Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of its characters. The storyline of Dragonball Z is not a property of mine. It belongs to Akira Toriyama. However, the characters Jax, Sonja and Burizalor are mine. Lady Myotismon, Iceladydevimon, Elfmon and Funkymon are characters made by Dark Warrior. I also don't own the characters and ideas known as X, Keke, and Max, because Max Acorn created them and I got his permission to use them.

Max: Hey, ya'll! We're down with the final match between Coral and Zeomon! They're both tied apiece. Mick Foley is our guest referee. It's you're call, Mick!

Mick: This match will determine the winner! I want to see some blood! Let's get it on!

[Coral sits up with her eyes glowing emerald green and her hair straightening up. Zeomon turns around and feels a great power arising.]

Keke: Aw, shit. You've gone and done it now, Zeomon. I really hope that ambulance is reserved for you instead.

Coral: I will not lose… Losing is not an option… It's not an option…

Zeomon: But you will lose. If you let anger blind you, you're skills are ultimately going to be uncoordinated. In other words, you'll be sloppy and make a mistake.

Coral: You're wrong… You're very wrong!!

[Coral screams out and a bright explosion of energy cover her body. Her eyes are emerald green and her golden hair flows like that of a mythical goddess. Unlike a male super saiyan, she doesn't possess large muscles or a bulky body. However, it's her mere presence, which makes her stronger. Several tears come dropping from her eyes. These aren't tears of sadness and doubt, but of rage.]

Keke: Whoa! A super saiyan that's actually pretty! It didn't make her huge, but pretty!

Celesta: She's gorgeous. I wish I had hair like that. Zeomon is biting off more than he can chew.

Max: I wouldn't count him out yet.

Zeomon: Super saiyan, huh? I thought you'd buff up into some she-male, but I'm surprised. You look like some sort of…

Coral: Goddess? Thank you. I never thought what I'd actually look like as a super saiyan. I'm quite surprised myself… Now, enough talk. I've had it with your bullshit, Zeomon. Make you're first move…

Zeomon: Gladly!

[Zeomon holds his wrist out and instantly makes a device appear. Coral looks on with a bright aura surging throughout her body.]

Zeomon: Battlizer Laser!

[The blast immediately turns into a barrage of devastating shots that bounce off of Coral's golden aura. The super saiyan calmly waves her hand and sends the blasts back to Zeomon. Zeomon moves away to avoid his own shots.]

Max: Whoa! Zeomon just had to force Coral to unleash her full potential!

Celesta: I don't think Zeomon has anything that can save him now, but then again he's always a guy to pull through at the end.

Max: I don't think it's possible in this case. Coral's not going down. All right, while these two continue their little grudge, you guys enjoy the fic! It's the first chapter to the Virus Saga. You'll find out who the main villain for Zero Two will be by the next chapter. Enjoy the fic!


[Digimon Zero Two opening theme "Target Akai Shougeki" plays during the opening sequence]

The New Threat?! The Creature That Came From Nearly 20 Years in the Distant Future!

December 17, 2004 -In the Late Afternoon-

The Digi-Destined had just endured a day of hell so to speak. Ever since fighting the first three artificials this morning, the children began to wonder if even the power of fusion would be able to defeat Datamon's biological threats. Perhaps their biggest downfall was Tai and Agumon falling victim to the D-Virus. However with the help of Dimitri's antidote, Tai was able to remain in good health at the moment.

But as soon as Metalla X took care of Elfmon and Datamon disposed of Ice Lady Devimon, things were looking good for the Digi-Destined. However, Dimitri returned to reveal to the Digi-Destined that the two of the three artificials he saw in his time were a lot different from the ones that appeared in the present time. This left the children to wonder where the real artificials were hiding. Those questions would be answered as Funkymon revealed himself to be Datamon and he unleashed the two deadly artificials, Jax and Sonja. The two rebellious artificials turned on Datamon and unleashed the third mystery artificial, which was revealed to be an evil cone of the mighty War Greymon. It was Black War Greymon and he may prove to be the most terrible of the three.

Metalla X challenged the power of the three artificials. However, he and the others were soon overpowered by the new threats. As soon as the artificials left to find Tai, Leomon left to see Azulongmon and Gennai concerning a power boost he could use in order to fight the artificials. Would this mean that the other digimon would receive the power of fusion, like Davis? Davis is desperate of fusing with Xveemon, but would that come true for the boy? The question still remains. Does even the power of fusion stand a chance against the unlimited power of the artificials?

If that weren't bad enough, then what was about to be foretold next would even be much worse. Izzy receives an email message from Elecmon, who was guarding Primary Village at the time. Elecmon claims to have seen some sort of mysterious pod in the forest. But what is most interesting of this situation is the fact that the pod looks to have been in the forest for quite sometime and it had the label of Odaiba Technological Research on it. How could a pod from earth have arrived in the Digital World without some sort of known digital gate being opened? What is going on here? This is quite a turn of events. In one dimension, the artificials are running amuck in their search for Tai. There maybe a possibility of a new threat that could destroy the Digital World if not stopped.

What will the Digi-Destined do? All of those questions will soon be answered…

Dimitri put the picture of the pod on a desk he was sitting on. He couldn't believe that something from earth's dimension has been found in the Digital World. But the question was: How did it get there? Only people with Digivices and D-3's only know how to open any kind of gateway from earth to the Digital World. Could the government have discovered the Digital World?

"I don't think it would be the government, but with their secret technology, who knows," TK said.

"I'm telling you this is getting very weird," Cody said, "What do you think could have arrived from that pod? This doesn't look good at all."

"Well all we got to do is investigate. It's that simple, Cody," Armadillomon replied.

"Yeah but its not that simple. We have to make a decision to stay here and watch out for the artificials or go out to the Digital World and investigate."

"Its pretty simple, Cody," Kari said, "We'll just split up into groups again. I say five of us go and investigate."

"Right. That's a good idea," Izzy said, "And one of us will stay here and watch over Tai. Then the others could keep an eye out for those artificials."

"Then I say I go," TK said, "Who else wants to join me?"

"I will go," Kari said.

"How about you, Dimitri?" asked Izzy.

"Yeah. I have to investigate this. This is really bothering me and I have to know what was in that pod."

"Then in that case, I'll go too," Mimi said.

"Great. Now all we need is one more person," TK said as he looked across the room, "Ok then it's just the four of us then."

"Not so fast, TF," cried out a voice.

The group turned to see Davis, Yolei and Ken at the front door. Davis was clenching his fists at the thought of Kari going with TK.

"If Kari goes, then I'm coming along," Davis said, "You thought you could just leave me behind."

"Well we didn't expect you to come back so early," TK replied, So are you ready?"

"Ready as I ever been. So all we have to do is investigate. You up for it, Veemon?"

"Well a little investigating would be fun but can we eat afterwards?"

"Sure, we'll even eat out. This time I'll beat you for sure."

"Keep dreaming Davis. I got a bottomless pit."

"I'm ready to go," Dimitri said, "Mother… Mimi, how about you?"

"Yeah. Lets go."

"If you're all ready then lets go," TK said as he held out his D-3.

A digital gate opened on the computer monitor and TK used his D-3's power to fully open it. A bright light flashed and engulfed the entire group heading out into the Digital World.

Soon afterwards, TK, Kari, Mimi, Davis and Dimitri found themselves spinning through a vortex and through a portal as they eventually found themselves in the Digital World. They were just many miles away from the location of Primary Village.

"Ah this place brings back good memories," TK said, "You remember this place, Patamon?"

"Yeah. This is where we first met Elecmon when he tried kicking my butt. But we sure showed him what we're really made of. Didn't we?"

"Yeah and now we're all good friends because of it."

"Oh guys. We have to find that pod. It was said to be many miles from the location of Primary and in the deep forest, or so says Elecmon," Dimitri said.

"You still got the picture?" asked Dimitri's Patamon.

"You bet I do. I wouldn't lose this, we need it to find the pod."

"By the way, what is your name?" TK asked Dimitri's Patamon.

"Well, so you won't get me confused with TK's Patamon, you can just call me Faith."

"Alright then, Faith. Good choice for a name."

"Dimitri came up with that."

Dimitri holds out the picture and shows it to everyone. They all examined it and nodded.

"So if you find it, holler out or send each other an email. Alright, lets all move out."

"Just one question."

"What is it this time, Davis?"

"What do we do if we happen to find the thing that was in the pod?"

"Yeah no telling if this thing is ugly and has bad odor," Veemon said, "I just hate bad odors. Yuck!"

"Well just fend him off as much as you can but I don't really know what we're up against here. So keep your eyes peeled everyone.

They all nodded in agreement as they all split into groups. TK, Patamon, Kari and Gatomon headed out towards the location of Primary Village. Dimitri, his Patamon, Mimi and Palmon headed off towards the forest, while Davis and Veemon looks around a nearby brush area.

"So I guess we're left along again this time buddy," Davis said, "Man. I never get to go with Kari on any of these missions. Why is that?"

"Maybe you just have to stop asking her all the time. If you just keep your mouth shut then maybe you'll get a chance to do a mission with Kari as your partner."

"Do a mission? Yeah I wish that could happen but it seems Kari is always chummy with TK. It just doesn't make sense."

"Well they've know each other a lot longer than you and Kari have."

"We'll see about that. If it's the last thing in the world, I see to it that Kari ends up being with me. It's just been too long already."

"Who knows maybe you'll find some other girl you might like."

"Yeah like Son…"


"Uhhhh… Sondra. Yeah Sondra. Heh. Heh. A girl I knew back in kindergarten."

"Hmmm. I wonder… Nah! It couldn't be."

"Well where to now, Veemon?"

Just then, Veemon looked towards the forest and growled angrily. He felt something negative within the air and started running towards the forest.

"Whoa! What is it, Veemon?"

"Davis! I sense something in this direction. It could be what we are looking for. We better let the others know about this."

"Right! I'll send an email to Dimitri."

Davis pulls out his D-Terminal and began typing in a message and sends it to Dimitri.

"Maybe its the pod that we are looking for."


Dimitri looked at his D-Terminal and read the message sent to him by Davis. He looked over to Faith and nodded.

"It looks like Davis was the first to find it. Mimi, Davis found it!"

"Where is it? Where did he find it?"

"Well Veemon actually found it. He said that they are heading towards the west section of the forest, which isn't very far away from Primary Village."

"We better get there as soon as possible."

"Right! Faith lets go!"

Dimitri heads out with Mimi and the digimon following him out. Dimitri pulls out his D-Terminal and sends an email message to Kari and TK.


TK received Dimitri's message and looked over to Kari. They nodded to each other and made their way through the forest and towards the west section.

"We're in luck, Kari. Looks like this wasn't such a difficult mission after all. But the question remains, what is in that pod and how did it get here?"

"We'll find it. Then we'll know for certain when, where and how it got here. But I just have a bad feeling of what was brought forth from that pod."

"If it's really that bad, then we better get to the bottom of this."

The two Digi-Destined walked through the forest with their digimon running along with them to catch up. As soon as they made it through the brushes in the forest, they found a large pod vehicle in the middle of the forest. Davis and Veemon were standing right beside it.

"Whoa! There it is! Look Davis and Veemon are there," TK said.

"Hey guys! It's about time you came! Take a look at this baby!"

TK and Kari stopped and gasped at what they saw. It looked like on of those capsule pods that the Odaiba Technological Research Facility uses to study the current gateways that have been opening on earth ever since the first digimon appeared in the human realm. But the question is, how did this one get into the Digital World without anybody realizing its presence until now?

"Hey its Dimitri and Mimi! You guys! We found it," Kari cried out.

Dimitri ran over towards the pod and looked up at its structure. He couldn't believe his very own eyes. Mimi also could not believe it.

"So is this from earth?" asked Mimi.

"Oh yeah. This is from earth all right. Odaiba is pretty obvious."

Dimitri placed his hand over the pod and brushed off some of the moss that covered it. He took a good look at the lettering that read Odaiba Technology Research. He began to wonder how somebody could have sent this pod to the Digital World.

"Hey, take a look at the top of the pod! It looks like something came right through it," TK said as he pointed up to the top of the pod.

"More like eat through. That glass top looks like it has been burnt through," Davis said.

Dimitri climbed up and made his way towards the top of the pod. He looked at the glass ceiling and noticed that some sort of acid ate it through. He looked down inside the pod and found a shell-like egg. He picked up the shell and noticed that was hatched.

"Hey guys. Take a look at this."

Dimitri tossed down the shells down to Kari and TK. They began to examine the specimens and were confused as to what could have hatched out of this egg.

"It looks like some sort of reptilian egg shell, but I've never seen anything like this," said TK.

"Right and this is no digimon egg that's for sure," Kari said.

"Yes. More like some sort of mutant or something," replied Gatomon.

"But who would send a mutant into the Digital World and why would Odaiba Technological Research even want to send such a thing," Mimi said, "I call that freaky."

Dimitri took a look at the pod and found that some of the controls were preset for a destination. He looked down at a small computer and it read December 29, 2027. Dimitri's eyes widened at what he saw, this pod had come twenty-three years from the distant future.

"You guys! It came here from twenty-three years from the future! Its also some sort of time machine sent here perhaps by the company itself."

"Huh? But why would they send it from the far future?" wondered TK.

"Wait. Hold on. And it arrived here…"

Dimitri looked at the computer and looked to see when it arrived in the Digital World. He looked at the date and gasped at what he saw. It read December 24, 2002. That was almost two years ago. That would technically now make it 25 years from the distant future.

"It came here in late 2002 of December! That's just about a year before I had my appearance in the Digital World and battled Burizalor. So, is this what could have changed everything that occurred during the past two years? I mean, is this thing responsible for the change of time?!"

"Ugh, so it's from the future and you weren't aware of this," asked Davis.

"No. I never expected whatever this thing maybe to come here before I arrived from my future period. This must have come from another time period."

"Well all of this time periods and futures are really confusing me. Besides I just hate numbers," Mimi said, "I mean how could you keep up with this stuff, Dimitri? I guess you got your father's wits."

Veemon and Palmon turned to see an oozy trail leading into the forest. They walked towards tthe trail, which caught the other's attention.

"Hey, what is it, Veemon?"

"Davis, there's a trail leading from that pod towards the forest."

"Mimi, we better follow this trail!"

"But Palmon, we don't know what it could be! We better stay here where it's safe!"

"No, she's right. We better get to the bottom of this," Dimitri said.

Veemon and Palmon ran towards the brushes and into the forest where they were following the trail using their sense of smell. Soon, the others were following them in order to catch up to them and prevent themselves from getting lost.

"So, what is it that you found?!" cried out TK.

Veemon and Palmon came to a complete stop and gasped at what they saw before them. The others stopped as well and what they saw was completely not normal. Mimi screamed out at what she saw, and it wasn't a scream of excitement but more of terrifying fear.

Right before them looked like a large, beetle-like creature that was about the size of a Monochromon. It didn't seem to notice the Digi-Destined as it just stood there.

"That thing is disgusting! What the hell is it?" asked Mimi.

"I don't know but I'm about to find out," Dimitri said.

Dimitri walked over towards the creature and took little steps so that it won't make the creature terrified and attack to defend itself.

"So is this what hatched out of that pod?!"

His question would soon be answered as he poked the creature and it seemed as though that it wasn't moving and it felt like old skin. In fact, it was dead skin that was shed.

"Its dead skin. It's all right guys! Its just old skin that was shed off."

The others all gathered around the dead skin and observed its texture. It seemed insect-like in a way, but was it also a reptile?

"You think it could be some sort of giant grasshopper?" asked Kari.

"I don't think so but whatever this thing is, its probably somewhere deep within this forest," Dimitri said.

He then placed his hand inside the shed skin and noticed purple ooze getting stuck on his hands. Its foul smell made him wrench as he wiped his hands off.

"Sick! Whatever this thing is, it had recently shed its skin and it's probably not too far from here. I suspect he could be somewhere within the forest."

"You mean that there's a big insect creature lurking around the Digital World. What kind of harm could it do?" asked Davis.

"You just had to ask, Davis," replied Mimi.

"So what can we do if we can't even find it," Patamon said.

"I say we get out of here before we get anymore updates on this situation," Kari said, "It's the best way to go at this moment. We haven't heard anything else about this creature."

"She's right. So I say we take these eggshells and let Izzy take a look at them. Besides, Leomon is in the Digital World to see Azulongmon, so he could fill us in on the situation," TK said.

"Good idea," replied Mimi, "Now lets get out of…"

As soon as she said that, there was a rustling noise within some bushes. The Digi-Destined all turned towards the bushes. The digimon got into fighting position and began raising their power levels, in order to prepare themselves for whatever is about to attack them.

"Alright guys! This is it! We take this thing on and we're not going to back down! Show him what you're made of Veemon!" Davis cried out.


Mimi was shaking with fear as she hid behind Dimitri. The young boy nodded towards Faith and Palmon to watch their backs.

"Tell me when its over," Mimi muttered.

But soon as the digimon were about to evolve and attack, two Botamon babies appeared from out of the bushes. The Digi-Destined all sighed a relief at what they saw. For a minute, they thought it was the creature about to attack them.

"Well that was a close one. Just two little Botamon," TK said.

"They're so cute," replied Kari as she picked one up.

"Well now that we've got that little problem out of the way. I say we better be heading back into the Digital World," replied Dimitri.

They all nodded in agreement as Dimitri found a little television where it would lead them back into earth. He pulls out his D-3 and points it towards the television.

"What about the pod?" Mimi asked.

"I say we leave it. Its not a threat anymore, since we now know what came out of it," Dimitri said, "But we better keep an eye out and read any emails sent in from the Digital World."

"Ok. Good plan."

"Alright guys. Are you ready? Digital Port open!!"

"If there's anybody who's going to take this thing down, it's going to be me! I'll see to it that Veemon and I fuse! We will fuse!"

The Digi-Destined watched as the gateway opened and a bright flash of light engulfed them. Soon, they found themselves going through a vortex out of the Digital World and into a portal leading back to the earth world.


Izzy watched as several emails were coming in from several digimon. He began to open each email and they were all just about the same, they were all telling of the same mysterious pod story.

"Well the others should be here anytime now."

"Izzy! You better take a look on the news on TV," Sora said.

"What is it?"

Izzy turned up the volume and began to listen to the news reporter about to read an urgent situation that was taking place in Shinjuku.

"This just in! There is a crisis-taking place in Shinjuku as we speak! Several soldiers have arrived to fend off what witnesses claim to be some sort of creature. But nobody knows where it came from and what its purpose is. We urge you to remain indoors and everybody must evacuate Shinjuku immediately!"

"This is bad you guys. What are we going to do," asked Joe.

"And it couldn't be the artificials, or could it?" Cody pondered.

"I doubt it," Izzy said, "But whatever it is, it has arrived and its about to cause a path of destruction if we don't stop it. It maybe that thing that came out of the pod in the Digital World."

"Huh? That thing? You're not making a whole lot of sense! What could have come out of that pod and make is way through into the real world," asked Sora.

"I wish I knew…"

Wow, this is really a turn of events! What the Digi-Destined found was some sort of creature that arrived from the pod and it came from twenty-five years in the distant future! And it arrived in the Digital World just well over two years ago, just one year before Dimitri's appearance. And now it is believed that this creature could have arrived in the real world. What will the Digi-Destined do about this new predicament?!

[Digimon Zero Two first ending theme "Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku" plays]


Leomon: Azulongmon! So there's a monster on earth! It's been dormant in the digital world for the past two years?

Azulongmon: yes and I believe it is much deadlier than the artificials. We must act now! Leomon! I give you the ability to digivolve into a second alternate mega level!

Leomon: What? I have a second alternate mega level?

Gennai: Leomon. You are now Cyberleomon. With some of Azulongmon's power added to yours, you should be able to confront this monster and defeat it.

[Mysterious footsteps are heard in Shinjuku's deserted streets.]

Leomon: So you're the monster…

Monster: Yes.

Leomon: Why am I sensing the ki of Omega X, Burizalor, Metalla X and myself from you?! It doesn't make sense!

Monster: There's much more behind my secret than you'll ever know… I can even perform the Terra Beam…

Davis: Next time on Digimon Fusion Zero Two, episode twenty-two!

Cyberleomon Steps Up! The Enigmatic Monster With Omega X's Ki!

Dimitri: You don't want to miss this!


Max: The new villain will make his appearance for the next chapter. Sorry for the cliffhanger there. You should get the next chapter by Thursday night.

Keke: In the meantime, Coral and Zeomon are prepared to finish their duel!

[Zeomon and Coral are again fighting evenly. Zeomon uses his Mach Speed II to match up with Coral. Punches are thrown and they connect. Zeomon connects with his Zeo Power Kick, which knocks Coral back. Coral plummets to the ground.]

Zeomon: That enough for ya?

[Coral sits up from the crater and it doesn't seem that she's in any form of pain. She dusts herself off and smirks.]

Zeomon: I've got one final technique that will guarantee me victory.

Coral: So, do I…

Max: What could this mean? Shit, I want to find out!

Celesta:*sigh* These are so hard-headed. Looks like I'll be doing some healing for the next few days.

Keke: There's some sort of fire dragon over Zeomon!

[Zeomon twirls his arms around in a complex pattern. A large fire dragon appears super-imposed over Zeomon. Coral cups her hands together and forms a blue ball of ki energy.]






[The two warriors shoot out their powerful techniques and push their power back towards one another. They are testing to whose attack will last longer. It seems the fire is overtaking the ki.]

Max: They are both willing to take this final match! We're not leaving this without a winner! Who will come out on top?! Shit! We're going to have a fucking winner!

Celesta: Wait! Coral is gaining a second wind! If I know her any better, she always manages to pull through in these situations.

Keke: Look!

[Coral's emerald eyes fade and her eyes are completely pale as a ghost. She seemed to be possessed by an unknown force as she pushes back on her wave attack. Zeomon is shocked over this and gasps when his fire dragon became engulfed by the Kamehameha wave. Coral screams out, as a divine presence possesses her and allows her to summon her full power. Zeomon is engulfed by the blast and shot back.]

Max: What the hell was that?! I just sensed another presence within Coral!

Celesta: This is not the first time. I've seen this happen before! It has something to do with that sword she carries. It's called the Dragon Saber. Legends tell that whoever lifts that sword would be given the powers of the divine being herself, the Dragon Goddess.

Keke: So, Coral is possessed by this being?! Whoever possessed her really forced her to bring out her full power.

Celesta: Yes…

[Coral pants as she falls to her knees. Her eyes return to normal, as does her form. The super saiyan powers fade away and she is reduced to satisfaction. Celesta rushes over to her.]

Celesta: Are you okay?

Coral: The presence did it again… I really didn't want it to happen again… Looks like I've won…

[Zeomon slowly sits up and looks over towards Coral. His body is battered, but he managed to survive.]

Coral: Zeomon. I hope you realize to never underestimate me.

Zeomon: So, you have a goddess watching over you. Tell me, how do you control it?

Coral: I do possess this sword… Legends say whoever pulls it out would be granted the power and guidance of the divine Dragon Goddess… She's watcher of the Dragonball Universe.

Zeomon: How come I or anybody else has heard about her?

Coral: Heh, only SSJ4T knows… He created her…

Zeomon: Too bad he's not here… You've won this time, Coral… That doesn't mean that I'm going to give up. We're even…

Coral: Hey, there was no way I was going to lose to you again after our one on one from that party.

Max: Whoa, hold on… SSJ4T created a divine being? I wasn't told about this…

Coral: Of course he did… Let me put it this way, Zeomon. The Dragon Goddess is God of the DB Universe, as far as SSJ4T is concerned… You sure don't want to screw with God…

Zeomon: I see… Next time, you and me will fight again… The result will be different…

Coral: I'm more than happy to… Just name the time and the place…

Celesta: But first, let me heal you two…

[Celesta proceeds to use her advanced healing ki to restore both warriors to their full health.]

Max: Ahh, that sure beats going to the hospital… So, name our winner, Mick…

Mick: Oh right! You're winner is Coral!

Keke: Well that was something… I can't wait for these two to lock up again…

Max: I can't believe Coral has a guardian angel watching over her and it turns out to be a goddess. This is a small world. Well, we hope you enjoyed that match! Until then, be sure to check out the next chapter of Zero Two! The monster will make his first appearance! Peace, everyone!