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Chapter 20: Insignificance is Bliss: part 2

Quick Character Chart:


Shinji / Ikari

Gendo Ikari / Gendo

Yui Ikari / Yui

Rei / Rei III (Emi)

Ms. Ritsuko / Ritsuko

Asuka / Soryu

Who would win in a fight: A "stop" sign, or a "no U-turn" sign?
"Shinji!" Emi screamed as he failed to get out of the way of a truck in time. Emi almost wanted to look away, but she then saw a blur appear right before the truck hit Shinji. The blur immediately stopped on the sidewalk, showing Kaoru holding Shinji.

Shinji then nearly freaked out when Kaoru wrapped his arms around Shinji. "Don't ever do that again, Shinji!" the angel admonished. "I was so worried!"

Shinji lifted his arms up and gently took Kaoru's arms off him. "Thank you, Nagisa-san." He looked at both Kaoru and Emi. "Listen very carefully," Shinji said as he chose his words just as carefully. "I am proud to call you my friends, but right now, we have to make sure the world isn't destroyed. So until that happens, I am not interested in romance!"

"Romance?" Kaoru asked as his eyes popped open. "You, you think I--"

"What?" Shinji asked. "If you weren't interested in me, then why do you keep acting like that around me?"

"I… I just…" Kaoru stammered as a huge sweat drop appeared next to his head.

"You were trying to emulate human interaction, and got mixed up?" Emi asked. Kaoru nodded.

Shinji snickered. "At least you're talking it better than Asuka did when she had a crush on Sailor Uranus, and then found out she was a girl." Shinji's face then turned serious. "But don't either of you tell her I told you that." The two nodded.

Kaoru then bowed to Shinji. "I apologize for the way I have been acting, and the discomfort it caused you," Kaoru said. "I will be sure to modify my behavior from now on." Kaoru then flew off.

Shinji turned and bowed to Emi. "And I apologize for overreacting. I, I do admit there could be a future between us, but until the angels are defeated, I can't even consider that right now."

Emi nodded. "I understand, Shinji-kun. The angels have to be stopped first."

Collins shook his head as he saw Kaji talking to Misato on the security circuit. He didn't need to hear them to guess what was happening. Kaji walked up to Misato and whispered in her ear. Misato was shocked by whatever he said, but then smiled and wrapped her arms around Kaji. He did not return the gesture, but looked at her sadly. The two talked for another minute, with Kaji looking increasingly downcast, and Misato getting more upset. Finally, she nailed him with a right cross and ran out of the room in tears.

'Ryoji, I should kill you just for that,' Collins thought as he watched Kaji slowly leave the room.

"Excuse me?" Gendo asked as he sat in his chair.

"I said I want to pilot the Evas again," Emi repeated.

Gendo shook his head, as he was pretty sure of the First Child's reason. "You will only be a reserve," he warned. Emi nodded. "However, Aida and Suzuhara have shown less interest in piloting the Evas, so I'm sure they won't mind if I make you the primary reserve pilot."

"Thank you, Commander," Emi said as she bowed slightly. Gendo noticed a slight skip in her step as she left the room. He smiled inside, realizing that Yui used to--actually still did--walk like that.

Kaoru relaxed on the ledges of the building across from the apartments. He shook his head as he recalled his behavior. "I can't believe how inappropriately I was acting," he said to himself. "And I don't even know what romance truly is." He looked up at the clouds. "So what is romance?"

Kaoru then noticed Soryu walking onto her balcony. She looked back and sighed. She walked through the door, and dragged Ikari out. Kaoru chuckled at the similarities between the children's counterparts, except this second child didn't smack the third around. She simply leaded a little past the railing and enjoyed the breeze. The air was colder than normal. It was only a few degrees, but with how people had gotten used to the warmer global climate, those few degrees were enough to show two little bulges in the angora covering the center of Soryu's breasts.

Ikari blushed and tried to look away. Soryu noticed this and was a little puzzled. When she figured out what he was doing, the redhead nearly shrieked as she wrapped her arms around her chest. She was about to smack Ikari for being a hentai, but then remembered herself. She instead took Ikari's hands and tried to place them over her breasts. Ikari freaked out and nearly fainted. Soryu just laughed.

"So what she used to find repulsive, she now finds charming," Kaoru observed. "Is that what romance is: seeing someone in a new light? Or is it something more?" Kaoru then recalled Asuka's behavior around Shinji, how she could act bossy, and then gentle all in a few minutes. "Or perhaps it is realizing that you have seen someone that way all along. I had forgotten how strong the human ability to deny is." He shook his head again. "I almost fell victim to that myself."

Kaoru heard a car come to a stop at the street. He somehow found the sound familiar. He looked down and saw that it was the car NERV had hired to chauffer Josephine. Kaoru smiled slightly. "Perhaps she can help me figure out what romance is."

If Keele still had eyes, they would have popped out of their sockets. "What does the report say?" another committee member asked.

It took several seconds for Keele to compose himself. "The worldwide birthrate," he finally said, "has tripled since last year."

The committee was also stunned by the news. One member pounded his fist on his desk. "Damn those children! Damn that universe! It's ruining everything!"

"It may not have to do with that universe," Keele offered. "The only way this could have happened is if Lilith's Egg had been compromised."

"Then how can instrumentality be completed if we cannot join every soul on this planet?" the hooked-nose man asked. "It may already be too late."

Lil-Lil laughed. "Aren't you forgetting that I will take Lilith's place? I will simply make a new egg and achieve our destiny."

"But we still have to deal with NERV first."

"But of course," Lil-Lil answered. "Our plan of attack is still on, isn't it?"

"Well we do need a few modifications," Keele responded. He turned on another hologram, showing Collins. "How goes your attempts to sabotage the Evangelions?"

"It's not good," Collins answered. "The labor force, that NERV now has, is highly trained. Every nut I loosen is caught in every inspection. If I'm not careful--"

"This is not the time for excuses!" Keele interrupted. "Your concern is no longer the Evas. We've received reports that NERV is increasing its defenses. I want you to find out everything you can about it."

Collins nodded. "So they must know we plan to strike. Yet I will let you know if they've anticipated when and how." Collins started to fade.

"Just one moment," Keele added. "We believe Lilith's egg may have cracked. Investigate this in any way possible."

"I don't trust him," Lil-Lil said after Collins left the meeting.

The rest of the members groaned. "For crying out loud," the hook-nosed man snapped, "you say that about ALL of us!"

"Well isn't it true that every one of you is planning to stab the others in the back?"

"That does not matter," Keele answered. "Once instrumentality is complete, none of this will matter."

There was a constant, yet regular clacking of plates as Shinji dried the dishes, while Yui Ikari washed them.

"Shinji," Asuka's lightly called across the room. The tone was difficult to distinguish between nice and threatening, so it startled Shinji. He scrambled to catch a plate he nearly dropped.

When Shinji put the plate on the stack, Asuka's finger lightly touched his shoulder. Shinji froze in horror, dreading whatever would come next.

Yui Ikari watched Asuka very carefully. She knew the redhead was mean to Shinji only because she liked him, but there was a limit to how far Yui Ikari would let Asuka go.

"Shinji, is it true that you insisted you aren't interested in romance right now?" Asuka asked gently, but deliberately. Shinji shook as he braced for the pummeling, but instead, Asuka leaned closer to his ear. "That was a great lie," she whispered. "Now you got those tramps to leave you alone, leave us alone."

Shinji wanted to bang his head on the counter. 'Crap! This is even worse!' he screamed in his mind.

"Shinji," Rei called in a sing-song. Shinji sighed in defeat as she walked up to him and shoved Asuka out of the way. "I'm so glad you got my counterpart off your back. After all, she should be with someone from her own universe."

"Now maybe you can get rid of her as well," Asuka said to Shinji.

"Why? Perhaps Shinji doesn't think love means a slap on the face"

Yui was about to order the girls to take the fight somewhere else, when there was a knock at the door. Shinji immediately broke free to answer it. "Konnichiwa," Josephine said in her soft French accent as she bowed.

"It's good to see you, Suzette-san," Shinji answered. He didn't see Asuka's and Rei's eyes turn red.

"I, I've come to apologize," Josephine said nervously. "I do like you, but I didn't mean to be so forceful."

Shinji laughed. "Suzette-san, you've been anything but. There's no need to apologize."

Josephine blushed. "A, arigato, Shinji," she said as she smiled and covered her face. "Perhaps, after the angels are defeated--"

Before Josephine could finish, Asuka and Rei turned into raging werebeasts. Josephine screamed and ran off. Shinji sighed in anger, guessing what happened. He turned around.

"She did it!" Asuka and Rei chorused, pointing fingers at each other. Before that could escalate any further, Yui Ikari cracked the girls' heads together, and they crumpled to the floor.

"There will be no more of that in my house!" Yui Ikari snapped. If Asuka and Rei hadn't been so stunned, they would have nodded.

Shinji walked outside, to go after Josephine, but he saw her run into Kaoru. He recalled what Rei said about her counterpart, and realized it applied to Josephine as well. She was a nice girl, but they were literally worlds apart.

"Are you all right, Suzette-chan?" Kaoru asked.

Josephine wiped her tears away. "It's nothing, Nagisa-san. I should have better nerves than that."

"It's all right," Kaoru assured her. "You've only around people a short time. Of course, you'd be frightened."

Josephine froze. "You knew?"

"Don't worry. Your secret will stay with me.

Josephine almost burst into tears again. "You must have thought poor Aida-san was a weirdo!"

Kaoru shook his head. "No. I sensed your presence there. Even in that kiss."

Josephine blushed. "You, you liked that kiss?"

"Well I think I'd like one just from you even," Kaoru stopped. "Excuse me. I too have problems with human interactions and that was--"

"No," Josephine interrupted. "I also would prefer to give you a kiss just from me." She blushed again. "Um, would you like one now?"

Kaoru smiled. "Yes, I do." The pair slowly, nervously, clasped their hands together, and then kissed. It wasn't a thunderously passionate one, but they didn't break it.

Shinji sighed with relief. "Isn't that wonderful?" his mother observed.

Shinji and Yui Ikari went back inside. "You'll be happy to know that Josephine is out of the picture," Shinji said flatly to Asuka and Rei, who were still lying on the floor, as stars and birds circled their heads.

"Hurray," the girls said weakly.

It was a cool, breezy day in Neo Beijing, as a small family, of two women and one boy, left one of the restaurants. "When are we going to move back to Japan, Okaasan?" asked Satori Kasumi, the younger, yet still adult, woman.

"I don't know," her mother, Satori Seyoko answered. "That all depends on when the last two angels are defeated. Until then, I want us to stay here, where it's safe."

"I wonder what those angels going to be like," said Takuma, the boy, who was not older than fifteen. "I heard the commander knew what the angels were going to--"

"This is not something to discuss here on the street, Onii-kun!" Kasumi interrupted.

Takuma bowed his head. "I apologize."

"Don't worry, Takuma-chan," Seyoko said. "Those are just rumors." Yet his mother's tone did not convince Takuma.

When the three where in the car, Kasumi put her keys in the ignition. At that moment, four men, dressed all in black, pointed silencers at the family members' heads. "You turn that key, and none of you will live another second," said the man standing next to Kasumi's window.

Kasumi nodded in terror. The three were dragged out of their car. They were all shoved to the ground as the men handcuffed them. Then they saw a device underneath the car, with a timer on it. Yet before they could react, they were picked up and shoved into a van.

Two men in the shadows watched the van drive off. "What the hell happened?" one asked.

"I don't know. Perhaps the committee wants them alive," answered the other man. "We'll have to check.

Meanwhile, in the van, the men took the cuffs off the family. "Thank you," Seyoko said.

"Why?" Takuma snapped. "They kidnapped and threatened us!"

"No, they were warning us. You saw that bomb."

"Well how do we know it wasn't planted to trick us?"

"You don't," said one of the men, as he took his mask off.

Seyoko smiled. "I think we can trust them," she told Takuma. "This is Agent Li. He also works for NERV."

"But why would someone do that to us?" Takuma asked.

Li looked gravely at the boy. "It was the committee that formed NERV. They've had their own agenda for years, and what NERV is doing is not fitting with the committee's plans. Now, they seem to be desperate and striking at anyone they can get to."

"But why us?" Takuma repeated.

Li looked to Seyoko. She sighed and nodded. "Takuma-chan, do you remember that NERV made a deal that required the sixth child be a girl?" Takuma was confused, but nodded. "Well before that deal was made, you were the top candidate for the position."

Takuma was stunned, but said nothing. "We'll be on the next plane to Tokyo-3 within the hour," Li said.

Takuma suddenly perked up. "Does that mean I'll get to see Ayanami-san again?"

Keele called the rest of the committee as soon as he heard that Lil-Lil had arrived. Yet when, she came in the room, none of the committee members had a chance to switch to "sound only" mode before their nosebleeds kicked in. Lil-Lil held her white mink stole against her bare breasts, because she had nothing else on above the waist. Her dress had been torn to shreds. Her skirt was barely there as well. The committee had repeated short views of her shimmering satin panties. From the fear on Lil-Lil's face, the members of SEELE realized this was not deliberate.

"Well?" Keele said, doing his best to maintain his usual tone.

"I finally found Ariel and Zeruel," Lil-Lil answered. "But they resisted. They want Adam for themselves."

"Shit!" exclaimed the hook-nosed member. "The scrolls don't mean anything anymore! We may as well have let them rot in the Vatican!"

"This may actually be to our advantage," Keele assured. The other members, and Lil-Lil stared at him. "If those two are strong enough to resist your power, they may actually do some damage to NERV. That will be the perfect time to strike."

"And if they get Adam first?" Lil-Lil asked.

Keele simply smiled. Even Lil-Lil was creeped out by his expression. "We have planned for that as well. Do not worry, my lady. Now you should find yourself a new outfit. Or do you like the way the fur feels against your chest?" Keele finished as he noticed the way the angel ran her fingers over he mink.

Now, Lil-Lil was the one who wanted to hide her face.

Emi hung up her rabbit fur in the coat closet as she pondered her situation. Since Shinji had made his position clear, the only option was to defeat the angels as quickly as possible. Emi glared at her counterpart, who was folding laundry. 'She has not been effective on her part,' Emi thought, recalling the briefings she read of the battles in this timeline. 'She did kill the angel that cost me my last body, but that was likely a fluke, and the Jet Alone was only defeated because its AT-field was weaker.' She glared at Rei again. 'I should be the one piloting Unit 00. I can use it more effectively.' She almost slammed the closet door shut. 'And I'm sick of being tied up, when Akagi won't grant my request to have Shinji-kun do it to me!'

Emi now sighed. 'So I have to take her place. But the only way that would work is if she didn't know about it. How--' She suddenly had an idea. Yet how could she divert Rei's attention? Then she recalled how Rei had admired her fur. Emi took it out of the closet. "Rei-san," Emi spoke."

"Yes, emi-san?" Rei answered, unaware of her counterpart's plan.

"I was wondering why you don't have a coat of your own," Emi said as she held hers against herself.

Rei blushed. "No! I couldn't wear something so extravagant!"

"Well I wear it. Do you find me extravagant?" Emi asked gently as she stroked her fur coat. Emi noticed Rei was staring at the fur. 'Yes. She enjoys the way it feels as much as I do. That's why she's embarrassed to wear them.' Emi the noticed that Rei had not taken her eyes off the fur. In fact, Rei's eyes were half glazed. 'Perfect,' Emi thought in triumph. "You want to try on my fur coat," Emi commanded in a barely audible whisper.

"Uh, can I try on your fur coat?" Rei asked.

Emi smiled. "Of course," she answered as sweetly as her voice allowed.

Rei tried not to gasp with pleasure as Emi slid the coat up Rei's arms. Rei lightly ran her hands over the white fur, almost moaning as she smiled.

'Hmm, it seems she is becoming moderately aroused,' Emi thought. 'It is not enough to stimulate sexual pleasure, but enough to enhance any she might feel. I guess that is how I feel about soft things.' Rei was now running her hands over the sleeves of her coat. "Time to make my move," Emi said out loud.

But Rei was so enthralled by the softness of the fur, she didn't hear Emi speak, nor did she hear her counterpart's subsequent whispering in Rei's ear.

"Shinji, can you tell me something?" Soryu asked as Ikari walked with her to NERV.

"Okay," Ikari said.

"Why don't you want to pilot anymore?" Soryu asked. She tried not to get annoyed when Ikari hung his head. "You should pilot the Evas again. You were the best."

Ikari's head went up. "You really think so?" Soryu nodded, but Ikari then shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I only piloted because of my father."

"What? Oh, yes, the commander." Soryu looked a little embarrassed. "I never really paid attention to him before. I guess I didn't care." Soryu hung her head as she sighed. "Perhaps if I did, I would have known you better."

"Asuka, I--"

"Not now," Soryu said, cutting him off. "I'm glad I know you now." She then kissed Ikari.

Rei and Emi were the only ones in the locker room as Rei prepared for the latest synch tests. 'Obviously, I need to make sure I can still work with Unit 00 before I try to pilot it,' Emi thought. 'Now is as good as any.'

"Did you enjoy wearing my fur coat?" Emi asked out loud, as Rei was about to climb in her plug suit.

Rei froze, and her eyes glazed over at the trigger phrase. "Yes," she said, in a tone resembling her counterpart. "I would like to wear it again."

Emi removed her fur and her clothes and handed them to Rei. Rei put them on, as Emi put on the plug suit. As soon as the suit compressed around her body, Emi turned to a mirror and smiled. "I just hope I score as well as Shinji-kun has," she said in a tone resembling Rei's with a hint of a giggle. "Good," Emi then said in her normal voice. "All the time observing your behavior has paid off."

Rei was too hypnotized to hear what Emi said, let alone respond.

"You stay here until I return. If anyone sees you here, stare at the walls and ignore them." Emi had found that seemed to make people leave her alone, even though she rarely did that anymore.

Evening falling on Tokyo-3 wasn't an unpleasant time. The breezes usually picked up about an hour before, making the night far cooler than in the daytime. There was not anything threatening about the night either. Instead of seeming dark, nighttime in the years after the second impact, despite the hopelessness about everything else in this world, seemed more like the world was simply resting, to be renewed the next day.

Kaji sighed, wishing he could feel that. But now, the prophesy of the chosen one was at hand. Kaji's doom was imminent. He could only hope his legacy would allow the world to survive.

A movement in the corner of his eye caught Kaji's attention. He smiled inside. At least this would soon be over. The moment, he had been waiting for the past twelve years, had finally come.

"Her synch ratio is still no higher than forty-seven percent," Maya said about Emi, who she thought was Rei.

"What's wrong, Rei?" Ritsuko asked. "Your vitals show a lot of tension."

"Sorry about that, Akagi-sama," Emi answered, wondering why this should make her so nervous.

"Sempai," Maya said. "Unit 00's brainwaves are becoming active."

Ritsuko froze in shock. "Okaasan," she whispered. "Prepare to eject--"

"No, please!" Emi pleaded with genuine feeling. This was a moment she had secretly been dreading since the fist attempted activation of this Eva. It was why she had never tried to synch too strongly with her Eva, unlike all the rest did. Yet if she ran away now, she would never stop. "I, I know I can talk to her," Emi finished.

Ritsuko thought about the situation, as she tapped her pen on her chin. She reluctantly nodded.

'Why am I trying to hide?' Kaji thought as he slowly crept among the shadows of an alley. 'I knew I would hesitate, but it's been nearly an hour. Why am I afraid?'

Kaji's pursuer walked by the alley. Kaji didn't get a good look, because he found himself hiding his face in his hands as the figure appeared.

'Idiot!' he yelled to himself after the figure left. 'How in the hell was that supposed to hide you better? He would have shot you, even if you didn't see his face!'

Then he noticed his hands were shaking. 'This isn't right.' Somehow, he knew he did not act like this in the other timeline. Before he had a chance to ponder that, a tear fell onto his palm.

'Misato-chan,' he thought, before bursting into silent sobs.

'You,' a voice said quietly, but menacingly, to Emi's mind.

'Akagi Naoko, it's... been a while,' Emi responded in her mind.

'Who are you?' Emi heard in her mind, but from another direction, even though it sounded exactly the same as the first voice.

'Don't you remember me?' Emi asked.

'You took him from me!' the first voice yelled.

Emi did her best to remain calm. As much as she had buried it, she had not known fear until the day that Unit 00--no, until the day Naoko had killed her. 'I'm sorry,' she thought, as she held back the tears.

'Excuse me?' the second voice asked.

'I mean the commander. He was just using me, as he was using you.'

'LIAR!' screamed the first.

Just then, Emi became aware that neither of the voices was aware of each other. 'What happened to Naoko-san? Has her mind split like the Magi?'

'I remember you,' said the second. 'You were the girl I hurt.' Emi felt the voice hesitate. 'Are you all right? I'm so sorry.'

Emi was stunned. 'Naoko-san does not hate me? Then why, why?'

Kaji put on his best face as he was seated at the restaurant. He knew SEELE would not attack him, with so many people around. Kaji didn't care if it was a cowardly act. When the waiter came, he ordered the house specialty, with the restaurant's best sake.

The figure following Kaji stood behind the bushes next to the building. He soon left, as Kaji predicted.

Kaji slowly pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Misato's number. Yet as soon as he heard it ringing, his hands started shaking. He hung up.

'It's too late already,' he thought. 'I'd be dead before she had the chance to meet me again.'

All day, Misato had acted as though she had not met Kaji at all, even though everyone knew better. When Misato's phone rang, she immediately grabbed it, but it hung up before she had the chance to answer. She did see that Kaji had called.

Misato's face twisted in rage, and she slammed her phone to the ground. however, the phone remained intact, with only the battery popping out.

Ristuko sighed. She turned to Maya. "Lieutenant, take over for me." Maya nodded, and Ritsuko wrapped her arm around Misato's shoulder. "You shouldn't be here," she told her friend. "Let me take you someplace, somewhere with some decent beer."

"I am the Rei that exists only in your mind," Emi said to said to Soryu.

"Then I am the Asuka that only exists in your mind," Soryu replied to Emi.

'Oh,' Emi thought, as she recalled that moment. 'You are the real Naoko-san,' she said to the second voice. 'The other one was just the you I was afraid of.'

It all made sense now. The incidents with Unit 00 had not been caused by either Emi or Naoko. When Unit 00 had first been activated, Emi had felt Naoko's presence. But all that Emi remembered of Naoko was seeing her face twisted in rage as she strangled the girl. The fear Emi had felt was so strong, it created a glitch in the Eva's systems, causing it to go berserk. The glitch was minor, which was why it had only occurred once more in each timeline.

Emi activated her hologram. "Ibuki?" she asked, but then quickly changed her tone when she realized she forgot to speak like Rei. "I spoke with Naoko-sama. She's fine. I think it might be a glitch in the Eva's memory."

Maya nodded. "All right. We'll run a diagnostic as soon as the test is over."

'I'm so sorry,' Naoko repeated.

'No, it was my fault,' Emi answered. She didn't care what happened. She had been holding this to herself for far to long. 'I made you do it. I mean, I didn't expect it to go that far. I... was jealous of your relationship with the Commander. So I told you those things... so that you would leave him alone.'

Emi braced for what Naoko would do.

'Did you make it all up, or did he really say those things?' Naoko asked.

'Well,' Emi tried to say.

'It doesn't matter. I was foolish. I let my weakness overwhelm me.'

'You were not the only one,' Emi replied.

'My daughter is working for NERV, isn't she?'


'I she happy there?

'Now she is.'

Emi swore she heard sobs. She didn't realize that others heard it too.

'Sempai, if only you could see your mother again,' Maya thought.

"Sorry I kept you waiting," Kaji said as he stood in the woods outside the restaurant. He didn't turn to face the figure behind him. "Just get it over with."

Kaji's nearly screamed in pain as his head was struck.


Kaoru suddenly broke his kiss with Josephine.

"What is it?" she asked.

"A great disturbance in the force," Kaoru answered, "as if millions of yaoi fans cried out in anger, and were suddenly silenced."

Now the rest of the chapter!

"What?" Kaji asked as he rubbed his head. That wasn't a bullet. From the sound, it was likely a roll of paper. Kaji turned to the figure. "Ouch!" The roll hit him again.

"Idiot!" the figure almost screamed. He held out the rolled-up paper to Kaji. "Did you think that you were the chosen one?"

"Well I... you?"

Collins sighed. "Let's just say those children were not the only ones from the other timeline."

Kaji smiled in relief. "So you're trying to stop this too? Ah!"

Collins again smacked Kaji with the paper. "That doesn't matter right now! Why do you think you were chosen?"

"Well it did say that someone would prevent the third judgment of--"

"What? Prevent?" Collins interrupted. He unrolled the paper and looked at it. "Oh, yes, it could be interpreted that way."

"That's a Xerox of one of the scrolls?" Kaji asked.

"Yes," Collins answered. "I made this in nineteen eighty-five."

Kaji stared at Collins. "What were you, twelve?" Collins started to roll up the scroll again. "No, no! Nevermind!" Kaji said, frantically waving his hands. Collins unrolled the scroll and showed it to Kaji. "Wait, there's something missing."

"A couple of years later, I spilled a few drops of coffee on the original," Collins answered. "When I wiped them off, streaks were left."

"Streaks? What?" Then Kaji looked at his hand.

Collins looked as well. He glared at Kaji. "You thought that was a picture of your palm lines?"

"Uhhhhhhhh..." Kaji tried to say, as he stood there motionless, and a sweat drop the size of an Eva appeared next to his head. Collins rolled up the scroll and smacked Kaji once more. "Hey!"

"Listen. SEELE isn't after you anymore. They have other plans." Collins looked at Kaji's face. "And if you have a brain in that head of yours, one of your plans is to apologize to Misato, marry her, and lots of children."

Kaji nodded, and then saw a familiar car drive up to the restaurant. "Isn't that Akagi's car?" Collins and Kaji walked to the front of the restaurant and saw the car park, and Ritsuko and Misato get out.

"What a wonderful coincidence," Collins said, but Kaji didn't hear him. Collins saw him run out to the parking lot, calling Misato's name. She turned to him, and nearly burst into tears. Kaji then wrapped his arms around Misato. Collins didn't hear what Kaji said, but Misato wrapped her arms around him. "This is why we can't be blind slaves to fate," he said to himself. "We honestly can't say what it has planned."

Meanwhile, Emi walked out of her shower, and Rei was still there, hypnotized, and stroking Emi's rabbit fur. Emi told her the relevant details of the synch test, so that Rei would think she was there instead. The two switched clothes, and Emi then snapped her fingers to wake Rei up.

Emi held her fur close to herself as she left the locker room. 'Soon, the angels will be defeated, and then I will be with Shinji-kun.' Emi sighed with pleasure. 'I cannot think of anyone else I wish to be with.'

Then she walked by the cafeteria. She nearly fell over as her eyes met another pair of eyes, that belonged to a face that had just been recalled from her memories. "T... T..." she found herself stammering. "Takuma-kun?"


Takuma is not a character I made up. He's from "The Child of Love 2" by David Templar at ffn.

Yes, there's a bit of a fetish theme in this chapter. How else could I justify this story's rating?


From ffn.

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montypython320: I'm making sure of it.

supereva 01-02: I hope this one didn't take too long. And as for the mind angel, haven't you noticed that I make sure almost NONE of the angel attacks happen the same way?

nicknack: I hope I can end this well.

dogbertcarrol: Maybe they'll end up with Dogbert. ;)

Hououza: You should have paid attention. That's kind of an important detail. What did you think was powering Unit 01 in the months after Yui was freed, an NES rom?

'?': Then found a church for me and spread my word!

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