Mobile Suit Gundam
Armageddon's Cry
Written by: djb21212

Disclaimer: Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Mobile Suit Gundam F91, After War Gundam X, and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED all belong to Sunrise and Bandai.

Note: Since this story involves merging several storylines together, several elements have been changed for most of the characters. You'll see this later. I should warn you that as far as the couples are concerned, some are close to canon while certain ones are my own opinions. Please don't flame me saying that name/name shouldn't be together. It doesn't detach from the main storyline.

This story was inspired by and heavily based on the DC Comics Elseworlds novel "Kingdom Come" by Elliot S! Maggin and the original version of my story "Memories of Sorrow".

In the calendar year 0079 of the Universal Century, the Earth Federation was embroiled in a bitter war with the Republic of Zeon. For a time, a stalemate was held between the two combating factions until it was broken with the introduction of the Zeon's mass-produced war machines, a series of mobile suits known as the Zaku. They had managed to hold the Federal Forces at bay, even going as far as dropping entire space colonies on their once-proud homeworld. It was in this year that the Earth Federation finally began "Project V", and began secret development of the series of mobile suits that would be known as Gundams.

The first of these Gundams would be tested by Amuro Ray when a series of Zaku IIs invaded the space colony of Side 7 and turned it into a warzone. Since then, after becoming part of the crew of the Pegasus-class carrier "White Base", Amuro became one of the most successful pilots to grace the Earth Federation. His abilities allowed the war to be won by the Earth Federation, yet it was only the first nail in the coffin that would spell his own demise.

Several years later, after the tragic conflict known as "Operation Stardust" in UC 0083, the Federal Forces commissioned a special task force called the Titans to find the remaining Zeon forces and eliminate them. However, they soon became corrupted with their own power and declared another unofficial war with the space colonies. The Anti-Earth Union Group, led by a mysterious man named Quattro Bagina, soon fought back against the Titans with the help of veteran soldiers such as Captain Bright Noah. Amuro was eventually convinced to return to aid the AEUG but was not the same young man as before. His experiences in space had taken away his will to fight, his spirit held back by the memories of the One Year War. Nevertheless, he became an inspiration for his young protégé, a young man named Camille Bidan who piloted the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam.

In UC 0093, Amuro was called on once again to help Londo Bell against the revitalized forces of Neo-Zeon led by his archnemesis, Char Aznable. The two clashed in an epic battle above Earth's atmosphere, one that would decide the fate of so many lives. Char's mobile suit, the AMX-009 Sazabi "Nightingale", was destroyed by Amuro's RX-93 NuGundam as the asteroid base Axis began to plummet into Earth. Amuro tried to stop the falling asteroid and succeeded but at a heavy cost. When Axis left the Earth's atmosphere, the NuGundam was nowhere to be found. If Amuro had survived, no one knew of where he was.

With Amuro and Char gone, Neo-Zeon began to split into varying factions, each claiming a right to finish what their predecessor started. The Crossbone Vanguard, headed by Korozo "Iron Mask" Ronah, began a series of attacks on the Frontier series of colonies closest to Earth. Meanwhile, the elusive Space Revolutionary Army led a massive project called "Operation: Daria" to drop the remaining colonies onto Earth. The Federation was at a loss to stop these attacks, even with their mass-production GX-9900 Gundam X mobile suits. Eventually, much of the Earth was devastated by the colony drops, the casualty list growing more and more enormous with each passing day. Eventually, the Earth Federation was completely dismantled in the aftermath, replaced with the newer Earth Alliance. Despite having a new name, it was plagued with the same problems as it dealt with the rebellious forces of ZAFT. It is now XX99 of the Universal Century, or 0071 of the new Cosmic Era calendar.

The sun was at it's brightest as the hovercar drove down the abandoned roadway, it's gleaming metal surface catching the sunlight. The blond-haired passenger looked around, taking time to reflect on the surroundings she found herself in. More and more of the world was becoming like this scenery, the aftermath of the colony drops weighing heavily on the inhabitants of this planet. Patchs of grass still grew defiantly in the browning dirt, a testament of the Earth's resistance to her inhabitants' abuse.

The car slowed in front of a modestly-designed house, at peace with it's surroundings in this setting of abandonment. She knew she would find him here. After all, he had built this house himself after the Gryps conflict of UC 0087. It was his personal escape from the modern settings of the cities, a place to let himself relax. She was one of the few that knew of this place's existence, even though it was many years ago that she had been here. She stepped out of the hovercar and removed the dark sunglasses from her ocean-blue eyes, musing over how little things changed over the years. For Sayla Mass, it seemed like a lifetime ago.

Sayla had changed little from the distant young girl she was those years ago on the White Base. The years had been kind to her, adding a type of beauty to her that some women envied and men were attracted to. Still, she remained distant when working as a doctor, devoting most of her energy to healing her patients. It was one of the reasons that brought her here today, to this rural setting. To see a patient as well as a friend.

She approached the doorway and knocked gently, hoping that he was there. The door opened and she was greeted by a familiar round-shaped robot.

"Haro! Welcome Sayla! Haro!" the little robot said to her.

"It's nice to see you again, Haro." Sayla replied, smiling slightly as she entered the house. It was modestly decorated, computer equipment scattered throughout the area in disarray. She walked through until she entered the bedroom, where Amuro Ray was waiting for her.

Amuro, on the other hand, had changed a great deal in the last few years. Though being a Newtype granted him longevity somewhat, he still bore a look of someone much older than he was. Not from age, but from experience. Since the Neo-Zeon War, he had been in deep seclusion here, refusing to even come close to the cities or colonies in space. His brown hair was showing signs of going gray, his once vibrant brown eyes now tired. His body was as healthy as always, but all of his energy went to customizing Haro and building computer equipment. This was what brought Sayla here, not because he was ill physically, but spiritually ill. His spirit was broken, lost to the echoes of time.

"Sayla..." Amuro said as he hugged her lightly, smiling for the first time all day. "It's good to see you again."

"Thank you, Amuro." Sayla told her friend as she kissed him lightly on the lips. It was gentle, not like lovers would, but as people who shared a genuine and deep relationship with each other over the years.

When Amuro's NuGundam had crashed on the shores of eastern Europe, he was rushed to a hospital where she happened to be working. After treating his injuries, the two had restarted their friendship and bonded on a level that was denied fourteen years before. Hence the reason she was one of the few who knew of Amuro's private home. They had never spoken of love between them, despite all of the signs that were there many years later. It was never necessary for them. Nevertheless, it was obvious that the two cared for each other in a way that wasn't put into words.

Amuro pulled out a chair from his desk for Sayla to sit in as she took out some of her medical supplies from a bag she had brought. She moved her stethoscope under his shirt gently, listening to his heartbeat. After several seconds, she removed the cold metal from Amuro's chest and sat down.

"So what brings you by, Sayla?" Amuro asked. "I know you didn't come all the way from Europe just for my annual checkup."

Sayla smiled slightly as she leaned forward, taking Amuro's hand into her own, feeling the warmth of her flesh passing into his. "No, Amuro, I didn't come here for that nor just to visit." Her smile faded as she prepared to tell Amuro the news. "Several attacks have been launched on the colonies. One of them was completely destroyed several months ago. They're sending Londo Bell's forces out now to help their fleets."

"And your point is?" Amuro said coldly as he stood to face the window, releasing the blond-haired woman's hand. "My life is not with the colonies or it's peoples anymore. It's no longer part of who I am."

"They were innocent people in this, Amuro." Sayla told him. "And she was your wife. I think that makes it a part of who you are."

"No one's innocent in a war, Sayla. You know that." Amuro turned to her, a dark look in his eyes. "I have better things to do with my time than worry about another war breaking out."

"They need you, Amuro, now more than ever. You're one of the best pilots there is. They look to your leadership in times like this."

"Not anymore. I have obligations here."

"I can't believe you don't care at all about what's going on out there." Sayla said angrily, not believing that her friend would be so unfeeling about everything that has happened. "How can you be so damn cold about this, Amuro? It isn't like you."

"I did care once... and it cost me heavily." Amuro returned his attention to the window, lost in the memories of his own grief. Sayla could see that pain written on his face, wishing that she could take it away from his wounded spirit. She laid a hand on his shoulder, a gentle consolation effort, and prepared to leave. She was going to the spaceport to meet with Bright Noah and the Ra Calium, to offer her services one last time. She turned to Amuro, his attention still on the view outside the window. Sayla wanted him to come with her, to finally begin putting the ghosts of his pasts behind him. It hurt her to see her friend like this, in so much pain after so long in his self-imposed exile.

"I don't know the future, Amuro, but I do know that there won't be one unless we act upon it. You have to face this, or the madness will just go on."

"...I'm sorry, Sayla." Amuro told her without looking from the window. "I can't do anything from here. Head for one of the neutral colonies. You'll be safe there."

Sayla looked at the once-powerful Newtype one last time and departed the room, leaving Amuro alone in the memories of his losses. He heard the door close, already sensing right away where she was going. But he couldn't go with her yet. He couldn't become involved again, not after it cost the life of his wife, Beltochika Irma.

He had met Beltochika when he began helping as part of the Kalaba, an extension of the AEUG that acted mostly on Earth against the fascist Titans. She was there for him when he was still grieving from the death of Lalah Sune, a death that he had caused during his battles with Char. Their relationship was culminated with their engagement in late UC 0093 and, for several months after the Neo-Zeon War, they were happy with each other and even planned to start a family.

Then the Seventh Space War began and the colonies started falling...

Amuro blamed himself for not being there, for not keeping his promise to protect her. When he discovered she was killed, it cut into his spirit like no pain he'd ever experienced before. He first wanted to find those responsible, to make them pay in blood for taking the woman he loved from him. When he found that the newly-founded Earth Alliance was willing to grant amnesty to the Space Revolutionary Army's forces, who were claiming responsibility, that was the final straw. He left that life, and all that it held for him, behind only to be cast into an exile far from his former life.

He eased himself into the desk chair near his bed, pulling out the portable laptop he kept nearby. He checked the news for the day, reading over the reports of some of the colonies, renamed PLANTS for some reason, were under the control of ZAFT, the latest faction to spring up lately. Their leaders were claiming the same ideals that the Zeon Republic once did, of the supremacy of spacenoids over the Earth inhabitants. He then glanced to a picture of the Earth Alliance leaders, seeing a very familiar face with them. His eyes were covered by dark sunglasses and his hair was different yet something told him it was the same man.

Char Aznable.

'So he's still around after all.' Amuro thought to himself as he got up. Char was up to something, much like he was during the Gryps conflict. He had to find out what. He rose from the chair and went to his living room, Haro following behind him.

"Haro! Where are you going, Amuro? Haro!" the little robot asked.

"To follow a hunch, Haro." Amuro said as he moved a section of the wooden floorboards. "Keep the house neat until I get back."

Under the floorboards was a metal hatchway, a recent addition to the house that Amuro made many years before. He thought he would never have to open it until now. He typed a sequence of numbers on the computerized lock, hearing the familiar click that the hatch was unlocked. He opened it slowly and, seeing the ladder on one side of the long tunnel, stepped down into it. His movements were slow, carefully measured so he wouldn't slip. After a few minutes, he reached the bottom of the tunnel and opened another metal doorway, entering the small hangar behind it.

The hangar was musty after not seen daylight for several years. It had gone unnoticed by all above, shielded by layers of terrain and concrete. Amuro knew that it would be safe here, away from Minosky particle sensors. It was here that he spent the last few years refitting the RX-93 NuGundam into a newer, more modern mobile suit.

The NuGundam, at first, had to rely on fin funnels and Amuro's own Newtype abilities in battle. He redesigned the fin funnels and moved them to a new housing on the mobile suit's back. The framework and armor was repainted to eliminate overheating and new venier thrusters were installed on the legs and backpack. Finally, a beam shield generator was added to eliminate excess weight. By the time Amuro was finished, the NuGundam was a completely different mobile suit.

He climbed up to the cockpit of the mobile suit, thinking back to the many times he had done this. It was almost second nature to him now. He opened the door and looked down inside, seeing the darkened controls that he hadn't touched in years. He brought up the main power feeds and began the systems check, initiating the start-up sequence as the giant doors above him opened. The venier thrusters ignited one by one, sending an echoing roar inside the cavernous hangar. Amuro strapped himself in and said words that haven't been uttered by his lips for many years.

"Amuro Ray, RX-93-2 Hi-NuGundam, launching now!"

With a mighty roar of it's engines, the white mobile suit charged upward through the doors, escaping it's concrete prison of the last six years. In the setting sun, it appeared almost angelic. The Gundam flew over the landscape, heading to the spaceport to finish what should have been finished long ago.