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Mina had somehow gotten in the kitchen, and she was anything but happy. Dodging a punch, she quickly staked the vampire, before being knocked to the ground by a sweep kick. Her legs ached terribly, and she suddenly felt tired. The vampires were about to grab her, when suddenly, the were knocked out of the way.

"You alright" Wufei asked as he offered Mina a hand, which she gladly took. He pretty much lifted her up, surprising her once again with how strong he was.

"Thanks." Mina smiled at him, before the two quickly went back to fighting the rest of the vampires in the house.

After what seemed like forever, the last of the vampires were finally gone. Before any of the guys could open their mouths, Mina took off up the stairs to Makoto's room. The door was open, and Mina expected to see Makoto walking out, scowling at how she'd have to fix up her house.

Grinning, she ran into the room, ready to brag about how many vampires she killed. When she got into the room, her grin faded and her heart skipped a beat as she found the room torn to shreds, and no sign of Makoto anywhere.

Quicker then lightning, she checked every inch of the room, looking for her friend or some sort of note or something. Coming up empty-handed, she dropped to her knees and just sat there, staring at the wall.

Footsteps on the stairs told her that someone had come up to get her. As she heard the person enter the room, she counted how many steps it took them to get to her.


"They took her Duo." Mina mumbled as tears began to form in her eyes. Growling, she scrubbed the tears from her eyes, before standing up.

Heading over to the dresser that had previously been covered in pictures of Makoto and her friends, Mina picked it up. Bending down, she began to gather the fallen pictures. The glass cut her skin, but she ignored the blood as she stood up and put the pictures back on top of the dresser.

Picking up an overturned chair, she then began to put the clothes that were strewn all over the floor on it. The fading footsteps told her that Duo had left, and it was only then that she let the new tears, which had entered her eyes fall down her cheeks.

Bending down near a small table, which was now nothing more then splinters, she began to gather them into a pile. Reaching for a lamp, another hand beat her to it, and she looked up to find Trowa kneeling next to her.

Looking around the room, she found the others also helping pick up the room, and trying to restore it to its previous state. The full blow of the loss finally hit her, and she just kneeled there crying, as the others picked up the room.

Minutes passed, and before she knew it, the room was back to what it used to be, minus a few broken or shattered things. Going into Makoto's closet, she heard the door close behind her, and before she could even react, she was thrown against the door.

Yelping in surprise, she found herself pinned and unable to move. She could hear the vampire lick its lips and she shuddered.

"Mina" The doorknob rattled as Quatre tried to open the door. With her mouth covered, Mina couldn't say anything. "Mina!" Quatre's voice was quickly filling with concern as he couldn't open the door.

"What's wrong" Duo asked as he came over to where Quatre was.

"There's a vampire in there and I can't open the door!" Quatre was trying to kick the door in, but for some reason, it wouldn't budge.

"Mina!" Duo called as he began to pound on the door. They could hear a struggle taking place on the other side of the door, and the two began to try even harder to get in there.

"I'd move if I were you." Trowa advised the two from where he leaned against a nearby wall.

"Now." Wufei added as he moved away from the door. The two vampires quickly moved, and right after they did so, the door was kicked off the hinges, and went flying across the room, along with a vampire.

Mina, pissed as hell, did a roundhouse kick, knocking the vampire on the floor. Kicking it in the stomach, the vampire flew out of the room, and rolled down the stairs. Doing a flip, she twisted in midair, so that her foot would be the first thing to collide with the vampire's stomach.

The vampire groaned in pain as Mina picked it up and slammed it against a nearby wall. Holding it with one hand, she used the other to punch it repeatedly. She didn't stop beating the crap out of it, until Heero pulled her away.

"Where is she!" Mina demanded as she glared at the bruised vampire.

"Where's who" Mina kicked the vampire in the one place that would hurt any guy, human or not.

"Just answer her." Heero said in his usual monotone voice as he tightened his grip on Mina's arms.

"She has her now." That was the last thing he said, before Mina wormed out of Heero's grasp and staked him.

"Let's go home. I need to call the others."


The walk back to the house was anything but pleasant. Mina kept mumbling to herself and wouldn't talk to anyone. When they got to the house, she slammed the front door closed, stomped up the stairs, and then slammed her bedroom door.

The guys could hear her stomp across the floor of her room over to where she kept her telephone. Picking it up, she jabbed Rei's number in, and tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for her friend to pick up.

"Hello" Came Rei's groggy voice over the line, reminding Rei that it was only three in the morning.

"As soon as the sun rises, you and the others come over." Hanging up, she threw the phone at the wall before stalking out of her room and stomping back down the stairs.

The guys, minus Duo, were spread out around the living room, each reading a book, and Wufei meditating. Glancing once at them, she stomped past them, into the kitchen, and out the back door.

Duo was sitting in the tree, his back against the base, arms crossed, eyes closed, and head down. Going over to where her punching bag hung from one of the stronger, thicker branches, she began to attack it, letting her fury out.

"Stupid *Wack* vampires *Smack* they *Whump* should *Thump* all *Bap* disappear! *SNAP*" The branch which previously held the punch bag, now laid on the ground. Blinking a bit in surprise, she just stood there staring at it. "Stupid *Thump* punching *Thump* bag *Thump*."

"Mina, if you're trying to tear the thing to shreds, trying using your teeth....and nails." Duo, eyes still closed, was grinning like a fool.

"Shut up!" Mina snapped as she stalked over to the other side of the tree, where the tire swing was. Sitting down in the tire swing, she draped her arms over the top, and heaved a sigh.

Resting her head on top of her arms, she closed her eyes and ended up falling asleep.


Mina woke up to find herself slowly swinging back and forth. Turning around, she saw that Trowa was standing behind her, and while he was pushing the swing, he was also reading his book. Noticing that she was awake, he closed his book and put it in one of the pockets of the trench coat he wore.

"What time is it" Mina yawned as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Almost sunrise." He replied as he moved around to the chair, which was placed a bit in front of the swing.

"Then why are you still out here" She wrapped her arms around the rope and stared at the ground, watching it go back and forth.

"Your friends are going to be here soon." A cold gust of wind caused Mina to shiver and half climb, half fall out of the swing.

"Ouch." Getting up, she brushed herself off and just stood there watching Trowa. "I'll keep them in the living room. The blinds will probably be open, so it'd be best if you guys just stayed upstairs the whole time." Glancing down at the small watch on her wrist, she sighed and ran her hand through her hair. "I gotta get some things ready before they come over. Make sure to tell the others to stay upstairs."

Turning, she walked back into the house and began to pick up the usual mess that Duo left wherever he went. As she was cleaning, she noticed the boys going upstairs, and after watching the last of them disappear up the stairs, she finally opened the blinds.

Sunlight streamed in from the outside, and it took her eyes a minute to adjust to the brightness. Leaning over the couch, she opened the windows, and shivered once more as a cold breeze hit her.

Picking up Duo's stuff, she jogged up the stairs to his room, and dropped the stuff off outside his door. About to leave, she noticed his dark gray sweatshirt on the floor, and, not wanting to have to deal with the cold air, snagged it and pulled it on.

"There's someone at the door." Heero said, causing Mina to scream and jump back. Her foot slipped and she was about to go tumbling down the stairs, when Heero caught her arm.

"You shouldn't scare her." Wufei said from behind Heero, causing him to jump, and his grip on Mina's wrist to loosen. Letting out another scream, she fell down the stairs and hit the front door with a thud.

"Mina!" Quatre, along with Trowa and Duo, had come out of their rooms to see what all the noise was. Quatre was about to run down the stairs to check on their friend, when suddenly the door opened, and a girl with long raven hair came in.

"Mina What are you doing on the floor Did you fall down the stairs You're such a klutz sometimes." The raven-haired girl aka Rei scolded as she looked at her blonde friend. Bending down, she offered her hand to her friend. "You really should be more careful."

"Rei, I'm in a lot of pain at the moment, so if you don't mind, would you please not lecture me" Mina whined as Rei pulled her to her feet. Feeling as if they were being watch, Rei glanced up the stairs, but only saw shadows.

"Serena and Ami are coming over together, and should be here soon." As Mina led her into the living room, she was surprised to actually find candy out in a dish. "Candy, Mina I'm surprised you have any at all. I might as grab as much as I can now before Serena gets here. Knowing her, she'll pig out on the stuff." Grabbing a handful of the mixed candies, she shoved it in her pocket, before throwing herself down onto a chair, propping her legs over one of the arms.

They two chatted for a bit, before the doorbell interrupted them. Getting up, Mina went over and opened the door, to find Ami and Serena standing there, books in hands. Arching a brow, she stepped aside and let the two of them come in.

"What's with the books" Rei asked from where she lounged in the chair.

"Actually, I was going to ask Mina the same question." Ami replied as she and Serena set the books down on the floor.

"Mako was taken by vampires last night." Mina said bluntly, causing the others to freeze.

"What" Serena whispered as she looked at Mina with wide eyes.

"WHAT!" Rei yelled as she jumped to her feet, her fists clenched by her sides.

"How could this have happened" Ami asked softly as she slowly sat down on the couch.

"I'm not exactly sure myself." Mina explained the previous night's events, and by the time she was done, Rei looked ready to kill.

"So that explains what the books are for. Vampires don't usually take a human alive, they usually drain them on the spot and leave their bodies. But why...why would they take Mako Could it mean that..." Ami trailed off in thought, trying to figure out what was going on.

"That what" Serena questioned, causing Ami to turn and look at her.

"That we're dealing with something besides vampires."


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