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Lonely Heart

Ch. 8-The Final Battle


The group of kids walked slowly to the valley in front of Jonathan's hide

out. "Okay, time to get this plan into action." Emily said.

Kassie had started shaking with worry and excitement so T.K. took her

hand, "Hehehe, you looked worried."

"Thanks, T.K." Kassie replied, "You better get in there Kari." She said as

the Digimon started to attack and Kari ran for the building.


Davis was tied to a chair and Jonathan was showing him pictures, using a

projector. "We were best friends. Genevieve and I did everything together! We

meant the world to each other. You see when she died I lied awake day and

night thinking of a way to make you pay. Then I saw your sister. She was

perfect, it would cause you to suffer and maybe I could have another friend like


"Kassie would never like you for kidnapping her. You were insane." Davis


"Yes, yes I was. Heck, you could even say that I still am! You are right

though, she never even wanted to talk to me. I couldn't replace you, so yet again

I was second best to you. So I decided that I'm going to make you pay! Slowly

and painfully." He started laughing evilly, just as the building started to shake,

"What the- your friends are here. I guess I'll take care of them first." He said

leaving the room.

Davis started to struggle with the ropes binding his hands to the back of

the chair. All of a sudden he felt two hands grab his and make him stop


"Who are you?!?" Davis demanding straining his neck to get a look as the

ropes started to loosen.

"Oh, I'm hurt. You're gone for a day and you already forget me." Kari


"Kari!" Davis turned around and hugged her as soon as the last rope fell

to the ground.

"Davis, when you left I realized that I didn't see you for who you really

were, but I want to." Kari said looking down.

"It's okay, Kari. I didn't want you to see who I was." Davis said.

"No, it's not okay! I love you Davis!" Kari exclaimed as she kissed him.


Jonathan walked outside to see all of the digimon and digidestined

attacking his fortress.

"Attack Mega-Angemon!" T.K. yelled. They were trying so hard, but

Jonathan's digimon army was winning.

"You have to evolve past that!" Kassie yelled.

"What are you talking about?" T.K. asked. Just then four colors burst into

the sky one pink, one blue, one yellow, and one silver. They mixed together and

all of the digimon started to evolve.


Kari and Davis ran out holding hands. "But look, it did." Davis replied


In no time at all, all of Jonathan's army were destroyed and he fell to his

knees, "Why? Why couldn't anything good happen to me?"

"Because you used evil to try and make things happen for you." Kassie

answered, "And you thought that Genevieve didn't care. Well she had given me

this letter. Remember we all wrote them to have someone give to our families if

something happened. Well she wrote hers for you." Kassie said handing him the


He read it tears coming to his eyes. It said: Dear Johnny, you are truly

the only one I consider family. I love you and I want you to know that. I know I

don't need to tell you. Stay trusting and always do the right thing. Love Gen.

"You didn't need to do this. You could have been able to live without her.

With us." Kassie said taking his hand.

"I'll make thing right." Jonathan said standing up.

"Good." Davis replied, "No one has to be lonely and no one should be."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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