Alternate Endings

By: Redfox and Megane-chan [1st couple 'o' ones are by me. The red one with no eyeglasses. Yeah… knew you'd catch on.]

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"Don't piss me off- I'm running out of places to hide the bodies."


The sentinel was nearing and some weird green blob already brought down some of the other mutants. Kitty panicked as the green blob enveloped her as well. It felt strange inside it, gooey and sticky, as if she was covered in bubble gum. Kitty did the only logical thing her teenage mind would allow her to do: Phase.

She actually, successfully phased through the blob and decided to resume running before it, the sentinel, fired off another one. She had Kurt teleport her up on a building, just a few inches above the sentinels head… uh… top.

The sentinel located her mutant traces and banged a metal fist against the building she was on, causing her to fall off, just right above it's head.

Kitty screamed and shut her eyes tight focusing all her concentration and energy to doing this one thing. Phase through. And she did. She phased through the sentinel, and it short-circuited.

"Uh… like, whoops." Kitty said sheepishly, "Was I, like, supposed to do that?"

Kurt shrugged "Hey, we von…"


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