes. I checked my watch each time."

"She would," Asuka said.

Makoto and Shigeru were giving Rei strange looks. "Visions?" Shigeru asked.

"I'll explain later. Just tell me what the surges are," Ritsuko said.

Makoto coughed. "It may sound ridiculous, but the Magi say these are rifts in the space-time continuum," he said.

"What?" Toji said shocked. "You mean they could be seeing the future or another dimension?"

"The jock knows what the space-time continuum is?" Asuka said surprised.

"Come on!" Toji replied. "It's mentioned in every other sci-fi movie."

"Well, that's what it is," Makoto said. "It's an opening to a parallel universe."

"Sugoi," Kensuke whispered in awe.

"So, why are Rei, Asuka, and I the only ones who can see them?" Shinji asked.

"We'll start to work on that right now," Ritsuko reassured him.

Suddenly the three children covered their ears. "What is it?" Ritsuko asked Rei.

Rei barely heard her mother over the noise that only she and two others perceived. "It's a giant pink drill," she finally said. "And it's crushing everything in its way."

Before anyone could reply, Rei, Shinji, and Asuka were enveloped in a ball of energy. They tried to talk, but they couldn't hear any sound. The ball twisted into a vortex and the children were powerless to avoid getting pulled in. The last thing they remembered was the face of a giant, ghostly Rei.



*The next chapter will be episode 1 of Evangelion. I didn't want to stretch the switch for five or so chapters as that otherwise excellent Dual! - Eva crossover did.

*No characters from Dual! will appear. This is just Evangelion written as if it had a similar plot.

*If Ritsuko seemed OOC, she wasn't. In this universe, she is a mother and her mother is still alive so her attitude reflects that. Also, if Rei were her daughter, Ritsuko would have to have been fourteen or fifteen when Rei was born. So what. It happens. And Ritsuko and her daughter love each other.