Key of Twilight

Dive into this fantasy

This stormy dream for a while

Leap into eternity

Of starry planets with style

Journey back to a place

In dreams you've seen before

Leave without any trace

Step through that open door

Navigating through a maze

Twisting and turning in mind

Ride upon that silver haze

Arrive at what you should find

Fly through the angel's crowds

Embrace the sapphire skies

Drift away from rain clouds

Break all those painful ties

Look at the mirror's smooth glass

See the reflection that's there

Know true love can always last

In the eyes you use to stare

Slide across a rainbow

Gain the heart of a child

Let those emotions show

Loosen up and be wild

Kaleidoscope of feelings

Promising a vow of hope

Prancing over glass ceilings

Realizing the whole scope

Led by a taken hand

Key of white twilight

Carried across gold sand

Off into a better night

Where yearnings come into sight

That distant yet secret gaze

Reborn a spirit takes flight

Swimming through shimmering waves

Explore lands old and new

Labyrinth of longing

Taste the sweet morning dew

As heaven's cherubs sing

Shatter boundaries unknown

Fall into the blinding light

Abandon being alone

Discover the key of twilight