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[Digimon Zero Two opening theme "Target Akai Shougeki" plays during the opening sequence]

Takeru Faces off Against Burizalor, Virus, Lady Myotismon and the Demon Corps! 'I Will See Hikari Once Again!'

Other Heavenly Dimension

Deep within the realm of the dead, it was rather peaceful and quiet. No signs of any troublemakers wrecking havoc. Nothing but quiet peace, and that's what's been really lacking during the battles back on earth and in the digital world.

However, TK and Patamon made up most of their time to take this chance to have a few relaxing moments before having to return back to their homes. Today, they would meet with the Gatekeeper where they will be told when they are able to return back to the digital world.

TK and Patamon were walking alongside a trail as they were told to follow a red brick road. At first, they thought it would be a yellow brick road, but it was indeed red.

"Hmm. I really thought it would be a yellow brick road," said TK, "Oh well. Red isn't that bad of a color. Yellow was too bright for me."

"Uh oh, that would mean you would go blind at an early age," remarked Patamon, "I thought only old people would get blind."

"Not unless you have bad vision like myself. As a matter of fact, I really don't have bad vision since I'm dead and there's no track of time anywhere here."

"Um, hello. In this world, we were told that time never runs out. So it goes on for all eternity. That means there's no such thing as tardy here."

"That's a good thing, Patamon. Now where would this Gatekeeper be waiting? Hmm, hey! That looks like a place for a higher power," TK said as he pointed out towards a large castle.

"Hey, it's worth a try."

TK and Patamon walked over towards the large, white palace and TK was the first to knock, but felt a little nervous since he would have to be facing a giant being. But just then, the door started to slowly open. Then, a loud voice thundered through the room.

"Come in!! Show yourself!!"

TK and Patamon come walking in and looking around to see what they saw as normal-sized office equipment. The room was pretty much n office instead of a throne room. He then spots a large chair and somebody sitting right behind it.

"And why have you come?!"

"Well, Patamon and myself were killed in a battle with an evil artificial and we were responsible in saving both the real… and…"

"Wait, a minute… your name isn't Takeru Takaishi… is it?"

"Well yeah. I'm apart of the Digi-Destined…"

"Whoa! No kidding!"

As soon as the chair spun around, a man with shades and Elvis-like hair turns around to face him. He looks identical to the wrestling star known as The Rock. He looks right down at TK and Patamon as he quirks his right eyebrow.

"Hey! You look like that wrestler The Rock! You played in that Scorpio-"

"Scorpion King, jabornie! Now, you just said your name is TK, right?"

"Well, yeah… I…"

"It doesn't matter what your name is!"

TK and Patamon both fell backward and with huge sweat drops coming their faces.

"Ok enough of that. Man, I just love doing that."

"So, um… You're the Gatekeeper?"

"No, I'm filling in for the big guy. I'm one of his assistants. He told me about you're situation, but he's out for lunch."

"Out for lunch?"

"Yeah, you want me to repeat myself? Anyway

"Huh? I guess so… I never expected you to be like… you know…"

"The Rock! Just say it already!"

"Anyways, I really like to know my status as far as me staying here in the realm of the dead is concerned. I really need to get back home. My friends are waiting for me and I promised Kari that once I came back, that I would see her."

"You really like her, do you?"

"Well yeah."

"Let me give you a piece of advice, love her and cherish her…"

"Ah! I didn't say that I…"

"Admit it, lover boy. You love her. She's your close friend. Better yet, I know deep inside that she loves you. Otherwise, she wouldn't be crying the way she did once you sacrificed yourself. You understand?"

"Well yeah. You're right. I do love her and she loves me. But you think she'd accept me?"

"You'll just have to ask her yourself, TK."

"Oh well, thanks, gatekeeper's assistant. I feel much better already."

"My pleasure. You're not the jabornie I thought you were. You're a true people's champion, but nothing like the…."

"So, you know how long I will have to stay up here?"

"Ok that. Well, you got to do a little errand for me first."

"An errand, what do you expect us to do," asked Patamon.

"First of all, you and you're digi-buddy will have to go down into limbo. There you will find some hooligans."

"There's troublemakers?! Don't worry, we'll take care of them for you."

"Yeah one of them was named Virus. He was sent down there the other day and now he's been causing a bunch of problems."

"What?! Virus?!"

"Then another group of guys. There's another guy named Burizalor who's teamed up with him. Now they're screwing up the order down in limbo."

"Burizalor?!" Patamon exclaimed, "Not him too!"

"Grr! He never quits!" said TK.

"So, can you two go down there and take care of them for me. Then, I'll tell you whether or not you can be released from the realm of the dead."

"Its a done deal. You have my word on that," TK said, "Lets rock, Patamon!"


TK pulls out his D-3 and Patamon quickly digivolves into Angemon. Angemon picks up TK and they set off flying down through an open portal, which will lead them down into limbo.

"Get ready to layeth the smackes down on their candy asses! Damn, I got to quit ripping off The Rock's lines. Crap! The big guy's lunch break is just about done. He better give me my paycheck."


Digital Limbo

Back down in limbo, none other than Virus was pummeling a group of demons down. Standing alongside the evil artificial were none other than Burizalor and Lady Myotismon and along with them were all five members of the Demon Corps. Yes, those members were none other than Piedmon, Puppetmon, Metal Tyrannus, Skull Satan and Marine Devilin.

"There has to be a way out of here and you are going to tell me it! Cause if you don't, I will have to torture you and your friends for all of eternity!" exclaimed Virus.

Virus steps on one of the demon's head and began crushing it but there was no use in squishing it down, since he was already dead.

"You are going to tell me now!"

"Over my dead body, Virus!" exclaimed a voice.

The seven villains all looked up in surprise when they saw none other than TK and Angemon. Virus was actually glad to see him and smiles over towards TK.

"Ah, if it isn't Takeru! So how was your long trip into the realm of the dead?" asked Virus, "So looks like we can finish off where we started!"

"I don't think so! I'm right to let you know that Angemon and myself are taking you guys in to been punished by the Gatekeeper!"

"Ooo! We're really scared," said Burizalor, "As a matter of fact, we were just waiting for you! Isn't that right, Demon Corps?!"

The five warriors all stood in goofy poses and then flew straight up towards Angemon and TK.

"TK! You better leave this to me!" Angemon said.

"Be careful!"

TK jumps down and watches as Angemon goes flying right through the five Demon Corps members with tremendous speed. Angemon turns around and decks Marine Devilin with a fist to his face. Then he elbows Puppetmon right in his cranium. Skull Satan was next as he gets kneed in the gut. Metal Tyrannus gets upper cutted in the chin. Piedmon goes for his Clown Trick, but Angemon phases out. The angelic digimon comes up behind Piedmon and clubs him in the back with his fists. The five warriors all fell down into a nearby red-colored pond.

Burizalor and Lady Myotismon could only look on with wide-eyes and gaping mouths in total surprise.

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Lady Myotismon.

"How did he improve so much?! He's only a champion!" exclaimed Burizalor.

"Don't you worry," replied Virus, "I'll handle this from here. I'm the one who killed him, remember?"

"Well. Who said that we were worried? After you my friend," said Burizalor.

"Ha! You're too kind!" exclaimed Virus.

With that said, Virus powers up and goes flying right towards Angemon. Angemon holds out his staff and was ready to blast him with his Hand of Fate.

"Look out, Angemon!"

But, just then, a massive creature comes shooting out of nowhere and it goes straight for Virus.

"Mega Crusher!!"

"What the hell?!"

Virus gets blasted by some sort of powerful beam and is sent plummeting into a pond along with the Demon Corps.

"Ack! Who was that?!" exclaimed Burizalor.

TK and Angemon looked up to see none other than an Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, but he was in white shining armor and he held a large sword in his hands. TK was rubbing hishands and shaking his head in disbelief.

"He looks like Imperialdramon! But what's he doing here??!"

[Digi-Analyzer: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Mega Level. Special Techniques: Omega Blade and Hyper Prominence]

"No, you got the wrong guy. I am Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. My special attacks are Omega Blade and Hyper Prominence. I'm one of the dead warriors that protect this section of limbo. I was sent by the real Gatekeeper to lend you a hand."

"Wow! Thanks! Angemon was about to get whooped there. Thanks."

"No problem. Now leave these other punks to me."

With that said, Imperialdramon P.M. quickly fades out faster than the speed of light and appears right in front of Burizalor and Lady Myotismon. They both were in a state of shock, as Burizalor looked right up at Imperialdramon. Within the speed of light, he elbows Lady Myotismon in the gut and decks Burizalor right in the face with tremendous force, knocking him out.

Angemon and TK could only look on with shock. Imperialdramon P.M. flies over the pond and then shoots down another one of his main techniques.

"Positron Laser!!"

The force of the laser shoots down in the pond and it sends a large portion of the water into the air. The Demon Corps and Virus all came flying out. They were then sent flying right towards a large cage. Imperialdramon P.M. then picks up both Burizalor and Lady Myotismon, tossing them in along with the Demon Corps and Virus. Imperialdramon P.M. locks the cage up and sends it right back towards the Gatekeeper.

"Thanks Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. By the way, do you know when the Gatekeeper said he would release me and have me returned back into the Digital World?"

"Yes, you are free now. The Gatekeeper has now released you and thank you for helping me bag these punks! You sure are a damn resourceful kid. We won't forget ya and as a reward…"

Imperialdramon P.M. shoots out a beam and then opens a portal leading into the Digital World.

"There you are free to go into the Digital World. Good luck, kid. Cherish Kari, Takeru. She's waiting for ya. Catch you, later!"

TK and the now de-evolved Patamon both wave over towards Imperialdramon P.M. as they entered right through the portal and would soon arrive in the Digital World.

"Bah! This sucks!" Virus exclaimed.

"This guy could have let us have taken showers," muttered Lady Myotismon.

"Um, does anybody wanna play Go-Fish?" Metal Tyrannus asked.

"Shut up!" everyone, except Metal Tyrannus, exclaimed.


Digital World

TK and Patamon found themselves back within the Digital World. TK pinches his skin and yelps.

"Yep. We're alive again. Now, lets go pay Kari a visit!"

"Mmhmm! Digiport Open!"

TK founds the nearest television set and activates a portal way with the use of his D-3. Before they even knew it, TK and Patamon were quickly sucked right through the television screen and transported through a vortex that would lead them back home in the real world.


Kamiya Residence

While lying quietly in her bed, Kari was alone with Gatomon at her side. She couldn't stop sleeping and could only think of TK. She spent the whole day writing poems about him and herself. Then she heard her door creaking open and peered out to see who was walking in.

"Tai? Is that you… you're back awfully early from that party…"

"No, guess who, sweetie?"


TK comes walking in with a smile on his face. Kari smiled happily and then climbs down her bed as she threw her arms around TK. TK returns the hug to her.

"Takeru! I'm so glad to see you again, TK! And you kept your promise like you said you would."

"That I did, angel of light."

Kari smiled and then gives TK a deep, warm kiss. TK returns the kiss and holds her tightly. Patamon and Gatomon looked on as they watched their human partners showing their love towards each other. This was basically a New Years gift to one another and they sure made it count.

And so, with TK back, Kari can now live happily and the two worlds are now at peace once again! With Virus gone, Kari can now live happily and the other Digi-Destined can now move on with their lives! And this ends another great battle and new chapters have yet to be written in the daily lives of the Digi-Destined… But like many great things, there always has to be a Goodbye… But in this case... It's just only the start of a new beginning…

[Digimon 02 Ending theme "Itsumo Itsudemo" plays]


Kari: Hi, it's me Kari! If you thought the series was over, think again! Just because Virus has been defeated, doesn't mean the adventures have ended from there!

Takato: Yay! I'm no longer a cameo character!

Kari: Watch as I meet a new friend by the name of Takato Matsuki and he also happens to be my student! That's right. These past seven years have been great and I've become a part-time substitute teacher. So, what's you're picture called?

Takato: I'm naming him Guilmon…

Gatomon: Kari! I'm sensing a presence about to emerge into our world.

Kari: Really?!

Government agent: Put a tracer on this one, Riley! We're not letting this thing off the hook!

Takato: At last, we meet… Guilmon…

Kari: The third series to the Digimon Fusion Trilogy is known as Digimon Tamers Fusion and it's entitled…

The Birth of Guilmon! The Digimon I created!

Guilmon: Don't you miss it!


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