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Earth once used to be a place of beauty, and light. Sure, Earth wasn't perfect, but no place was. It had it's ups and downs, and if you wanted to, you could say it also had it sideways too. Earth was pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary ever happened.

That all changed.

On May 10, 2070 a rare species of bat bit a human. At first, no one thought much of it. The wound was treated, and it healed, leaving only two small marks on the boy's neck. Soon, however, the boy began to change.

The sun hurt his eyes, and it soon became painful for him to be in the sun at all. He would sleep all day and only come out at night, just like a bat. The doctors thought that maybe he got a skin condition of some sort from the bite.

Doctors studied the boy day and night, trying to figure him out.

The boy began to stop eating, and grew pale and weak. No one could get him to eat anything. His parents feared that he would soon die, and began to spend every minute of every day with him, praying for a miracle that he would live.

One night, the mother was reading him a story, just like she did when he was a boy. His eyes opened, and they weren't their usual blue color. No, for they had turned pure black.

Thinking that this was his final hour, the mother hugged her son tightly, praying to God that he'd go peacefully. The boy found himself staring at his mother's neck, and could hear her blood pumping in her veins.

Lifting a hand, he gently stroked her neck. The pumping intensified and the mother cried out, thinking her son was almost dead. The boy closed his eyes, and his hand dropped. The last sweet breath of life had escaped his lips, and he was no longer alive.

Or human.

The mother stayed, hugging her son tightly, and sobbing hesterically. After a few hours passed, she gently laid him back on the bed.

"An angel." She breathed. "He looks like an angel."

Turning to leave the room, a small noise caught her attention. Turning to look back at her son, she saw his hand twitch. Growing a bit curious, and wondering if her eyes were playing tricks on her, she moved closer to him to make sure that she hadn't been seeing things.

"It must have been my imagination." She murmured, turning to leave.

Before she could even take a step, the boy's hand lashed out and grabbed her wrist. A look of horror appeared on the mother's face as she turned to look at her supposedly dead son.

Black eyes stared at her, and fangs sparkled in the light. Trying to break his grip on her wrist, she struggled to let go, wanting to get away. With inhuman force, he pulled her to him, and tilted her head to the side.

Licking his lips, he bit her neck, causing her to scream. As the first drops of blood touched his tongue, his eyes turned from black to red, and he began to drink. Her screams went on and on, and the son sat there, drinking her blood, enjoying it.

The sound of a car in the driveway caused his ears to twitch, and he let her go. Going to look out the window, he saw that his father was home. Turning back to look at his mother, he smiled wickedly and decided to leave his father a present.

As the father came home, he called out for his wife, but no answer came. Going upstairs to check on his son, he was a bit surprised to find the door closed. They never closed it, for fear that he might need something and they wouldn't hear.

Walking down the hallway, he opened the door.

His eyes widened in horror, and his mouth dropped open. His heart stopped and he fell to the floor, dead from shock.

The man's wife, was shredded to pieces, and written in her blood above the bed, was a message from the son.

"And then, there was none."

Growing tired of being the only one of his kind, the boy made more like him. They slept during the day, and hunted humans by night.

Humans were no longer safe, and a panic arose, as they were slowly picked off one-by-one. Those who didn't want to wait for their death, began to search for a way to fight back.

Holy water, sunlight, wooden stakes, beheading, fire, those were the ways to kill them. The humans fought back as best they could, yet they were outnumbered. A few people trained their bodies, and became physically fit so as to have a better chance at beating the vampires.

Those who fought back, they were called hunters; vampire hunters.


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